Military Memories/ guestbook entries February 2000

Name: REYNOLDS B.D. FORMER SGT. ( Website: THE DESECRATION OF COUNTRIES! - From: STL. MO Time: 2000-02-27 15:48:04
Comments: SERVED IN SOUTHEAST ASIA/VIETNAM 66 - 69 1&3FR/SAR/MACVSOG -LRRP/CJAF/CO/OPS. - /TAD VEITNAM. Hoa binh den voi cac ban - "May you all find peace." Dedicated to Sgt Carl B Mellenger and Lt. Terrance Graves, Who Served Above And Beyhond The Call Of Duty. 

Name: Wiley Wesson From: Brooklyn Time: 2000-02-27 14:17:59
Comments: The memorial to the poeple that died at Bridge Ramp. Is there a way to contact Tom Dye? 

Name: Cheresa Clark From: Denver, Colorado Time: 2000-02-25 17:33:18
Comments: With the exception of my father, I am the only veteran in my family. Fortunately for both of us, we were able to serve during peaceful eras. It has been brought to my attention, however, that our goverment is about to turn its back on all of our POW/MIAs, and I am truly ashamed. I have read so many first hand accounts of what our courageous countrymen have done and sacrificed in the name of liberty, that I can't bear to let this issue rest with me. I am beginning my active involvement in the issue, and it is my eternal hope and prayer that we can finally bring them home, ALL OF THEM! Semper Fi! 

Name: Rosanna Gonzalez From: Dallas Time: 2000-02-24 22:15:04

Name: Bernie From: Sarver,Pa. Time: 2000-02-24 19:03:20
Comments: Would like to hear from anyone who served with NSA DaNang Security from October 1965 - October 1966. 

Name: David Sloan From: Atlanta GA Time: 2000-02-24 12:35:09
Comments: Thankyou for making a page like this I really enjoy things about the Vietnam War 

Name: Bob Turley From: Illinios Time: 2000-02-23 22:35:02
Comments: I love war dogs. I was a handler in vietnam. It was one of the best times in my life. I miss all my old buddies,but i have my own war dog to keep me company. He's a full blooded german shepard name bear. 

Name: bikrbabe Website: Freedom Fest From: Skidmore, Missouri Time: 2000-02-23 20:22:00
Comments: Freedom Fest is known as one of the finest family-oriented veterans events in the country. Veterans and their families come from all over the United States to get the 'welcome home' they didn't get when they returned from Vietnam. Skidmore is the smallest town in the nation to host The Moving Wall, and we have had it 3 different years. This year's event will be our 13th. The theme for Freedom Fest 2000 is "Captured Eagles", honoring our POW/MIA's. For more information check out our web page, or e-mail Carla at 

Name: H.A. From: Dallas, Tx Time: 2000-02-22 22:32:39
Comments: Seabees 1974 till 1978 NCBU 11/74 till 11/76 NCB 62 12/76 till 5/78 Diego Garcia 2/77 till 11/77 An EA and still a draftsman Puccetti Wood Products Oakland, Ca. 

Name: suzy From: holland, mi Time: 2000-02-21 16:54:01
Comments: fantastic pictures from fantastic people. just another tragedy of the war. there were too many. bless you guys and gals and welcome home. please inform me ASAP if you served with B Troop 1/9 1st Air Cav. Div 67-68. Peace to all. Suzy 

Name: suzy From: holland, mi Time: 2000-02-21 15:08:49
Comments: I need to find anyone who remembers a crash on 2 Feb 68 carrying 5 men from B Troop, 1/9th, 1st Air Cav. Div. On board was Spec 5 Joseph Puggi. I have been searching for him or his remains for many years. Need to locate Ron Arsenault of same unit. Pilot. Last known address was Mineral Wells Tx. Also on board were pilot Don Burnham, Joe Pringle, Charles "Bud" Adkins, and Ken Patton. If you were with the "Blues" and went to crash site in May 68 to recover what little remains there were, (including one of Pringles dog tags), or know anything at all about these men, please, please contact me ASAP!!! The crash occured from a flight (huey) from Camp Evans, destination Chu Lai. The other chopper flown by William (Bill) L. Clark arrived without incident. Burnhams crashed on the top of the penninsula about 12 miles N. of Da Nang. Gov't can't seem to find the correct coordinance. Thank you for your help. lest we forget....Suzy 

Name: Cassandra Putman From: Payne, OH Time: 2000-02-20 20:45:36
Comments: Im am college student and an ROTC cadet. I am doing a paper about the lack of patriotism people my age have. I was just surfing for info on some war related websites and happen to run across this one. I believe the bad wrap the Vietnam War received caused many people to loss respect and faith in their country. If even a small percent of the troops who are still thought to be held captive in Vietnam were returned home, I believe a new light could be shed on this "national disgrace." 

Name: mickfrank Website: Franks,s place From: North Dakota Time: 2000-02-20 16:14:24
Comments: My name is frank,I live in North Dakota.I am suffering from Agent Orange Exposure.Last year I lost my Prostate and Right kidney to Cancer.They were removed at the VA Hospitol in St.Paul,Mn.I am also 100%for PTSD.I am really having a hard time.I keep myself locked up in my bunker,and want no communication with anyone in my community.I know that my life is getting shorter and shorter and I am afraid.I sure would like to speak to a vet who knows my problems. 

Name: James From: Australia Time: 2000-02-16 04:23:26
Comments: The brave men who fought for freedom in Vietnam should have been and still should be treated with respect. Every one of them is a hero. 

Name: Cheryl Sproat Website: Freedom Fest From: Skidmore, Missouri Time: 2000-02-15 17:50:53
Comments: Freedom Fest is a "Welcome Home" to all veterans that is held each year in Skidmore, Missouri. This will be our 13th year. The dates are September 8,9, and 10. This year we will be honoring the POW/MIA's. Our Theme is "Captured Eagles. In past years we have had as our guests, Sammy L. Davis, CMH, Col. Tom McKenney, Earl and Patty Hopper, Adrian Cronaur, Danny "Greasy" Belcher, Rev. John Steer, and a host of others. This is one of the finest family oriented veterans events in the country. Here the veterans get the 'welcome home' they so richly deserve. If we help just one veteran, then our entire event is a success. Also, Skidmore is the smallest community in the nation to host The Moving Wall, and we have been honored to have had it in our community three different years. For more information, please log on to the Freedom Fest Web Site. 

Name: Donald R. Grace 217 S. Wayne Ave Cinti Ohio 45215 From: Cincinnati, Ohio 45215 Time: 2000-02-14 13:06:42
Comments: I was with 2/5 Marines Fox Operation Tuscaloosa where I was hit went to charly med then went to great lakes. I am trying to find marines who were left 1967 Jan. There was an operation where I lost most of my friend called coalminds if you know are were there pleas e-mail are call 513 761 4342 thank you. 

Name: Bob Bickelman From: Delaware Time: 2000-02-12 14:23:10
Comments: looking for guys who were in Vietnam Feb 67-Mar 68. stationed with 11th Engineers A Company stationed @ Dong Ha. lookin to find old buddies and shoot the breeze! 

Name: Stacey Rose Ellis From: California Time: 2000-02-11 23:33:01
Comments: Just reading stories in honor of my beloved friend Ron Duffy who just died 1/13/00 and was a Marine and told many good stories and often cried when he told them to me. Stacey 

Name: ROBERT MCNEICE From: LAKE VILLAGE, AR71653 Time: 2000-02-11 20:49:56

Name: Marie N. From: Albuquerque,New Mexico Time: 2000-02-10 10:02:49
Comments: I really enjoyed the pictures. It showed alot of children in the streets without food and that touched me. I also liked the graphics of the soilder by the water and what was printed under it. I plan to come back again. 

Name: Michael D. Murphy From: Grand Rapids, MI Time: 2000-02-09 08:21:46
Comments: Michael D. Murphy Sgt. E4 USAF 391st. Tactical Fighter Squadron, Cam Rahn Bay 1966,67 

Name: Keri Bischke From: Calgary Time: 2000-02-08 18:46:55
Comments: Hi! This site is very neat gave a wide range of info to me i really enjoyed the story about war dogs i do belive they should get honored like brave men who fight for there country.Thanxs for rembering them and the brave soliders who fight for the countries. Keri 

Name: C/SFC.Bobby Knowles From: Missouri Time: 2000-02-08 15:06:12
Comments: This is a great website and it's a damn shame what our nation did to the vets. Thanks. C/SFC.Knowles 

Name: Rhonda Jenschke Bodnar From: Pittsburgh PA. Time: 2000-02-07 16:58:46
Comments: I salute all of you veterans. My dad was in Vietnam in 66-67. He was a Staff Sargent assigned to IV Corp Advisor Team 53. Dad made it home only to be killed in a military accident. My sister and I never got to talk to dad about his service days. I was six and my sister was two when dad returned home. Gretchen and I watch all of the documentaries about the Vietnam war that are put on The Discovery, PBS and The Learning Chanel. So that we can understand what dad and the rest of you Veterans went through while you were there. There is a documentary tonight on The Learning Chanel about the women soldiers that went over there. It's on at 9:00 PM Eastern Standard Time. God Bless You All!!!! and Thank You for your sacrifices that you endured so children like my sister and I could growup up if a free country. God's Blessings, Rhonda Jenschke Bodnar Gretchen Jenschke Tullier 

Name: Mike Dingwell From: Flagstaff, Arizona Time: 2000-02-07 13:26:56
Comments: On the 9th of July, 1967, I lost my right leg from a recoiless rifle, while riding on the back or an APC. Just thought I'd drop in and sign your guestbook. 

Name: Joy Johnson From: Minnesota Time: 2000-02-06 20:40:45
Comments: The effort you put forth with pages like these are to be commended! I have finally found an issue I really believe in and I'm looking forward to becoming more active within it. Keep up the good work, and may we never forget those who are still struggling for their country. thanks, Joy 

Name: Stephen Paul Roberts From: Ashland Ohio Time: 2000-02-06 10:50:18
Comments: Interested in hearing from other vets that were in Vietnam from April 1970-January 21, 1971.... in: 3rd CAG CAP 3-2-5 or... 1st. Plt. 1st. Bn. 1st. Marines 

Name: medic_wade Website: My saving private ryan homepage From: Denmark Time: 2000-02-05 21:41:14
Comments: Hello, I was wondering if I might be able to add the image of the soldier and his refelction to my page. if so would you please e-mail me. I would be happy to put a link to your page from it on my page. BTW kool page 

Name: Steve Franklin From: Charleston,IL Time: 2000-02-03 16:53:32
Comments: I served in VietNam in the Army 4th Division from July 1969 to July 1970. I was stationed mostly in the Central Highlands. I would enjoy hearing from any guys from my company, especially Lloyd Gore or Mitch Troyer. We may have all lost touch but I have not forgotten. 

Name: Micheal N. Doles From: Wood River, Illinois Time: 2000-02-02 15:20:44
Comments: Would like to hear from anyone that I served with in 1967 in the 212 military police or who recall "Printz" the police dog. Please send memories to my e-mail address. Thanks, Mike N. Doles 

Name: A1C Carla Nesseth From: Tinker AFB, OK Time: 2000-02-02 02:55:06
Comments: The sacrifices that these men and women have made (POW/MIA) are tremendous and may the cost of freedom never be taken for granted. You are not forgotten! 

Name: R and K Nichols From: California Time: 2000-02-01 15:28:10
Comments: We want to offer a special prayer for all of our brotheres and sisters in the military. We will be eternally greatfull to you and you are ALL our heros. Today is the second annual POW/MIA rememberance day, so let us all say a preayer for them and their families today. Please mark this day on your calendars so that it will be a day of honor every year. Let us all do what we can to help them. It is beacuse of your ervice that we have the freedom to do so. THANK YOU AND WELCOME HOME 

Name: Sandra Guy From: Georgia Time: 2000-02-01 08:46:01
Comments: I found this site through Yahoo. this is a beautiful site everyone should visit I'am the widow of vietnam veteran 3yrs now. my husband p :-) ed away from service connected agent orange. he served at Da Nang Air Base he was an aircraft mechanic. I pay my respects to all the Vietnam Veterans they are all Angels in my eyes and never should be forgotten. My husband is buried at Andersonville National Cementary when you walk through there you really open your eyes so many are gone. For My Husband I will always love you Your wife Sandra