Military Memories/ guestbook entries Sept., Aug. July 2000

Monday 09/25/2000 10:56:10am  Name:  James Bickett E-mail: Location: Kentucky USA  
Comments: I was in vietnam thru 67&68 Tet offensive Danang w/1st MAD, MAG14 AC/Maintenance ,Structural Mech.We drew fire from small arms, mortar,
and 120 rockets almost every week.V.C. were everywhere, one gave me a hair cut once a month till he was killed one night wearing black pajamas.Some of the
guys I knew were Terry Bowen, Buck Nutt, who liked to play poker, Gunny Sgt. Rohdes(Dusty) who ran day shift.He had me on night shift with a Lnc/cpl from NY
...forgot his name but he got high one nite spraying inside a C117D and I had to pull him out of the :-) pit..
Wednesday 09/13/2000 1:42:22am  Name: Lucien L. Carter Jr  E-mail: Location:  Gorham, Maine
Comments:  I was with the 101st Abn. Alpha Co 1st 501st Inf.March 68 to May 69.
I look up at the sky and I see the wall,
the names are the stars on a black back-
ground and like the wall, when it rains
the stars disappear, but they alwas
break cover, like the names on the wall.
By me 97
Friday 09/01/2000 5:31:23am
  Name: Odis C. Lester, Jr  E-mail: Location: Nacogdoches Texas
Comments: A comfort to know the tale will be told and recorded by those who where there.
From someone who served with 1st Signal Brigade, CSEMA Agency April 1969 - March 1970.
Thursday 08/24/2000 1:32:20pm  Name:  Ta^n Thanh Huynh  E-Mail: Location: Sunny Vale California
Comments: First I would like to thank who served and fighted for freedom at my country. Second I was born at the town where you served :Danang,1965.
I' very homesick when I saw the pics on your h/p.Hopefully one day we can go back there without the red satan communist.Don't ever believe them!
p/s: The name you wrote: Tien Sha is wrong .It 's :Tien sa(no "h").Great page ,keep go on & let people on the world know what the true of Vietnam War.One again Thank so much.
Thursday 08/24/2000 12:59:39am
  Name:  Keith Stanton  E-mail: UTBuff Location: Florida by way of NJ and Michigan
Comments: B52 Crew Chief,307th SW,U-Tapao,Thailand. 1971-72. Great site, thanks
Wednesday 08/16/2000 10:31:20pm  Name:  George Haynes E-mail: Location:  Dyersburg Tn
Comments: I served two years in vietnam all up and down QL1. I was in tuy way ni trang, da nang, hue, quin youn, some of these places i can,t spell right. I would like to here from some
of the guys that served with me.I was in the 39th combat eng.1967,68,69.If any one knows of John Russito from around boston area get in touch with me most of the men knew me by the
 nickname of Tennessee. My e-mail address is
Friday 08/11/2000 5:54:16pm  Name:  Dave W. Reeves, EOC, USN-Ret E-mail: Location:  Placerville, California
Comments: Hi - I was in Camp Haskins/North at Red Beach from July 15, 1968 to March 1968 with MCB 22. I was on detachment up in Vin Dia on the Z inland from Dong Ha about 25 miles from Nov 68 to March 69, when I flew back to Da Nang,Camp Haskins for flight to the world and round eyes. I was an EO1 at this time. Spent a total of 37 years in the Bees, with a total of 5/6 years on active duty. I served w/ MCB 4, COMCBLANT/Davisville, RMCB 22, MCB 22, RMCB 16, PHIBCB 1, PWCGUAM, and 31st NCR/Port Hueneme. I am now retired from both Seabees and civilian work. It looks like I was at Red Beach at the same time you were there. Your picture from that time looks familiar.
I live in Northern California about half way between Sacramento and Lake Tahoe. About one hour by car to Tahoe, in fact my wife and I ski a lot only abour 45 min. from home at an area overlooking Tahoe. This is Gods Country. I have been in all but 5 of the 50 states and this is one of the most beautiful areas.If you have time to write please do.Sincerely Dave W. Reeves, EOC, USN-Ret,
Monday 08/07/2000 8:28:14pm  Name:  Carol Palmer - Lengyel  E-mail Location:  Port Hueneme California Home of the Pacific Seabees
Comments: My father was a Seabee in Vietnam from 1965 - 1970 (SW1 Nesby "Chick" Palmer). I work in the dental clinic at CBC Port Hueneme and want to display some of my fathers photos from construction jobs that he worked on while in Vietnam. The only trouble is he passed away and I can't name the different job sites. I think many of them were in Danang at Camp Hoover. If there is anyone out there that might be able to help me identify some of the locations, I would be very grateful. I have a scanner and could can them to you.
Thank you for your reply and your participation in the Vietman War.Carol Palmer Lengyel
Thursday 07/27/2000 3:07:58pm    Name: Dave Fossum  E-mail: Location:  Riverside, Ca, formerly Anaheim, Ca
Great website.- Was a Corpsman at NSA Station Hospital, 8/68-8/69. Worked X-ray. Sent there from USNH Long Beach with several other Corpsman. Would like to hear from any of you who were at the Hospital. I was sent to Little Creek, Va after, to finish my hitch.Lost touch with all I knew at DaNang or in Long Beach.It has been 32 years, but it feels like last week.
Tuesday 07/25/2000 9:27:14am
  Name: Harvey Butler  E-mail: ocation: Virginia but live in Florida
Comments: The site is great. I was in Danang part of 1969 then moved North to Quang Tri. I can't remember some of the people. Really bad when I left. Agent Orange and everything now. I pray all the Veterans get the compensation they deserve and the just rewards. If anyone has any advice on the testing they are doing mnow on Agent Orange let me know. NMCB4 Battalion. Great Lakes Naval Trainging in 1965. D.L. Ross the Commander. Anyone there then? I wish I could meet someone I knew. I am retired from the ministry now. Life changes so very much. I knew a guy named "Duke" and another named "Hemphill." Thanks for the site here. Take care.
Thursday 07/20/2000 6:54:47pm  NAME: Anthony L. Crawley  E-mail: Location: Union City, CA 
Monday 07/17/2000 5:41:44pm
  Name:  Meraldo Arroyo Pagan  E-mail:  map@aaic  Location: Yabucoa, Puerto Rico
Comments: My base camp was in Hue, Phu Bai. But I,remember that in a three day pass I went to Danang, also China Beach this
beach it's so beatiful. That was in 68, I also see the RED CROSS hospital ship.