Military Memories/ guestbook entries 2003

Friday 10/31/2003 10:24:45pm  Name:  Yaccov Sollet  E-mail: Location: NYC
 This is a tribute to a great Vietnam veteren George Morris. George Morris served in Vietnam in the marines. On October 31, 2003, George Morris Passed away, he will be missed by everyone. he was a great person and a great leader. To his wife and family, My prayers go out to you , may God grant you peace during this time of mourning.
Saturday 10/18/2003 9:52:23am
  Name:  Rex Morrison  E-mail: THEBIKERBRUCEM@AOL.COM Location:  Silverdale, WA
Was at Danang summer of 1965, Top Dog 33, weapons control mechanic supporting the F-102 detachment out of Clark AB. Flew down to Tan Son Nhut two nights before the NVA attack. Good bud Tony Martorano stayed behind, got the pictures. Retired Air Force in 1977. A long list of draft dodgers now running our country. Don't count on any long wars we initiate
Monday 10/13/2003 8:10:13am
  Name:  Robert Riley  E-mail: Location:  Midland,Texas
I helped move and rebuild (filled 27 million sand bags) the 339th Transportation Unit from Tuy Hoa to Red Beach in early 1968.I worked in the engine shop. I made several trips to LZ Sally and changed engines out for the 101st gun ships. I left the 339th November 1968. Any one that was in the 339th drop me a line
Wednesday 09/10/2003 6:35:52pm
  E-mail: Location:  Oceanside, California
Bob Sharton suffered PTSD from 1970 until July 28, 2003 when he called 911. He told the dispatcher he was going to shoot himself. He gave them his address. "The front door is unlocked. Please get here before my wife gets home."
He was an AmTrac Repairman in late 68 and early 69, but saw lots of patrol (point man, etc) duty. His best friend had his head blown off right in front of him. Bob suffered severe mightmares for the past 20 years. He couldn't erase that scene from his memory. He killed 15 different VC in hand to hand. A sensitive guy, he always wondered about their mothers, their wives, etc. He was in H&S Co 2/7. 9th MAB. I am looking for men from his unit. He fought in Taylor Common and also with the South Vietnamese in Victory Dragon VII, VIII, and IX.
Wednesday 08/06/2003 10:13:04am
  Name:  Charlie Jacobson  E-mail:
 I was at Pleiku and DiLinh, VietNam 1970 and 71 as an Operating Engineer with the 18th BG, 815th Engineer BN, Co.B. Enjoyed finding more Nam information. Keep up the good work.
Monday 06/23/2003 12:10:46am
  Name:  Ted Bedell(USAF-Vietnam Vet) E-mail: Location :  New Jersey
CommentsGreat pic's. I just got through reading the entire guess book for people I may have known at Monkey Mountain (I was there 1965-1967. The place changed quite a bit from what I remember. The road to China Beach & Danang wasn't paved back then. I remember having to go 1/2 way up the mountain to shovel the sand out of the water resevoir and taking a dip too to cool off. Didn't mean to ramble!!! Great site
Monday 06/16/2003 8:36:43am
  Name:  Sam Gill  E-mail: SamG@WCS.Edu
Was in USMC from 2Jun67-3May73. Served in country from Mar69-Sept69 at HHC,FLC,Camp Books. I remember it well when the ammo dump blew up during Jul69 I believe. The explosions went off for a couple of days. It leaveled Dog Patch. I was shocked at your photo's,the one showing the main road with the jeep making a turn. I can almost see the hootch I lived in. Also if you go all the down the road toward the perimter to the fence. The last building on the right is were I worked. It was the Clubs storage warehouse. Hope some of my old duddies may see this. Thanks for the web-site. Semper Fi Sam Gill
Tuesday 05/27/2003 2:11:01pm
  Name:  Daniel Maliszewski  E-mail: Location:  New Jersey
 Tien Sha. Deepwater Piers. Monkey Mountain. Na Hien Dong. Ferry Landing. Red Beach. Bookoo dinky dow GI-could it be 35 years already? September '68 I was TAD at Tien Sha, after that tried to get into Harbor Patrol (great water skiing), but ended up in VAT 9 Civic Action Division. We lived off base in a rented house on ferry landing road till we got overrun in a massive ground offensive in May of '68 and got pretty shot up. I caught a mortar round and some burns but our team go out mostly intact. No such luck for the Marines down the road from us. They were ambushed and wasted within eyesight while fighting to get to us. They just don't get any braver. Anyway, it is bittersweet to see the peninsula again.
Tuesday 05/20/2003 7:44:29pm
  Name:  Sandra Kicklighter  E-mail: Location: Florida
Comments: Welcome Home! It was long overdue and the American public should keep letting you know that everyone of you are HERO'S. I have worked to keep the issue of all our MIA/POW's in the public's eye. For the last 18 years I have put on the Candlelight Vigil for all our missing on MIA/POW Rememberence Day in the town I live in. You will find MIA/POW Poetry on my web site, plus a lot more that may be of interest. You have a awesome site here, thank you for your hard work
Monday 05/12/2003 1:54:24pm
  Name:  Wayne R McCollum  E-mail: Location:  bowersville,ga,30516
It's been 33 plus years,may be a few of us left,worked at deepwater pier,stageing area 3,lumber,beer & soda,poles etc:remember,Chuck,Scottie,Rollie McFarland,there's more ,will recall later!!!Then there was CamRanhBay,security police,remember 12 JUNE 70,Roy Lovins,LTJG Mike Charley,,,somebody tell me that it wasn't a dream,PLEASE!!!Also Bob McClatchy,I've got A Photo album that belongs to you ,TO THINE OWNSELF BE TRUE ,MAINTAINE TROOP,Wayne
 Wayne R McCollum  E-mail: Location:  bowersville,ga,30516 Commentys: I worked at deepwater piers and lived with pier team 1 the first barracks on the right in camp Tien Sha.worked stageing area three with Chuck,Scottie,Roland McFarland,and some others I will recall later,(know what i mean)?it's been a long long time,I miss you guy's and our youth,sure was fun,,,RSVP
Saturday 04/19/2003 8:41:00am
  Name:  David G. Myers  E-mail: DGMYERS@CABLEONE.NET Location:  Biloxi, Mississippi
 Camp Tien Sha , Naval Support Activity July 1968 to July 1969.Ammo dump going up for 2 1/2 days, rockets in place of mortars, hot.Good friends some lost over there most lost on return to the land of the round eyes, how very sad.
Sunday 04/06/2003 8:41:50pm
  Name:  Roberto Lopez  E-mail: RGL2000@AOL.COM Comments:  Great pictures and a beautiful and well-designed web site. Your hard work and dedication is noticeable and well appreciated. Keep up the good Work and God Bless You!
Enjoyed viewing the pictures of Camp Tien Sha, China Beach, Deep Water Piers brought back many memories, "it was just a moment ago..", ha. I worked at the White Elephant for the Freight Terminal Section, 2nd floor from 1967 to 1968 Worked with a bunch of good people Storekeeper's, Yeoman, Radioman and department officers. I treasure the friendship, the work experience (on-the-job training for future casual overtime), and the friends I associated with at work (3:00 P.M to 3:00 A.M.) Again, thanks for allowing us all to view and search for old friends with such ease.
Sunday 03/23/2003 1:49:46am
  Nmae:  Rich Bettencourt E-mail: Location:  Tracy, Ca
 Air Force (Seek Dawn "Motel") Monkey Mountain 1971. The photos are great. They brought back a lot of memories. I enjoyed reading the guest book, too. It was especially touching to read comments from young people praising Vietnam Veterans. Even though many Americans may not appreciate or remember all that we did, we Veterans will never forget those we served with, especially those who made the ultimate sacrifice. Thanks for creating this website. A great job. Rich Bettencourt. Retired AF Smsgt
Wednesday 03/12/2003 0:00:23am
  Name:  David Bradshaw  E-mail: Location:  Paducah, KY
 Glad to find the site. Was in 41st Sig BN (I think) In Quinhon and Camp Enri in 67-67 and Signal Support Agency in Long Bien 69-70. Looking for any alumni of 1st Sig Bde If you know Long Bien my office was the big black tower by the main gate. I am now serve as a Service Representative here in KY for VVA. I enjoy helping Viet Vets what's due them
Monday 03/10/2003 3:23:53pm
  Name:  Gary Young  E-mail: Location: Danang
Comments;  Great site! I served in Nam 68 69. I was with 1st Hospital Co with the 1st Marine Division in Da Nang. 1st Med Battalion was also there in the same compound. I'd like to catch up with some brothers of mine. Gary C. Fox from Seatle Wash.,Rick Younce from Cold Springs Ky., John Hummel from Peoria Ill.,Miller, Shingler ie;[Shinaling]. Many more. I think about you guys alot. Are you guys out there??
Wednesday 02/19/2003 5:36:51pm
  Name:  Mike Lynch  E-mail: Location:  North Carolina
 I was stationed at 1st Radio Batt., 3rd Marines at China Beach from 6/68 to 7/69. I remember vividly when the Danang docks were hit, we actually thought it was a nuclear explosion it was so powerful. It this the attach you are speaking about? Would be interested to know. Appreciate your web site and all the good info available.
Saturday 02/15/2003 11:47:28am
  Name:  Bill Wonsik  E-mail: Location:  US Army Depot, Cam Ranh Bay  Comments;  I was a Sgt e-5 (76X40) at the non-perishable food storage yard at the Army Depot in Cam Ranh Bay from May 1969 to April 1970. I was responsible for naming our yard "The Delta Supermarket". It was the only building in the Army Depot painted Air Force Blue.
 Monday 02/03/2003 11:49:39am  Name:  Kent Bringhurst  E-mail: Location:  Salt Lake City,Utah
Comments: I was with E-Troop 1/9 air cav aug 70 thru aug71,My MOS was 67y20 cobra gun ship Mechanic,I also worked on the Uh-1h, oh-58, and oh-6,our unit flew hunter killer team, I was also a helicopter chrew chief door gunner.If anyone is in search of their unit in the cavalry,or any other helicopter unit that was in viet-Nam,To obtain information send $20 Money order only to Kent Bringhurst In c/o Valor House 570 so Foot hill drive Salt Lake city Utah,84113 Allow 60 days for reply.sincerly Kent Bringhurst
 Thursday 01/30/2003 11:57:19am  Name:  Larry R. Greene  E-mail:
Comments:  Was stationed with "A" Co 9th Engineers 1st Marine Div from 11/67 - 12/68 in Chu Lai - Danang...was wounded in tet offence Feb. 68 along with 13 other marines when our compound came under attack...don't really remember to much other stuff
 Saturday 01/11/2003 0:14:41am  Name:  Ron Gotcher  E-mail: Location:  Los Angeles, CA
Comments:  I'd like to add my comments about the crash photos that you have. I was working at Motel that day and I remember the incident vividly.We heard a Mayday call on guard frequency from a Navy aircraft that had gotten shot up over the DMZ. The pilot lost some of his instruments and became disoriented. Shortly after that, he punched out and abandoned the aircraft.
Almost immediately, we started to hear the distictive warble of the pilot's emergency radio. We took a reading on it and it was bearing 270 degrees from the antenna (which was north of our building). We got a call from the Marine Hawk battery on the other peak (to our east), asking if we had a bearing on the signal. They said that they had it on a bearing of 090 degrees.
About that time, one of our guys came in from outside and asked "What the hell was that loud boom a couple of minutes ago?"
The pilot was now on the ground and calling for help. At this point, we were starting to figure out what had happened. The pilot was almost in a state of panic and was calling for an immediate SAR pickup. He said that he could hear an NVA unit "on the road up above me." Since we still weren't sure of what was happening, no one wanted to say anything, just yet.
A couple of minutes later, the pilot was frantic: "You've got to get me out of here. They know where I am!" One of our guys, who had been coordinating the rescue, asked him how he knew that. "I just heard one of them say, 'I think there's someone down there.'"
When we stopped laughing, we told him to wait, that the Marines were on the way. We called the Hawk battery and told them that we thought one of their jeeps had found the pilot. They radioed the jeep and confirmed. Needless to say, the pilot was more than a bit embarassed.Interestingly enough, the aircraft hit just below the saddle between the two peaks, on the north side. If it had been about twenty feet higher, it would have cleared the pass and continued to fly directly at the Da Nang air base.