Military Memories/ guestbook entries 2005

10/23/2005  Name:          Allen Metzger Location: Chula Vista Ca
Comments: I served as craftmaster on lcu 1498 and yfu 73 jul68 to jul 69 in I corps chu lai da nang cau viet donh ha hue others. I was comming back from being up river near the dmz 2/27/69. I saw the yfu 78 and lcu 1500 blow up in da nang harbor lost a lot of my brothers. if anyone was in the are or remembers the boats i served on send me a e mail. its been a long time but some scars never heal. god bless our military past and present
Tuesday 10/18/2005 Name: Bill Holm E-Mail: Location: Negaunee,,Mi
Comments: Just surfed in and want to say what a great site this is, was in Danang 68-69 and worked at Navsuppact,POL,first on hill 327 and after the ammo dump went up in smoke we moved to the beach by monkey mountain,many memories came back after viewing your site,I dont remember tien shaw being as large as the picture from the air.
 Saturday 08/27/2005  Name:      Non CidE-Mail: Location: Da Nang
Comments: Great site. Appreciate the photos. I vacationed at Camp Carter from 4/69 - 4/70. The airport had a rocket welcome for us after we got off the plane. Camp Tien Sha had a rocket welcome for us after we settled in. Several sailors got were injured running into the white picket fences surrounding the bunkers. Stayed at Camp Carter. I lounged around China Beach, R & R Center, Deep Water Pier and the White Elephant downtown Da Nang. Finished up living at the NSA Hospital. Great food at Camp Carter.
 Monday 08/22/2005  Name: Doug McDowall E-Mail: Location: North Little Rock, Arkansas
Comments: Saw a reference to this site in a newspaper story. Served with US Army in Vietnam 1970-71. My unit was the 238th Aerial Weapons Co., a Huey gunship outfit based at Phu Hiep, Tuy Hoa, and Dong Ha at various times during my tour.
 Thursday 08/04/2005 Name: Steven A. Vaughn USMC E-Mail: Location: Monkey Mountain  Da Nang RVN
Comments: Date unknown. As a young Marine at MAG-11 H&MS-11 I watched a F8 Crusader make an emergency landing at the Da Nang air strip. It had a small tree hanging off the stabilator (tail section). The tree was about 15-20 feet in length. This plane was one of two that had got in trouble at Monkey Mountain that day. We were told the other plane had nosed in just below the crest of the mountain. The pilot had ejected safely and had landed on the beach about 1200 feet below the crash site. I was one of those Marines who were sent to the site the next day to salvage as much as we could. I was out of the Hydraulic Shop at H&MS-11 there with people from Avionics,Airframes and Safety and Survival. I recall 4 of us in the back of the 6x6 the driver and a Gunnery Sergeant in the cab. We departed the compound,drove through Da Nang and up the winding road passed the AFRTS broadcasting site to just about 100 yards below a Marine SAM site. This crash was caused by low visibility through the clouds surrounding Monkey Mountain that morning.The clouds had cleared around the mountain giving about a quarter mile visibility. The surviving plane had gone into afterburner and just cleared the crest taking with it a little vegetation.The crashed plane pilot had ejected and survived. Now that's the rest of the story.

Thursday 05/19/2005 Name: Tony EyE-Mail: Location: Brisbane, Australia
Comments:  Enjoyed your photos. We were Aussie Clearance Divers based in Tien Sha, DaNang 1970/71. Lots of photos of DaNang and 1 Corps on my web site. Please visit. Regards to all from the Aussie Divers (EOD). Saturday 05/14/2005  Name: Rod HarrisE-Mail: Location: NAS Harbor Patrol Da Nang
Comments:  Served two tours actually. 1st was on the USS Clarion River (LSMR-409) off the coast from Da Nang to Saigon, up & down a river or two, & so close to shore at times that anyone with a good arm could throw a baseball to the shoreline. All 4 "rocket-rainmakers" were that way. That was from 12/66-12/67. 2nd was from 3/68-3/69. Stayed in Harbor Security barracks at Camp Tien-Sha. Served on board (I think) a 45-foot MkV Picket Boat. Boat was made of wood, believe had chrysler diesel engine, & could scoot when the occassion demanded. Had twin 50-cal's & a single 81mm mortar mounted on the bow. Was on patrol the night of Feb. 27, 1969 when the big explosion took place & claimed so many lives. But that's another story.....and a bitter one at that. Excellent site! Great job putting it together! A deep hearted thanks for careing enough to do it. Welcome home guys & gals. enough, but God Bless you all and Thank You. Thursday 05/05/2005  Name: Doug Brown E-Mail:  Location: Round Rock, TX
Comments: Stationed at Danang AB Sept.67-Sept.68 6924th Security Squadron, USAF Security Service (Ops area just down the road from Dogpatch, from which we took regular evening sniper fire).
Sunday 05/01/2005
  Name: Duane E-Mail: Location: Denver, Colorado Comments: I was stationed in Vin-Long South viet-Nam with the 221ST Avation Shotguns. Good sight- I am looking for some one who has a pix of our units patch and for any one who served in combat and rides a motorcycle of at least 650cc's. If you would be interested in joining
Wednesday 04/06/2005 Name: DanieL  AbrairaE-Mail: Location: coral gables, florida
Comments: I served on Camp Tien Sha Security from 1967-1968. Perimeter watches, bunkers and made E-3 then did Bravo 6 Jeep patrols thru Tien Sha village. Lt. Thompson was our commander. Served with Fiske, Richard Lanko, Dominaskas, Smitty, Reynolds, Harcourt. Where are you guys. I was 19 years old. Remember TET. Remember the chow hall with the 101st airborne coming thru for chow on the way north. The smell, the fear and the crazy things come back when I read all the stories. I love all you guys. We did what we had to. I hate this Iraq war. I cant stand to see our young guys coming home in bags again. Dan
Sunday 03/13/2005 Name: WAYNE PFIRRMAN (WORM)  E-Mail: Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
Comments:        Great site. I was stationed at Camp Tien Sha from Sept. '67 to Apr. '69. Originally with Camp Tien Sha Security it later became TSP Security. Worked the towers, bunkers, and gates of all the peninsula compounds; then completed the tour on mobile patrol, Bravo 6.I remember many, but not all the guys in the unit. Here is a list, and excuse the spelling of last names. I would like to hear from anyone who served in CTS & TSP especially those listed below. Alrelady made contact with "Deacon" Jim Von tungeln.Lt. Thompson, Chief Aquino, Andreciak, Beamon, Brown(MI), George Bray(NJ), Rick Beaton(Cleveland OH), Charlie Bogdany(NJ), Phil Bloch, Chavez, Conway, Delano Carson, Crippen, Steve Darbonne(Lake Charles,LA), Dickerson, Fiske, Ferris, Fazzari(CA), Gardner, George Grant(Chicago), Gaski(Chicago), Guzman, Gray, Hargraves(Preacher)(OK), Hess, Krastanoff(St. Louis), Koch, Konowiak(Fats)(Chicago), Love, Moreno, McMahon, Mears, Martin, Otis Mosely, Nelson, Oliva, Pete, Puccini, Pettis, Pruitt, Proffit, Ranno, Rhinehart, Swope, Sears, Shank, Smitty(Boocoo), Smitty(Titi), Smitty(Snuffy)(2nd Cl.), Ullevig(TX), VanGeondif,(OH), Wise(1st Cl), Webb(1st Cl).