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Comments: USAF at TACC-NS on Monkey 68-69. Thought it might be some of my crew in China Beach pics. I would take whole crew down after getting off night shift and we played jungle ball and touch football (feet wet - tackle was OK) and we ate dogs-burgers and drank beer until we went back for night shift. Also ran into seasnakes in the water and once some nurses came out from a hospital ship wearing bikinis , instantly there was a 50 foot clear circle of several hundred guys just staring at them while they got settled in the center. Then a low flying helo came by and circled around them several times but finally left. After lots of guys attempted to hit on them the girls finally had enough and left
Monday 09/18/2006
  Name: Tim Geer (Big Tim Pres.of The Guardians  E-mail:  Location: Home PA-- Club out of Jefferson OH
Comments: Please feel free to look at our web site and get of hold me at anytime. We are always looking to talk to other that group that deal with issuses and stand for POW-MIA !!
Tuesday 01/10/2006  Name: John (Jack) Shinkle EMC USN Ret. E-mail:  Location: Lake Andes SD
Comments: served at NSA Danang 65 &66,Harbor Security on skimmers and Dark Prince 25.Went to Subic and helped put AFDL 23,YR 71,Floating Crane &a YTB in commission &brought them back to Danang .I finished that tour on AFDL 23 Came back in 68 on Market Time aboard USS REAPER MSO 467 ,Went to MINERON 11 to train relief crews for MINDIVs 112 & 113,
Transfered to Fleet Reserve in 75 and retired in 83
Monday 10/23/2006
Name: Rich GreenE-Mail:  Location: Abilene Kansas/ Originally Indiana
Comments: I got here quite by accident. I was with VMCJ-1, MAG-11, 1st MAW in Hydraulics from July 67 - August 68. Went back for the 2nd tour and was assigned to H&MS11 thru Feb ' 69. Nice to actually see 2 of the planes I worked on in the photos pages. Keep hoping someone might come across somr photos of the old EF-10B we used to run jamming with before the EA-6B's took over. Old but interesting! (Korean War vintage- just what the Marine Corps is all about - Make what you got work!)  Boot Co. 64-575 NTC Base Police San Diego 65 Camp Tien Sha Security VN 65-66 USS Loyalty MSO 457 1966-67 Welcome Home my Brothers!|
 Sunday 09/03/2006  Name: Banger E-Mail: Location: Great Falls, Mt.

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Comments: just read afew comments from guys who were invloved with the crash of the navy jet on Monkey Mountain in early 1968. One guy said he was among some tec's who came up the next day to salvage parts from the plane. I was oneof several marines from MACS-4 on the top of the mountain that had the shitbird job of guarding that jet during the night after it crashed. Our bosse's thought it would be wise to do so just in case any VC got there first and salvaged parts for their own purposes. It was raining like a son of a bitch and the wind was blowing to beat all hell. Just hid there in bushes around the plane all night long. It was cold, wet, and a very long night. Just look behind the tail section in some of the pictures, and if you think real hard, you might still see part of me there. I've told my wife about this incident and many others concerning Monk. Mt. during my time there from Dec. 10th, 1967 through Oct. 1968. Was in a skivvy house in downtown DaNang the night Tet started. Played hell getting back to our outfit. And then it was off to the race's for the next three months. Heard a friend of mine named Blue got shot after taking enough crap and flipped out. Been trying to find Al Diaz from south Philly and Pete Smith from Boston. Diaz was known as dizzy and Pete as smitty. Me, my real name is Brad Bengtson and am originally from Hartford, Ct. Would like to hear from anybody from the time period I just mentioned. I never had the chance to say goodbye to any of my compadres. I was whisked away so fast for my views on the war I didn't even have the time to take any personnal belongings.
Saturday 08/19/2006  Name: Jim Gardner E-Mail: Location: Albuquerque NM
Comments: Further info on crash on Monkey Mountain: The Navy guy did in fact crash into monkey Mountain in early 1968. The accident I was involved in was in Jan 1969 and also involved a Navy aircraft but it resulted in the loss of a Danang F4 because the Navy guy did not report approaching the base. The approach was through Hi Van pass not Monkey Mountain. Monkey Mountain was a penisula off the Danang Bay. Hi Van was a seperate landmass directly in the approach path of Danang which was quite tricky. I had to redo the departures and approach patterns to in essence thread the needle between the pass and Monkey Mountain. The accident was during very poor weather and the Navy guy was in the vicinity of the AF formation. The radar controller lost contact with the AF guy because he was below the pass and the Navy guy popped up causing the radar controller to misidentify him and not warn the AF he was low. I was able to get the investigation to determine poor approach procedures and failure of the Navy guy to report his position approaching the base. Hi Van pass was 11 miles north of the base and I revised the procedures requiring all aircraft approaching from the north to establish radio contact with the radar approach controller prior to 15 miles. This would avoid miss identification since the radar controller was never aware of the Navy guy. AF Maj. V. F. Gardner My tour of duty was Aug 1968-Aug 1969 and I was officially assigned to Tan Son Nhut, Saigon with the 7th AF/1964th Comm Gp. I spent the majority of my tour at Danang and the 7 Long Range Radar sites through out VNM
Monday 08/07/2006  Name: Mike Cable E-Mail: Location: AZ
Comments: Looking for Steve Carpenter, He was at Long Mi Depote and John Hunter was Phu Ti amo dump, Pad explodes Jan 4th 1970, and again Dec 27th, most were lost that day, My pals had been sent home but a friend remained and sent me pictures of the devistation, 32 towers but only a couple were left, 110 pads were full ready for the 1971 Tet off. the Army knew the defences were weak, 33 sappers got in , 60 GIs + died 100+ wounded. Thank God for those brave men who servered, they will be remembered.
 Monday 07/24/2006  Name: Julious Watson, Jr.  E-Mail: Location: California
Comments: I landed at the Danang Airbase Jan. 4, 1968 and was assigned to security at III Marine Amphibious Force. Also worked at H&S Company in administration - Unit Diary. I watched F-4 Phantoms get blown up at the airport. I wanted to eat in one of the Vietnamese restaurants across the river but it was blown off the earth during a rocket attack. Beautiful web site. Let's sing that Green Beret song! Thursday 06/29/2006  Name: Al Comments:
NSA Danang 7/68-7/69. Lived at Tien Sha, Refer Rat and YFR888. Was there for the hit on Tien Sha Barracks. Was in the bunker next to it on the Nav Exchange side. Experienced the hit on the ARVIN amo dump. Remember the bridge ramp hit and the amo dump fire near dogpatch. Was at the LST Ramp the night they got hit. But we got out to anchorage. Watched that tanker on the Danang side of the river go up that night. Favorite drinking hole was the USAF EM club at monkey mt. Air conditioning, cold beer, fried chicken while watching a movie. What more can one ask for. Oh, I was there the night they got hit. Was already outside the gate and could not get back in so caught a ride to the deep water pier. They were getting hit too.
 Tuesday 05/23/2006 Name:        Ron Clark E-Mail: Location: Red Beach, Viking Compound, DaNang
Comments: Served '70-'71 with Army 58th Trans Bn, 263rd Avionics Maint Co. Orderly room clerk (nicknamed Radar!). Pretty much "in the rear with the beer", but traveled out enough to get shot at and very nearly captured as I drove through a village at 10pm on the way to DaNang AF base to pick up a new guy. To this day my time there is one of the most significant times of my life. Unfortunately, have not been able to get in touch with a single guy I served with, but still hope to.
 Friday 05/12/2006  Name: Richard D. Gilday E-Mail: Location: Hampden, Massachusetts
Comments: I was with the 1st Battalion/11th Marines in the FDC (Fire Direction Center). I spent most of my time under the sandbags in Da Nang from December 1970 until April 1971. In April 1971 I was transferred to Hill 510 in HiepDuc/Queson Valleys south of Da Nang, along with another Marine, Rick Dalpiaz. I would like to hear from anyone I hung out with at the old 11th such as Ricks, R Phillips (the KIA kid), Logi W from Alaska, and Mickey Gasberry from LA. Also, I would love to hear from anyone who was on Hill 510 at anytime but preferrably in April/May 1971, and also, anyone who remembers the night in April 1971 when the rocket came in over our heads and scored a direct hit on either the ammo dump or the Jet sitting on the airsprip at the Da Nang Airfield. It looked like a small nuke going off that night. Tuesday 04/18/2006  Name: David L Cross E-Mail: Location: New Mexico
Comments: I was in I Corp as a Phoenix/PRU advisor 68-69 and would like to hear from anyone familiar with me or my work. I worked with the Americal Division from time to time. I was the guy with all the indigenous fighters who joined you in the bush. You had us sleep outside your perimeters most of the time.We were handy for finding and disarming booby traps.
 Thursday 03/09/2006 1:05:02pm Name: Jim Trail E-Mail: Location: Texas
Comments: I was in Danang in 1969 & 70. Was in the Air Force with the Army Air Force Exchange Service (Like really ruff duty I know). I remember building the cafeteria on Freedom Hill. Also still have a AkAI reel to reel 1800 tape player I bought at the Freedom Hill exchange. I lived at what was called gunfighters village. Can also remember the trips to China Beach. Had a lot of local people that worked with me and I often wonder what happen to them all after the big pull out? After finding this site makes me want to go pull the box of photos out. I'm 60 now and doubt if I will ever be able to make the trip back or even find someone who served with me but I do often in my dreams or is it nightmares!.  Thanks for this Great site! Jim
Sunday 03/05/2006  Name: Richard Brown E-Mail: Location: Da Nang Vietnam
Comments: I am a former Marine. Served with VMFA-115 in Chu Lai, 69-70. I am now married to a local Da Nang lady and living near China Beach. Anyone interested, email me at
Thursday 03/02/2006  Name:      CF Gray E-Mail:  Location: southern California
Comments: I was an E-3 on the YTM-769 "Hombro" one of the three tugs at NSA. I helped in a recovery detail, I think late the next day, and attended the services. My sincere best wishes to the surviving members of these brave young men's families. I know the loss can never be erased. Know that we were gentle and caring with the remains of your heros.
 Thursday 02/09/2005 Name: Stephen Krueger E-Mail: Location:  Sparta, WI
Comments:  I was in Danang from Feb 68 to Oct 69. The memories are fading. Does anyone remember when the Post Office in Camp Tein Sha got hit? We were in the barracks next to the one that got broke in half. The guy that bunked across from me got hit. i beleive he lost a leg and maybe an arm. Contacted a marine freind that was there, but he does not remember when either.
 Thursday 02/02/2006  Name:  Jim Lyman E-Mail:
Comments:  I was stationed in Camp Tien Sha from May 1967 to April 1968. Worked in Data processing out at the Triangle. !st time I ever looked at any pictures on the web of the base. Brings back some Old memories. Be nice to hear from any of my old friends. I never bothered to try and find any of them. We were never welcomed back and I guess I just preferred to keep it to myself.
 Friday 01/13/2006  Name: Ron Cleveland E-Mail:  Location: Spring Valley Wisconsin
Comments: I was in ICorps from June 1966-June 1968, first tour was in toolies all over the DMZ into Laos. Spent next year at US Naval Support Activity Da Nang RVN on Da Nang West City Fire Department. If you liked job security you should be a fireman in a place where people live in thathed huts with palm leave roofs and cook with gasoline. Throw in a good war and you won't sleep for a couple of months in a row.