Military Memories/ guestbook entries 2002

Name:  Friday 12/13/2002 1:33:28pm  E-mail: Location:  Bakersfield,Ca.,93307
Comments:  Would like to find anybody who served in Nam 68,69 with the 3rd. 187 C co.101st Airborne Div. during the taking of Hamburger Hill,starting on May may 21st.1969
 Monday 11/25/2002 6:43:46am  Name:  Bill Woodier  E-mail:  Comments:  Washington DC
Comments: I served with 1st Recon; early 67-mid 68. The pictures displayed on your opening page caught my eye. Unless I'm mistaken, they focus on the 1st Recon helipad at Camp Reasoner. Since they show the LZ blacktopped, they must have been taken after mid-67 when the rice paddy we'd been using was finally blacktopped
 Tuesday 11/19/2002 11:05:08am  Name:  larry todd  E-mail: Location:  Cocoa Beach,Fl
Comments:  I served at Danang from sept67 to sept68. I was in the Air Force with the Redhorse unit, I helped build the radar site on monkey mt.and the revetments on the flight line at the air base. We were a self-sustaning unit and had our club in our compound at the east end of the runway. We wre next to the marine mortuary (thats an other story)and the AF Rescue Choppers. Remember Dog Patch. Any AF that served there during this time let me know.
 Thursday 11/14/2002 4:45:13pm  Name:  Kim Rowland  E-mail:  Location:  Abbingdon, Oxfordshire UK  Comments:  I KNEW A BOY WHO WENT TO WAR,
Thursday 11/14/2002 8:24:07am
  Name:  Dale Niemi  E-mail: Location:  Plattsmouth, NE
Comments:  Great web site. I was at Monkey Mtn from 9/68 to 9/69 with the 629th TCS. Worked Q-40 Computer Maintenance. Photos of the radar site were prior to Nov/Dec 68 as a bunker I helped build is not in the pictures. Spent 27 and 1/2 years in the USAF-Retiring May 1992 as a CMSgt. Would like to hear from anyone who was at Monkey during that time frame.
Tuesday 11/05/2002 9:47:43pm  Name:  BERNIE METCALF,TSGT USAF,RET  E-mail: Location:  ROCHESTER,NH
Saturday 11/02/2002 12:49:57am
Sunday 10/20/2002 5:10:10pm
  Name:  Roland H. Archambault Jr  Location:  New Hampshire
Comments: Heard of this site from a web page someone else gave me, so I came looking for it! I served with Company B 1st of the 8th Cavalry Division from Apr 69 to Feb 70 then went to HHC 11th Aviation Co. 1st Cav Division in Phouc Vinh until may 70. ETSed from there :-
Sunday 10/06/2002 8:26:31am
  Name: Nels E-mail: Location: bolingbrook,Illinois
 thanks for the memories.was in da nang in late 60s,when things were being turned over to the army.was stationed to the small craft division,serverd on the yog-71 for a few months then on yw- 114 for the remainder of tour.spent many a nite anchored in the harbor next to the base.made a few trips to the dmz area,but mostly just stayed in the harbor area.made tripps to monkey moutain to get fresh water.your site is very nice an after all them years.thanks for the memories.nels
Monday 09/30/2002 10:15:42pm
  Name:  Jim Toland  E-mail: Location: Youngstown, Ohio
 Nice web site. I was stationed at Danang from Jan 68 to Aug 69. Got there just in time for Tet. Was assigned to the 15th Aerial Port Squadron. Flight line pictures bring back a lot of memories.
Wednesday 09/25/2002 5:07:12pm
   Name:  Wes Lindert  E-mail Location: Wisconsin
 Great site and pictures, although I'd like to see some pictures of the USA STRATCOM FACILITY DANANG. We were near the China Beach R&R center. I'm trying to find Dave Robison and Terry Carter. It's amazing how many of these guest books a person can look through and not find a single person that you knew.
Thursday 09/19/2002 6:21:18pm
  Name: E-mail: Location:  Beaverton, Oregon
Comments: I was assigned to the 620 TCS (computer maintenance) stationed on Monkey Mountain from Nov. 68 to Oct. 69. Many memories came flooding back as I browsed through this site. Have some pictures of the area, Boom-Boom rock, Danang USAF/USMC AMMO Dump explosions, etc.. This is a great site, congratulations! Be well, Bill
Tuesday 09/10/2002 6:38:37pm
  Name:  Ralph E. (Dudley) Draper, Jr. E-mail: RD2329@AOL.Com Location:  North Charleston, South Carolina
 Would like to hear from former members Plt.#152 Parris Island 1966, Rations Co. Marines Red Beach Vietnam 1966-1967,@nd Bridge Co. Marines Camp Gieger 1967, and Henderson Hall Marines 1968-1970. I was known by those at Gieger as Dudley. I am now retired.
Friday 09/06/2002 3:38:02am
  Name:   Bill Brooks  E-mail: Location:  Beaverton, Oregon
 I was stationed on Monkey Mountain 11/68 to 10/69. USAF 620th TCS, computer maintenance (BUIC). Lots of memories...
Monday 09/02/2002 7:06:56am  Name:  Eddie Gauthier  E-mail: Location:  Springfield, MA
Great site! I was with HHD, 37th sig bn, Da Nang Air Base, 70-71 I was anywhere between Chu Lai, Hoi An, Phu Bai, Hue and Quang Tri where is was DTY during operarion Long Som 719 -  Keep this site going! WELCOME HOME BRO'S
Tuesday 08/20/2002 2:58:56pm
  Name:  SSgt Scott A. Chamberlain  E-mail: Location:  Spangdahlem AB, Germany
Comments: I just want to say what a great site you have, and want to send a personal "thank-you" to yourself and to the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice during Vietnam.
One of the other reasons I am writing is that my father, Thomas F. Chamberlain was stationed on Monkey Mountain, I am unsure of the exact dates and what he did, he was enlisted in the USAF.
I remember being a little kid listening to him tell me about this place in Vietnam.
I was curious to see what Monkey Mountain looks like, and I happened to be surfing the web and came across your website.
Once again, a personal "thank-you", and will recomend to my father that he visits your site.
SSgt Scott A. Chamberlain, 52 Operations Support Squadron
NCOIC 52 Fighter Wing Airspace Sched., Spangdahlem AB, Germany
Tuesday 08/20/2002 5:45:35am  Name:  Don Hastings  E-mail: Location:  Hope, Maine
Comments:  I served 4 years with the USAFSS. I had a brief TDY assignment with the 6925th RSM Det 2 on Monkey Mountain, Vietnam in 1964. I was a morse intercept operator (Ditty Bopper). Most of the dates that I see on the websites are after 1964. However, there was allot going on in Vietnam during that time. I left Vietnam and served 2 months with Det 3 of the 6925th in Bangkok, Thailand. I then returned to Okinawa. I left Okinawa in December of 1964 and went to Karamursel Air Station Tuslog Det 94 in Turkey. I was discharged from the Air Force in June of 1966. I still have great memories of all of my tours.
Tuesday 08/06/2002 11:10:25pm  Name:  Marty Hiles  E-mail: Location:  Oceanside, Ca 
 VN Dec 68 to Mar 70 Charlie 1/1, 3rd Plt., Machingunner.
Also Auto Blooper XM-174 Gunner & Team Leader for Charlie Company.
Saturday 07/27/2002 8:34:53am
  Name:  Michael Terry Blake  E-mail: Location:  Da Nang 366th AEMS 67-'68
 I was an E4 with the Air Force at Da Nang from 1967 to 1968. I went TDY to Nha Trang during the Tet Offensive. I remember the names Lenny Hagen, Thalman, Brucato, and DJ Lannon who went to Germany after his tour in Vietnam.
I witnessed the crash of a Marine F4 on Dec 25, 1967. I heard the conversation between the crew and tower while testing the radio in an F4. I watched from the F4 I was working on as this all unfolded right in front of me. They were making an arrested landing and something happened to the cable. They tried taking off again but flamed out. Both crew members punched out at low altitude and wrong attitude. The co-pilot landed in his seat without his chute opening and died. The pilot's chute just opened before hitting the ground and he survived. The aircraft continued on out of control and landed on the Marine side of the base. As far as I know no one was hurt on the ground.
I want to say THANKS to all the guys manning the perimeter of the base during my tour.
Saturday 07/13/2002 9:57:00pm
  Name:  Mike Peck  E-mail: Location:  Everett, Washington
 I arrived at FLC Red Beach, February 1965. I was there until, December, 7th, 1965. I remember it being a a very scenic place. Unfornately, we got the crap pounded out of us many nights. Thank god for Beer and good friends.
Tuesday 07/02/2002 10:37:46pm
  Name:  Ron Mahoney  E-mail:
Location:  Morwell , Victoria, Australia
 Congratulations on your wonderful web site. Iwas with the Australian Army in Vietnam, 102 FD Wksp RAEME,1968/69. Love learning about other countries involvement. Lots of respect for all you American Vets.
Sunday 06/16/2002 8:43:58pm
  Name:  Richard Higgins  E-mail: Location:  Dover,New Hamp
 Station at Camp Flukner Da Nang 1/1 Cav attach to 196 inf (the burning worm)
71-72 16 months. Looking for friends Gary Godbee, Marvin Dykma, Whitey one hell of a singer
Saturday 06/15/2002 12:19:33am  Name:
 Ed Burchard  E-mail: Location:  Aurora,CO
'Served @ DaNang, RVN 4-71----3-72 in 366MMS USAF. Great pics, almost like a re-visit. Viewing your's, complements my own collection. Good works, sir, and good luck!
Friday 06/07/2002 10:11:24pm
  Name:  TONY V. BROEKER  E-mail: Location:  NEW LONDON , IOWA
I went to VIET-NAM in may of 1967.I was assigned to work at DEEP-WATER PIERS. As we were riding in a "CATTLECAR"[SEMI PULLING A CATTLE TRAILER full of 'LONGTIMERS"] on the way to CAMP TIEN-SHA from the airstrip, I saw a little old LADY[??] walking down the road wearing those bleck pajamas. Imagine my surprise to see her take a crap and shake it down her leg onto the road ! I knew right then that this had to be the scummiest place on the earth. I worked with many fine GI'S for a year at DEEP WATER PIER. We worked 12 on &12 off what seemed like forever. I know we had some time off,but don't remember when.My best and strangest memory is when we had a personnel inspection.[MUST HAVE BEEN A CHANGE OF COMMAND OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT]The previous night ,which we had worked,we had dropped???? a pallet of hard liquor[supposedly going to the officers club]while prepareing it for shippment.Well, what are a bunch of guys supposed to do? We did the only honorable thing we could think of,WE DRANK ALL THE EVIDENCE......Well needless to say,none of us were in REAL GOOD SHAPE for inspection. The sober guys were making bets on whether we could stand in the hot sun through the inspection. Their advice? Don't breathe on the CAPTAIN. I am glad to see a site that HONORS all the FALLEN VETS and those of us who did our jobs and are living to tell about it! SMOOTH SAILING TO ALL
Wednesday 05/29/2002 0:06:42am
  Name: Jim E-mail:
 With limited research skills, I've attempted to find specific info about my unit, 1st dental co, 1st medical co, 1st med bn, 1st mar div (fmf rein) west of da nang (1967). There's all kind of references, but none specific. It's like we never existed, but I have photos and a four-minute movie (video), and my memories. It seems that some of my buddies would have put out some feelers, because, in addition to providing dental and oral surgery work, and doing dental i.d.'s of kia's in graves, shit happened. One night, two choppers collided over our unit. Everyone in the CH-34 died when it crashed upside-down in the rice paddies just outside our perimeter. The rockets that hit the air base at midnight in July, 1967 came from behind us. The generators kept breaking down. Lots of shit happened. Then it rained, and rained, until I said fuck it. The center piece that held the chopper's rotors landed outside my hooch. I hate it when some Vietnam Vets use the term REMF.
Tuesday 04/30/2002 7:36:51pm
  Name:  Ken Williams  E-mail: Columbus, Ohio
Air Force E5, crypto in 66, recruited by Philco-Ford, helped build the TACC site on Monkey Mtn (Project Seek Dawn)then worked at Udorn for another 20 months. Hired by Air America worked in Laos and Thailand for another 2 yrs. Nice site glad to see some of the old locations
Monday 04/29/2002 7:05:16pm
  Name:  Larry Hillis  E-mail: Location:  Forrest city Ar
Super site...thanx a mil.I was at Danang 1966 and 67,with Naval Support Activity.Lived at Tein Sha,once they finished building her.Worked out of office at White Elephant downtown Danang.Eat a lot of meals at Take Ten club....Thanx again for the site...Larry
Friday 04/19/2002 12:00:49am
  Name:  Charles Baker  E-mail: Comments: served 67-69 in country at Camp Stolz with 1st M.P.'s at the Da Nang air basephoto's are great I had to go find mine and take a peek, worked as radio operator (call sign piedpiper) base security and Hoa Vang bridge to the south thanks for a look back
Saturday 04/13/2002 6:35:39pm
  Name:  Losone L. Parmeter  E-mail:
 I was stationed at Monkey Mountain from Aug 72 until Jun 72. I was one of the last military member to leave the area when we turned over the site to the VNAF. I was NCOIC of the GATR site and assigned to the 620th TCS. Very good pictures!!
Thursday 03/28/2002 0:01:01am
  Name: John Email:  JRohr
 In the summer of 1971 I met a friend(MARINE) of a friend who had just returned from Vietnam. When this person was not directly engaged in conversation, he would gaze blankly ahead. I asked my friend as to why this person behaved this way. He simply said that his friend was a Marine in Vietnam. Seventeen years later, I found myself closing down the bar of a Denver hotel with five other guys. As we drank more and more beer around a table, the topic of conversation turned to Vietnam. It turned out that these guys, all from different parts of the U.S., were all Vietnam vets. As the conversation evolved, one of these guys related how he had to shoot children who were rolling unexploded U.S. ordinance at him down a hill. At that time, everyone broke down and put there arms around one another. Shocked, and embarrased that I was a participant in such an intimate experience that I had nothing to do with, I put my arms around the guys to my left and right, and I bowed my head as they cried. I then thought of the the marine I met in 1971. I understood as I had not before.
Wednesday 03/20/2002 3:48:18pm
  Name:  Ken Ouellette  E-mail: Location:  monticello,ar. used to live in ct
served usmc mar 68-april 69 red beach camp books, h & s co flc,left in jan 69 to dung ha flsg-b. some names of the past, from atlanta, paul nutter, from ohio and mac from connecticut, mac and i flew into travis afb and shared a cab to san fancisco to get back to conn. great site keep up the good work
Thursday 03/14/2002 7:54:20am
  Name:  George M. Hale  Location:  Cass County, Missouri  Comments:  I was a Marine Corps Sergeant with VMCJ-1, MAG-11, 1st MAW at DaNang from mid-July 1967 into August 1968. Would be most happy to hear from any of my fellow Marines there then. My username comes from the fact that several families of raccoons used to live under our present home.
Sunday 03/10/2002 11:18:57pm
  Name:  Mai  E-Mail:  Location:  Vancouver BC Canada
My father was in the Vietnam war but I didn't find out until a few years ago. He was from the Philippines and worked not on the field but with paperwork on the ground. All I know is from the pictures I have and information from my Mom. I do not want to ask him about it but I know he endured alot. I am curious now only because I don't know what exactly happened back then. He came to Canada soon after the war. I think about those heroes quite often and how strong my Papa is all those years without talking about it. His name is Domingo. Prayers to all who were in it and hope that it will never happen again. God Bless everyone
Thursday 03/07/2002 0:29:57am
  Name:  Gerald marty Martin  E-mail: Location: Arizona
Comments:  I want to thank you for this fine web page and especially the photo gallery.In march of 66 MCB 1 deployed to V.N. and built Camp Haskens on Red Beach,FLSG,started the 30th NCR, Marine contonments across hi-way 1,and moved enough laterite to astonish most contractors of the day. That tower resembles the water tower that we had a big black rubber bladder on top of so we could shower. CAN DO...SO MOT Compliments to Gene on page 20 for honesty. If you were in the class of 66 drop me a line. I also have pictures and even a cruise book copy.
 Sunday 03/03/2002 8:30:53pm  Name:  Don Minnish  E-mail: Location:  Goldsboro, N.C.
Comments:  I was at Danang from June 66- June 67 in 37th air rescue squadron. CrewChief on the good ole HU-16 sea plane, before the Jolly Green helicopters got there. Any old rescue troops,please feel free to write or e-mail me. Also spent a year at TSN in Saigon (NO, not HoChie mien City!!!!!) where I worked on EC-47P's (big secret at the time). Would like to hear from any of those guys also. Especially SSgt Bumgardner, who took our mascot Scab back to the states with him. Great site, with great pictures...Keep up the good work!  
 Saturday 03/02/2002 10:16:22pm  Name:  HL Hartford  E-mail: Location: Sarasota, Florida
Comments: How can one put it into words, what you have all done here. What a wonderful things. My dog could not say, but in some way i knew. For all of your time and hard work, all i can say from the deepest part of ours hearts, THANK YOU, WAR DOG, Thank you one and all and may God Bless. Tiki & HL
Friday 03/01/2002 1:02:05pm  Name:  Kenny Hicks  E-mail: Location:  Kingsport Tn
Comments:You have a great site and I admire what your doing. I'm an Marine Corp Grunt from the 80's served a year in Beriut in 83. I was wondering if you could tell me where I might find the picture you have on your home page of the soldier neeling down. I had a pocket size of it for 20 years and it's finially bit the dust and I come to find your web site while looking for a copy of it on the web. If you know where i might look and have the time to drop me a line i would appericiate it. Thank you
Friday 03/01/2002 8:36:24am  Name:  Wayne Gaskins 
Home Page: The Gaskins Family Home Page Location:  Roan Mountain, TN
Comments:  Welcome home brother! I was with the 2nd BN, 327th Inf., 101st Airborne Div., Delta Co. Vietnam 1/13/69 - 1/12/70. Check out the 101st 327th Inf. website at:
Wednesday 02/27/2002 11:13:23pm  Name:  Frank Laster, USMC Ret  E-mail:  Location:  Batesville, MS
Comments: I was in Viet Nam with the 1st Mar Div, in 1969. I'm looking for anyone who served with me. I stepped on a booby trap Nov 16,1969. Our platoon leader was 2nd Lt. Lee. Also would like to hear from anyone who remembers me from the Philadelphia Naval Hospital. You have a great sight; please keep up the good work. Semper Fi
Friday 02/22/2002 12:37:23am  Name:  Jack E. Hawley  E-mail: Location:  DaNang 11/67 - 06/69
Comments:  Just happened by and love your site. I was in DaNang from Novermber 67 through June 69 with DaNang Main (West) Security. We protected Naval installations on the west (downtown) side of the river including Bridge Cargo Complex, White Elephant, Officers Club, Museum Piers, Motor Pool, etc. Lived at Camp Carter near III MAF in Barracks 1 Cube 6. Trying to find old shipmates but only found 2 so far.
Wednesday 02/20/2002 11:00:19pm  Name:  Bill Blumer  E-mail: Location:  NSA Da Nang, Tien Shaw
Comments:  I was a Seabee for the utilities division of NSA Da Nang from Oct. '66 to May 1, 1968 headquartered at China Beach. I worked at the White Elephant mostly as a telephone operator. Also spent some time running wire up Monkey Mountain, down the Tien Shaw Peninsula and downtown Da Nang. I first lived on APA 237 (The Bexar - pronounced Bear) in the harbor then moved to 16-18 Bha Din in Da Nang and ended up at Tien Shaw in barracks 34 or 36. After extending my tour for 6 months, I was awarded a year on Adak, Alaska. That's what you get for volunteering (ha).
Sunday 02/03/2002 12:01:41am  Name:  John Miller E-mail: Location:  Kansas City Mo
Comments:  traveled all that territory plus marble mtn., hill 327, dogpatch, danang east, west, main. partied plenty at radar site on the monkey's back.landed danang aiport 1/69 departed 2/70. crashed at tien sha mostly. attached danang nsa china beach. out on the road alot in the shop some. got around! can do!  
Thursday 01/24/2002 2:21:53pm  Name:  Barbara Cox  E-mail: Location: AZ-USA
Comments: Thank You for sharing your courage, commitment, pride and dedication..I read your poetry and the one (I could have been) struck a nerve...Why would you have every thought about being less...You are a Hero! You have seen more, done more, and found what you are really made of! Good or Bad you found in yourself what some will live a life time and never know...You went, with the full knowledge that you might not come back and faced death head on with conviction...You have a pride so deep that years can not erase... You truly are one of American Best
Monday 01/07/2002 8:49:25am  Name:  Jim Wheeler  E-mail: Location:  Hamilton, Ohio
Comments:  Found this by accident. Really glad that I did. Welcome home brother. Glad to see that you are another scooter rider too. I was VP of Vietnam Vets M/C for about 5 yrs. I have many pics of 1st Mar Div HQ when they first landed at Chu Lai, as I was a part of that first group. Thanks...and I would look forward to any correspondence or other pictures. I miss my brothers....all of them.