Military Memories/ guestbook entries 2009

12/29/2009  Name: David Turnage E-mail: Location: Pace, Florida
Comments: I served with India Co. 3/4 3rd Mar. Div. from Oct-'67-Nov. '68. We covered the DMZ from Gio Lin to Laosian border and all resorts in between. Khe Sahn Hill fighters. Have recently, in past years contacted several men who served with me. Capt. Sexton, Lt. Bartoloma, Bob Espinola, John Blair, Bob Harriman,Paul Harris, Doc Pomeroy, Dallas Duffield,Frank Seronella, Bud Healer, James "Smokey" Wittmeyer, Bernard Stark,Bill "Country Wild Bill" Waldrip,Bob Ayers, Gene Ogzalek, Jim Toomey,Coop,and Kevin Hawkins. We get together annually, plans are in the works for Atlanta,Ga. this year some time in the spring. If anyone was in our outfit and would like to attend please send me an email and I will get you any info I have available.Also this is a very nice site and will return often.
 Name: Martin Brauchle E-mail: Location:  Horse Cave, Kentucky
Comments: Proudly served with both the 121st and 125th Signal Battalion's from March 1968 till April 1970.
Retired from Army Sept 1987 after twenty proud years. Welcome Home!!
Name: Lt. Col. Clint Moses USAF Ret'd E-mail: Location: Newport Beach, Ca. 92660
Comments:  Air Force: Flew the F4 Phantom while assigned to the 480th TFS. While continuing to fly Combat Missions,
 I was assigned for 3 months as Duty Officer at the USAF Command Post. Duty: 1967-68
 Name:  Jim  Marty  Martin  E-mail:  Location:  Port Charlotte, Fl... originally Ohio
Comments:  July 67- July 68; camp tien shau Rm3,worked White elephand/triangle,then Dong Ha..I'm in contact with Klush, Stallings..Dahlquist "Duck" recently killed in motorcycle accident, Don Harrington died last year..would like to hear from anyone knowing me or I can put you in contact with those I've mentioned. Marty
Name: Ron Elliott E-mail: Location:  Monkey Mountain
Comments:  1969 Monkey Mountain...I was with an Army detachment of air traffic controllers based on the mountain that operated Danang Radio. We worked on the same floor as the USAF 620TH in the radar room.
 Name: Richard Chauvin E-mail: Location: Ransomville NY 14131  Comments: This is a great web site thank you, who ever starded it.I was stationed at Danang HAMS 11 Mag 11 1st Marine Divison, Dec68-Dec69
12/09/2009  Name: Gerald J. Bach, Jr. E-mail:  or
Location:  POW/MIA Branch Millington TN
Comments: U. S. Naval Facility DaNang RVN 5/69-5/70. Worked with VQ1, FLTSUPPDET, NAVFAC Det Delta and on Monkey Mountain. Currently assist the Southeast Asia Desk of the POW/MIA desk CHNAVPERS, Millington.

 Name: Alan Lee Harris E-mail: Location  Miami, Florida
Comments: Seeking information about three incidents at NSA Danang, Small Craft Repair Facility. Witnessed the rocket attack on LCU-1477 & YFU-78 as a shipfitter and RT-Forklift Operator, was there and retrieved jawbone with few teeth for ID purposes. 
*Saw killing of two white navy personnel at S.C.R.F. as Petty Officer of the watch-roving patrol, when black militants killed guard at Camp Tien Sha and making their way to S.C.R.F. surrounding the two white Navy personnel killing them, I was notified that I could shoot to kill, Marines in 6X's arrived with dogs and surrounded and arrested the militants and placed them on their stomach's with their hands behing their heads, about 20 or more in number.
* navy diver that was killed while placing charges on a boat when two personnel boarded the boat and started the engines, safety line wrapped around the screw drowning him. I had brought him the evening before into Son Sha village for the evening and he had told me the only books he ever read was the Bible and the dictionary. When I returned to S.C.R.F. to see him he was underwater with a safety line tender when the two personnel boarded the vessel and by the time I got on board to tell them to shut down the engines it was too late. Anyone who knows of this incident and his name contact me. I have more information.
*Third occurance was when zappers infiltrated the Ammo Depot and it blew up for three days and nights. Anyone remember this incident?
 Name: Daniel J. Beavers  E-mail: Location:  Mountain Home, Arkansas
Comments: What a great website to visit. I was at Deep Water Pier, Materials Handling Equipment from Nov. 68 to May 69 as an EO3/EO2.Looking for anybody that worked with me then. Nelson, Jones, Bucher, McCullough, Jackson, Tutchenhagen. E me if anybody is out there.
11/25/2009  Name: Richard Hunt  Location:  Virgini Beach, VA
Comments: Excellent website. I was in Phu Bai 1968-69 with the 578th LEM. It was the defining time of my life. Nothing before or since has had the same impact.
 11/11/2009 Name: Rance Jurevwicz, Capt., USA, Ret Location: Highland, CA
Comments:  Wonderful website. I am always amazed at the depth of information on this website. Also, did you know that we have the updated list of ALL PRESUMPTIVE CONDITIONS that many veterans do not know about? Veterans are encouraged to take a look, they may be eligible for lots of benefits and not know it.
Name: Dale A. Greene Senior E-mail: Location: Florida
Comments:  I'm a vietnam veteran and retired USAF and was stationed @ Binh Thuy AB from 1969 to 1970 and was looking for fellow squadron members/combat school
E-mail:  Location:  Loveland Ohio
Comments:  Marines- Golf 2/7 marines weapons plt, aug 29 engagment between us and NVA ,looking for an Marine who got his leg blow off on that day he was the point man ,thanks God bless
Comments: As an MCB 58'er I was at Red Beach in 1966-67 and 1967-68 I remember like yesterday when our base was attacked. It was on a Sunday about 9:45 pm. It was one of the three times I was drunk. Boy, did I sober up fast...and no hangover! However, that incident wasn't as scary as almost drowning in the South China Sea trying to ride a surboard in Hoi An. The water was like glass but there was an undertow or a riptide. I was told a Korean Marine saved my life.
Comments: Air Force - Was with the 1972 Comm sq. as an Air Traffic Controller was stationed at DaNang then sent to Monkey Mountain as radar controller. was there from 1970-71 any one there remember me are was there around that time e-mail love to here from you. God BessYouGUYS
Comments:I US Navy - was assigned to Ferry Landing ramp from Nov '68 to Nov '69. Since I was duty driver I was assigned to transport personnel all over the Da Nang area. When Bridge Ramp was hit I was making a delivery to 95th EVAC. I watched as the whole thing unfolded. My condolences to the people involved and their next of kin.
Comments: Navy: Thank you for this wonderful depository of memories of a period long ago. Although, most of the photos are of a time after my tour, things did not change all that much. Cargo Handling Battalion Two(CHB-2) arrived in Danang in April 65 with the 3rd Marines from Subic Bay and lived with them in tent city on the Danang AFB initially. We supervised the civilian stevadores on the inland piers and MSTS ships in the harbor. In 1965 we were still using greenbacks before the switch to MPC script (funny money). For the first 3-4 months we lived in local Hotels,APL's,APA's eventually at Camp Tien Sha. We had no idea that in another 4 months we'd be part of force of several thousand to be known as NSA Danang. I served in Danang from 4/65 - 7/66 on the piers (T-Pier and Deepwater), Tien Sha Ramp and the Riggers Loft. We arrived about 85 strong BM's, EO's and SK's from Subic Bay but most of the guy's left before my extension kicked in. I've been searching the internet many years but have not come across any of the ol'crew.So, "Mother" Tucker, Tuttle, "Stretch" Buchanan, Moncrief, Sims, King and any of the other glorified "deck apes" are out there - give me a shout! Thank you for your service my brothers and sisters and WELCOME HOME
Tuesday 08/11/2009
Sunday 08/02/2009
Name: Steven (Was Stelman) Gerald  E-mail:
Comments: Marines: 1967 to 1968, 13 months, 3rd marines,3rd battalion,3rd company (charlie),Military Police for protecting DeNang Airbase. We were next to the CB`s construction crews. I hated the beer but you could always relie on the CB`s for hard stuff.I remember the rocket attack and the many close calls. The attacks on the south end of the base(tet offensive) by the viet cong. The gun ship support we got at night firing tracer rounds many hours of the nights.It was like the forth of july 3 or 4 times a week. We had the enemy pretty much defeated but we lost it politically. Anyway if anybody remembers me please do get in touch, Thanks, Steve
Thursday 07/23/2009
  Name: Mike ("Raowl" = Mustache) Phelps  E-mail:
Comments:  Navy: Two tours Danang with Navy Fire Station Danang West amongst Vietnamese. Third tour with ARMY out of Red Beach. Responsible for all LOH helicopters in I-Corps from DMZ to Chu Lai, Gulf to HW1.Blessing to have served Vietnamese; lack adjectives adequate to express the horrific pity we didn't keep our commitment and abandoned our promise to Vietnamese. See true story during last weeks before VC and NVA came to overtake Danang. We didn't lose the "War" our US News Media lost it for us by killing the heart of American resolve to keep our commitment.
Tuesday 07/21/2009
  Name: Ned Flemming  E-mail: Lovation: Monkey Mountain
Comments: Air Force - A Chinese Interpreter listening in on Chicom communications on top of Monkey Mountain. 1965-66. Any of you 6924th Security Squadron guys out there?
Monday 07/20/2009
  Name: ROBERT M. PECCI  E-mail: Location: LOS ANGELES
Comments: Born in the late 50's, I was to young for service but each day I would watch the VN war on tv. I was amazed how these people looked, so small, strange cloths and hats I had never seen and the homes, wow.. Dirt roads. It was so intresting to me and I had to learn more and more. Well I did, made many VN friends that came to the States at the end of the war, asked them many questions, flew to Nam 5x so far and now have a Traditional Vietnamese wife born in Quang Ngai, not that far from Da Nang. I have been many times to Da Nang and also I make it a point to show my respect as I visit My Lai often on my travels in Nam. Overall I have noticed the Vet's here wont talk about it with me and in Nam, they just want to forget it and not speak about it. I have worked hard to understand both sides as I want so to really understand what the hell happened and the effects on both sides after. It is a life process for me. After bringing my wife to the states, as she was born after the was and knew almost nothing about the war, I taught her what I knew, showed her some DVD's on the Vn war and I saw she for the first time, understood true freedom and what the war was for. My heart goes out to both who fought so bravely and to the forever young, I know they are greatly missed.
Sunday 07/19/2009
Name: Mike Phelps, PhD, GA  E-mail: Location: Danang
CommentsNAVY AND ARMY = three tours. Two Navy one Army. Never made it on a boat but did get one trip on Swift Boat as interpreter translator.... Coverd all of I-Corps light observation helicopters. Assigned at Red Beach with Army
Saturday 07/04/2009
  Name: Enrique J Elizondo (Andre) Army: E-mail: Location: Sweetwater,Tx
I was with 1st medical batallion 1st infantry BIG RED ONE division company b in lai khe i did sick call from december 1965 to 1967 when i departed my coworker was Stewart and my best friend was jUAN gonzales and Johnson and others...still miss You guys.....including DR cook
Wednesday 07/01/2009
  Name: Paul Guyton  Army: E-mail: Location: Memphis
Comments: I was in Dco3/39Inf.9thInf.Div.m60machinegunner-I never will forget a doghandler,Kincaid&his dog a big shepherd that was using my head as a pillow one morning..Also in remembrance of the handler I didn't know his name but he and his dog a white shepherd were both killed. these events happened 1969 Dinh Tuong
Sunday 05/31/2009
  Name: Paul LeVeque  Army: E-mail: Location: Englewood, Co
Comments: I was in Viet Nam in 1970-71. Something i wouldn't want to do again, but i wouldn't change anything either. It was meant to be. I remember when I first got there, Cam Rhan Bay, rocket pocket of south viet nam, scared the hell out of me. From there I went to Duc Pho, near Mi Lai. I was there for two weeks then was transfered to FSB-411 until I went home. What an experience that was. If there was anything that could change the way a young man thinks, Viet Nam did. God bless all those who have served.
Sunday 05/31/2009
  Name: Corey E-mail: Location: NY
Comments: Amazing is the only word to describe the powerful poetry I have just read. I am a former college student who has done oral interpertation of poetry, mainly on the vietnam war. this poetry is a true inspiration to everyone. God bless the soldiers, and veterans that thought they were forgotten, because they are not, and I hope to keep the voices of the brave veterans who made the ultimate sacrifice alive and well. Thank you
Wednesday 05/20/2009
  Name: Dick Corn  Navy: Location: Grass Valley, Calif
Comments: APL5 DaNang 11/67 Then TSP Security Sec. 2 from 12/67 to 11/68.
Uprising by black sailors at Tien Sha after Martin Luther King was shot . A TSP Security guard was killed by them. Sec. 2 was sent on patrol in search of them. The whole story was swept under the rug by the Navy. '68 was a bad year in the Nam. Welcome home to all who served.
Tuesday 05/19/2009
Name: Paul McCall  E-mail: Location: Blackstone, Mass
I was in a tower over looking the barbed wire at Da Nang airbase the first night of the “Tet Offensive” I actually saw the tail flames of the first rockets rising up in the sky off in the distance that night. Shot an azimuth on the location and called it in to head quarters. Shortly after that the rockets began impact all around the airport and me. I was alone in the tower and crouched down as hangers, machine shops and aircraft got hit and went up in flames. Huey helicopters lifted off and headed off in the direction from where the rockets were fired one rocket landed real close and peppered the tower with shrapnel causing wood chips from the plywood canapé to rain down on me, thanks to the sandbags around the tower I was physically unhurt but I was shaken. One of the chopper crew later said the VC were packed up and gone before the first rocket hit the airbase.
Wednesday 05/13/2009
  Name: Eugene Gray Jr  E-mail: Location: Rutledge, TN
US Army  Vietnam Jan 1969 - Jan 1970 At Da Nang With 1st Log 74th Repair Parts Co. Can only recall a few names Roger Stottlemyer from Missouri - Leonard Black Pa. - Joe Gogalas N J - Glenn Lamb Fullerton Ca - Polansky NY - SGT Clendenen - Sgt Shaw - Sgt Medina - I have approx. 700 slides of Vietnam & Sydney, Australia I went on RR to Sydney with Glenn Lamb & Joe Gogalas - Many more I cannot recall names but have slides of all of us working in the trailers which housed all of the small repair parts. Anyone out there from the 74th Repair Parts 1969????? Would love to hear from someone!!
Wednesday 04/15/2009
  Name: Owen Herzberg  E-mail: Location: Salem, Oregon
I signed in long ago but had an email change. I was at Camp Tien Sha from 3-68 to 3-69 at the mess hall and on YFU 1481. Remember well the bridge ramp going up, Red Beach where the marines were, the China Beach satchel attack, the murder of our outpost by a crazed sailor with the hand gun, the ammo dump going up (lost a friend there), much more. Time takes a toll on the memory. To all of you who need help with the PTSD stuff, write to me. I also need some dates...can't remember it all. Here's to the EM club and all those dime beers and to our laundry girl who the VC cockadow. Welcome home guys.
Monday 03/30/2009
  NameDaryl Carpenter Location: Madison, AL