Military Memories/ guestbook entries Feb, March, April 1999

Name: Rick Cummins Time: 1999-04-30 03:10:01
Comments: I was at DaNang, 366th SPS from 7/69 - 1/70 ... Then I got moved south to Bien Hoa, 3rd SPS from 1/70 - 12/70. At least they let me out for xmas. I wished I stayed in Rocket City. Good luck to all of you....nice web site.

Name: Vinnie Ciano From: Long Island Time: 1999-04-28 12:55:45
Comments: Formally with the MACV

Name: Richard Ferguson From: No.Brookfield Ma. Time: 1999-04-28 03:55:22
Comments: Nice job, site is very interesting. Served in Tuy Hoa, 577th Eng. A co. 1967-68.

Name: STEVE BAZZINI From: PACIFICA, CALIFORNIA Time: 1999-04-22 21:11:04

Name: TOM BAKER From: ARKANSAS CITY KS Time: 1999-04-21 03:39:14

Name: Norman D Hall From: Right now, Georgia Time: 1999-04-20 23:35:29
Comments: Semper Fi! 1968-1988, and now retired 1stSgt Vietnam 1969-1971: 9th Engineer Battalian, ChuLai in 1969 Fox Company 2ndBattalian, 1stMarines late 70-71. 'A long time ago, but not far away'

Name: Monty Lee Slough From: Lewisville, Texas Time: 1999-04-17 17:20:49
Comments: Just wanted to say, THANKS. As a combat veteran it makes me feel good to know we all have and will never forget our brothers and sisters. And ourselves , as we travel this road of the rest of our lives. These are truly the most important momemts of our lives and the worlds, even if it didn't want to except it at the time. It's history not to be ever forgotten in our or the worlds lifetime. Thanks again!!! Sgt. Monty L. Slough, 63rd. I.P.C.T, Americal Div., Mine Dog Team, Viet Nam-70-71,CHU-LAI,RVN

Name: Jim Webster From: Clinton, MA Time: 1999-04-14 22:58:46
Comments: Thanks for the pix. Seems like old times. Was with USN coastal surveillance center Danang 1967-68.

Name: Adron From: Merritt Island Fl Time: 1999-04-11 19:46:13
Comments: Goober Nolan here. 1st Marines 5th Marines Tanks, Attached 1/27, 2/27, 3/27. 68 Tet Jan 68-Sept 68 looking for- McCalup, Wetzel, Sgt Dickson from Calif and Cpl Fowler from Calif. Anybody in Bravo Company 5th Tanks at the same time. Contact me I would like to hear from my old brothers

Name: frank lisaek From: philadelphia now in san diego Time: 1999-04-10 02:42:33
Comments: i served at nsa cam tien sha from 6-65 until 7-66a time in my life i will never forgeti was only 19 years old,,,seeing these pictures sure took me back...thank you for this site

Name: Bob Powers From: West Point, Georgia Time: 1999-04-06 20:36:24
Comments: Great Site. I served 'in-country' from August of '69 to October of '70. First, I did a tour unloading cargo at Deep Water Piers, DaNang. After the I Corps Marines went home in November of '69, I was sent south and did a gig with PBR Mobile Base II in the Delta. I need some help. I can't remember the name of the Air Base that I left the states from in route to DaNang. It wasn't Travis, it was another Air Force Base in California. If anyone knows the name of the base (For DaNang bound servicemen) email me and let me know. Thanks

Name: Hugh Summers From: Columbus, Georgia Time: 1999-04-05 18:39:26
Comments: I am an Air Force Master Sergeant Retired (Medical Services). Two tours in "Indo China" June 66-January 68 and June 74-July 74. I like what I see on the homepage. Please let me hear from some of you.

Name: Phillip Mc George From: Marion,Ohio Time: 1999-03-31 23:33:42
Comments: I was at Phu Cat AFB my dog was Smokey (Flop) Oct 3 1969 Oct 5 1970

Name: ssg. mervin j. libby From: florida now colo Time: 1999-03-31 16:59:18
Comments: 1970 served with macv sog [soa] ccn , rt asp, rt alaska

Name: Jim Carroll From: Shirley, New York Time: 1999-03-26 07:11:21
Comments: I served with 1/26 Marines in Nam in 1966 and I have been convinced for years that John McCain was brainwashed by North Vietnam

Name: Jerry Wyrick Time: 1999-03-25 18:50:14
Comments: HI, I'm not a vietnam vet but i was pretty close, i was stationed in the navy in the P.I. from sept. 65 till 67. I just want you and all vietnam vets to know that i appriciate what you did for your country. Sincerely, Jerry Wyrick

Name: Joe Hafey From: Michigan Time: 1999-03-22 15:22:51
Comments: I think this is a good page, dedicated to the memories of soldiers who helped make this country. Not the *%$*$*$*^ who tried to destroy it during this time. (The War Critics)

Name: Lou Pastore From: New York Time: 1999-03-21 14:29:58
Comments: just looking for anyone from 56th supply or 855th supply,DaNang 69-70- glad we made it back guys

Name: ramon ugarte hm2 From: phoenix, az (originally laredo,texas) Time: 1999-03-21 03:30:36
Comments: served with 3rd 175mm gun battery, alpha platoon, ist mardiv 1969

Name: Rick LeDoux From: North Beach, Maryland Time: 1999-03-20 00:02:39
Comments: I served in Vietnam from July 67 to April 69. I was first assigned to communication at the White Elephant in Danang, then at the new Triangle Com station. I was only there for a few months. Next I and 2 other guys started up a new MARS station on Monkey Mountain, at MACS-4. I was there for the remainder of my tour. The stations Call sign was N0EFS, and we called our first dog the same, although we pronounced it Nofus. He was like a miniature German Shepard. I would like to hear from anyone stationed at MACS-4 or from the Comm Centers at that time. I would also like to thank the Seabees who got us all the lumber and other supplies that we used to build our station. Wish I remembered you names. Thanks again. Rick LeDoux

Name: JOHN YOUNGERMAN From: MIAMI ,FLORIDA Time: 1999-03-18 00:53:56

Name: Steve Shannon From: Long Island, NY Time: 1999-03-17 23:31:02
Comments: I served in Qui Nhon from 10/68 to 11/69. I was assigned to the 5th HQ-TC. I was a food inspector in the harbor on the refridgerator ship. I saw the Canine Units a few times when they would search the piers for explosives which were planted by Charlie. God Bless all of you! Welcome Home!

Name: Dana Website: War Heros From: United States Of America Time: 1999-03-14 03:40:48
Comments: God bless all the people who served to keep our nation free! Thank you for protecting our liberty and pursuit of happiness. My heart aches for all the canines who were destroyed after protecting our men. Let this never happen again!!! Those who do not remember history are doomed to repeat it...Too bad we cant hold someone accountable for the decision to abandon the canine heros who survived enemy fire only to be destroyed by politics. May God forgive us for our actions...To all the vets who made it home, we are glad you are back!!! To ALL the people who served, Thank you for giving us your most precious gift of yourself...May history never repeat itself...Respectfully yours... Dana

Name: Herk Randall From: Brandon, FL Time: 1999-03-12 14:40:44
Comments: Was at 620 Tac Control Sq - Monkey Mt from 1969-1970. Aslo spent some time at Det 11 619 Tac Control Sq - Hon Tre Island in the summer of 1968. Your pictures sure brought back memories. Especially Boom Boom Rock. Used to walk up the Mt and sit on the rock and watch spooky work out over Marble Mt. It was an awesome sight

Name: Andrew C Zuniga From: San Antonio,Tx Time: 1999-03-12 01:14:04
Comments: Any body out there from '69-'70 with US Navy K-9 in Danang? We were stationed at 80th Group. Remember the good times we had at the beach. Looking for Craig Pottinger from Arizona. E-mail me. Andy Zuniga, my dog's name was Patches

Name: Garland E. Smith Website: U.S.Corps of Engineers, Rock Island, Ill From: Rock Island Arsenal Time: 1999-03-11 22:31:36
Comments: I was in "A" CO,15th TC,1st CAV in ANKEE in 1966/67 also in Phan thiet and Plekuh in 1970/71 The 228 Aviation Co. was right across the field from us at Ankee. anybody out there?

Name: Bruce Romaine WebsiteFrom: Kevil, Kentucky Time: 1999-03-09 04:39:34
Comments: I served with H.Q. 1st Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division at Dia Loc north of DA Nang from March 1970 thru February 1971. I spent my last month in Nam with the 1st Medical Battalion. I feel I was extremely fortunate that during the time I was on tour in Nam, my father was station in the Air Force at NKP Thailand. When he flew in to Da Nang occasionly, he would call me on the field phone to see how I was doing and we would express our love for each other. Those are the moments in Nam I'll never forget. But my heart went out to my mother the most, because while her husband and oldest son were away in a hostile country, not knowing if she would ever see either one of us again, she stayed home caring for my two younger sisters, and brother while patiently awaiting for her husband and oldest child to come home. Mom, I salute you for being the toughest soldier I know. This salute is to every mother and wife that had a husband or son who served in the military. God Bless All Of You!

Name: Arne Hellstrom From: Hanover Pa Time: 1999-03-09 00:05:46
Comments: Served with MCB 12 Camp Adenoir Danang RVN 1968-69 MCB 121 Camp Haskins Danang RVN

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: bob johnston Website: bob johnstons page From: Pittsburgh, Pa. Time: 1999-03-07 13:01:23
Comments: Hello, Served with US Naval Support Activity based in Da Nang from 64-68, LCM-8 lighterage. We were the first group that used camp Ten Sha...what a mess. Most of the last two years were spent on costal ops, hauling cargo on the rivers north of Da Nang. Appreciate the pictures, wish I had at least some of mine from the early years. Bob

Name: mike duffy From: winona mn. Time: 1999-03-06 00:57:21
Comments: I am the chairman of our Viet Nam memorial committe, We will be dedicating a large multi-colored granite monument to our Viet Nam Veterans on 4 July 1999. The freedom flyers will be here for the dedication and my entire committee is exited.

Name: Brent R. Sonnier From: Texas Time: 1999-03-03 22:57:28
Comments: As a military member 29 years of age I find it hard to imagine what the vietnam experience was like. From the photos and documentaries I have seen it appears to be something of a magnitude unimaginable. I have always been somewhat of a patriot, my father served in the U.S. Marine Corps and also with the U.S. Army. I would like to salute you and all the men who fought for the ideals of our great nation. I thank you sincerely.

Name: jay burman From: snoqualmie WA Time: 1999-03-03 22:37:33
Comments: us army vet Pleiku Vietnam, 2nd squadron/ 1st Cavalry, 1967-1968

Name: J.T. Mc Namara From: Chicago Time: 1999-03-02 06:45:22
Comments: Was on Monkey Mountain in Da Nang with AFVN in 72-73.Our group was one of the last to leave the area after the cease fire went into effect.Your pictures brought back many memories.Would like to see our site now. Thanks

Name: michael calisatro From: minneapolis,mn Time: 1999-02-28 17:42:41
Comments: 1967 to 1968 I was a U.S.Navy CORPSMAN with the First MARINES Da Nang , Phu Bai. SEMPER FI AND WELCOME BACK.

Name: Frank Reyes From: West Covina ,Cal. Time: 1999-02-28 03:15:09
Comments: I served (3) tours in viet nam two with 14 A detach. 5th Special forces.The last tours was with 49th S.O.G. 10 Grp. In Quang TRi province and down in the delta of course,but then again who didn't served down there,We got to travel alot,cambodia ,laos.All over south east asia. We will remember one thing about viet nam,the people,the friends we made, the good friends we loved and lost.they of course will always remain in our hearts and minds,and always in our prayers.Finally to all who served in the nam, welcome home.

Name: Andrès S. Moreno Arreche From: Bethesda, Maryland - Wash.D.C. Time: 1999-02-27 23:41:59
Comments: Between 1971-73 I was a soldier in a 38th Scout Dogs ... I'm proud to my "gun-brothers" ... And I proud to all latino's soldiers in VietNam war: body and blood in many battles.

Name: David HIGUERA From: San Jose, Ca. Time: 1999-02-26 04:15:34
Comments: I served with 2/5 1st mar. div. 67-68-69 in an hoa,hue city Would like to hear from my old buddies that where their. Weapons plt. or the 3rd heard! SEMPER FI

Name: patrick gooch From: newton tx Time: 1999-02-26 01:25:17
Comments: i had a brother (calvin gooch) who died may 11, 1968. he was with 1st battalion (mechanized) 50th infantry. i would like to find someone who was with him at the time of death. thanks for any help pat gooch

Name: jim shanahan From: wallingford ct Time: 1999-02-25 23:29:57
Comments: served in macs 4 monkey mountain sept 68 july 69 mt section.

Name: PETE CLARK From: Hanford, CA Time: 1999-02-25 21:04:55

Name: B. L. Stubblefield ~Stubblefield Family & Friends Time: 1999-02-25 11:38:01
Comments: Greetings to one and all. Just wanted to say hello. I'm so happy to get to write; Soldiers are special but they never get to know that because they are to busy being soldiers. Your all very special ~ Thank you.

Name: Wm. H. Revell From: Champaign, Illinois Time: 1999-02-23 22:05:53
Comments: I was in Air Force Security, stationed at DaNang 1966-67. We had K-9 security with us a lot. I have a lot of respect for those dogs. They sure make you feel safe just with their presence. We were in a morter/rocket attack (estimated 132 rockets in on us in 30 seconds), in the "bomb-dump" area, which was right along side the runways. "Charlie", was trying to hit the runways, (I don't think he knew about the bomb-dump area at the time), I was in a corner bunker (approx. 500 feet from the napaum storage), when all hell broke loose. There was also a 3 man security patrol in a jeep stopped at my post when things started happening. All of a sudden, in a two man bunker, I had the patrol (3 men), 2 K-9 handlers (with K-9's), and me! By the way, the K-9's alerted us and beat all of us into the bunker. We took a look at the dogs during the attack and I remember one of them so well, laying there with his front feet crossed over the top of his head as if to protect it. I will never forget that. The next morning clean-up, found three (3) "dud" rockets, stuck in the ground about 10 feet of the napaum. After that, I thanked God and the K-9's.

Name: Dave Ziemke Website: LZ Hope...Home for the Veteran in Trasition From: Grand Rapids, Minnesota
Time: 1999-02-21 21:59:41 Comments: Bob...............:O) Without the great dedication you have given this Powerfull Web Site, We the Veterans and also your other visitors would not get the knowledge and education so greatly needed to understand our Brothers and Sisters that gave so much for our Great Country. God Bless you in all your adventures in this life. Thank you so much for all the help you give others, it comes from your heart, that is very obvious. WELCOME HOME BROTHER !!

Name: Jim Claeys From: Akron, Ohio Time: 1999-02-21 01:54:09
Comments: Real nice website....I was with 4th Inf Div (6/29 Arty & 3/8 Inf) in Pleiku-An Khe-Bong Son & surrounding bush as anFO in 1969-70. WANTED: Audiotapes of Vietnam radio traffic, fire missions, firefights, incoming, cockpit tapes, etc. Also Vietnam home movies on video. Have MUCH of the same to trade. Thank you.

Name: Joe Boylan From: Pensacola, Florida Time: 1999-02-19 22:48:11
Comments: 69-71 Tay Nin Vietnam, 212MP Sentry Dog Handler

Name: pamela wells From: S.C Time: 1999-02-19 21:25:41
Comments: I lost my uncle bunyan durant price in vietnam, for years they have declaired him dead but no body has been found this is very painful to me , I believe he is still alive Does Anyone out there know any thing about him. home phone # is 803-222-8876.

Name: Mike From: Hudson valley Upstate NY Middletown Area Time: 1999-02-19 01:38:35
Comments: I just found the site and was impressed on it's substance and structure. Well done!! I saw the show the other night and it brought back some heartfelt memories of the days of the future past. I was in the USAF and was a sentry dog handler in SEA. Most of the time was Thailand I didn't see as much combat as most but all in all combat is combat no matter how long. I had a real tough dog named Rowdy and being with him for a long time we gave each other one present that kept us going. We adopted each other to care for each other and we trusted as well as depended on each other. Rowdy protected me every night as well as countless other GIs. As you all know we all had to return one way or another. When that day came I found rowdy and myself alone in the night on our post patroling at the ready. We had some exchanges that night nothing out of the usual but Rowdy was somewhat distanced from me . It was almost like he knew what was to happen. When we got back at the kennel we shared what was to be our last PBR and did he like it. I went to the back of the kennel and started to dig his final resting place. When it was completed I walked him into the vet office. Rowdy looked up at me as I placed him on the table He did not mAke a move nor did he put up a fight as I told him the story of the fields of ambrosia. Before I finished it was all over. My best friend was gone I felt like I betrayed him and never gave him his best. So Rowdy if you are watching over me as all teams never split I would like to say I'm sorry for what BIG Brother did and made us do to so many. Thank you for protecting me keeping me safe and seeing that I made it home. As I sat and watched the show misty eyed as I was and getting the time to write this has started to ease my pain. In closing I salute you for a job well done and the others of your breed.I thank god for all who made it home and I ask the lord to take the ones that did not into his home as the WAR DOGS stand ready for the next assignment. Welcome home and may God Bless=The Fish

Name: Andrew E. Papp From: Northeast Ohio Time: 1999-02-18 02:48:18
Comments: Bought some dog food last night and got a copy of the "War Dogs" video. Tore me up again. Those brave dogs should have been rotated out with their handlers. My hat is off, and my heart is out, to you former handlers out there. Those gallant dogs had an undying love, devotion, and commitment to duty. Things that the politicians don't have a clue about. The video is a shining example of the U.S. government's atrocity policy towards it's warriors. Be they human or animal, all are expendable to them. I can only urge everyone to support this memorial, it won't bring any back, but they won't be forgotten and if enough people get irate enough, it may keep it from happening again. Watching the video, I saw my own late sheperd's (Moose) face in the faces of alot of those dogs. What a great and grand bro he was. I miss him. To all you "Nammers" out there, WELCOME HOME. Hope you're getting by alright. SEMPER FI Andy Chu-Lai 65-66

Name: Marvin Harman From: Rock, Ks. Time: 1999-02-18 00:36:02
Comments: 1st Cav. 478 Avn.Co. (Heavy Lift) Danang '68

Name: Larry Anthony From: Lake Lotawana,Mo. Time: 1999-02-17 02:13:35
Comments: I was a scout dog handler in nam 69-70 41st.&43IPSD. Probably the hardest thing I ever did in my life was leaving my dog there.I got my dog from another handler who was rotating home and I know it was all he could do to leave that dog behind just like me,but I in turn turned Puddles over to another handler hopeing that if I couldn't have him maybe he could do that little magic he did so well and send another GI home safe and sound.Pud was a great friend and he sure saved my butt several times, hardly a day goes by I don't think of him,miss him and wish he was sitting here by my side.

Name: peter a weston From: santa ana , calif Time: 1999-02-16 07:16:16
Comments: served with 227th air cav 1st cav div sept 1970 thru sept 1971

Name: shelley From: Dallas Texas Time: 1999-02-16 07:13:41
Comments: Ijust got finished watching a doc. on television about war dogs, it touched me very much to see how the veterans cared about those special dogs and to see how much those men really thought of them as one of their best friends, it just goes to show that a "Dog is a mans best friend". Thanks

Name: Michael Denney From: Lawton,Ok Time: 1999-02-16 05:57:16
Comments: Saw War Dogs on the discovery channel was very moved by it . Was hoping to see more about them on ths page. Maybe just missed it.

Name: MATT From: CA Time: 1999-02-16 05:05:48
Comments: i just watched war dogs on discovery.i have only respect and am proud to be american because of you vietnam vets.our governments actions imbaress me to no end but your sacrifices keep my faith in america itself.thx again and WELCOME HOME!!!you are the true american heros!!! from a grateful desert storm vet AIRBORNE!!!

Name: Fred C. Heckart From: Florida Time: 1999-02-16 04:49:22
Comments: I have also just finished War Dogs, what can words say to even descibe my disgust at our Goverment. As these times continue to fly by and the facts are reaveled I believe its time to take a hard look at those elected and appointed because you can not believe this is not the kind of practice that continues even to this day just remember the thousands of MIAs and that should remind you!

Name: John Watson From: Maryland Time: 1999-02-16 04:34:18
Comments: I just finished watching War Dogs on the discovery channel. I am horrified at what the U.S. government did to those soldiers . How could they possible leave them behind. And why is there not a memorial in D.C. next to the wall already. The U.S. governmetn owes at least that to all those dogs that were left over there for no reason.

Name: Sgt. John Foster (Roscoe) From: Parkersburg, WV Time: 1999-02-16 04:32:21
Comments: Looking for SGT. STEVE GARCIA from San Antonio, Texas. 483rd. K-9 section /Cam Ranh Bay / Viet Nam, Republic of. Dog's name KING Looking for SGT.MARK ORMAN from Birmingham, Al. 483rd. K-9 section / same same above Dog's name BINGO

Name: jeffrey w. hill From: ohio chillicothe Time: 1999-02-16 04:20:50
Comments: just watched war dogs on discovery channel being an ex military dog handler myself am looking for fellow dog handlers and also about my two dogs i had in service usaf 72-74 stationed lackland afb medina afb carswell afb and anderson afb 73-74 anyone that can help be much appreciated contact

Name: Bobby Tanner From: Macon-Ga Time: 1999-02-16 04:19:05
Comments: I just finished watching "War Dogs" on the discovery channel and I was simply mortified by the thought of all those "soldiers" left behind!!! What the hell is wrong with this picture! Those dogs in my eyes were real heroes and AMERICAN soldiers-NOT equipment! From where I come from-YOU NEVER LEAVE A SOLDIER BEHIND! It's a discrace and down right WRONG!!

Name: vannessa g. From: hawaii Time: 1999-02-16 04:15:32
Comments: Just watched the Discovery channel on "WarDogs" I loved it! Tears were in my dog Star watched with me. She understood everything. Star would look at those dogs and then she would look at me as if she knew...she did in a way that those with "Old Souls" know. Thank you!

Name: Nathan Stanfield From: Amarillo, Texas Time: 1999-02-16 04:06:14
Comments: I have just viewed the show on the Descovery channel about the WAR DOGS of Vietnam. I brought back memories of the dogs the worked us with the 2/12 Cav. 1st Cav on Powederd Ridge and in Cambodia in 70 to 71. To these dogs and to their handlers I would like to salute you both for the lives that you saved I do agree there should be a memorial for you also side the one in DC for their human counter parts. Thank you for our lives

Name: Tom DePrimo From: ny Time: 1999-02-16 04:05:54
Comments: hey i'm glad to have found a page dedicated to the men who fought in Vietnam i know this is supposed to be the forgoten war but i'm a young man whom is very intrested in this war and why so many were forgoten during it we owe all the men and women who fought and serevd the biggest thanks but we r still forgetting one groupr the "war dogs " they save thousands. this was not there choice to be selfless servers but it is what they did and then they were left there lets do something to thank them Sencerly tom

Name: Jerry Lawson From: Virginia Time: 1999-02-16 01:35:42
Comments: AMSC (AC) USN RET Aircrew in C-130 in VN from 1965-1969

Name: Bernie Uhrinek From: Sarver , Pa Time: 1999-02-14 19:48:23
Comments: Served in the Danang area from November 1965 - November 1966 with tne NSA Security Division. Was at the White Elephant in Danang for about three months,then was at Monkey Mtn. and Camp Tien Sha. Want to hear from anyone who served with me. Lost a group picture of friends I served with. Would like to get another one if anyone has one I can duplicate.

Name: EDDY bUTLER From: Liberty, Texas Time: 1999-02-12 20:18:24
Comments: I was stationed at Danang ab with the 366 CES '69-'70. Looking for old friends. E-mail me

Name: Steve Heider From: Springfield Ohio Time: 1999-02-12 06:29:17
Comments: I served in viet nam with the 11th cav(BLACK HORSE) CTRP 1/11 FROM APRIL 1970 TO APRIL1971

Name: mark logan From: Utica, New York Time: 1999-02-11 02:45:15
Comments: i am looking to correspond with former vietnam war dog handlers . if you would like to contact me , please do so at: My compliments on a great website!!!!! Let's keep the dream alive!!!!!!!

Name: John R. Spires From: Los Angeles, California Time: 1999-02-10 01:06:35
Comments: Seawolves DaNang ' 68 -' 69 USS Kitty Hawk CVA 63 ' 69 - ' 70

Name: Ron Landon From: Moreland, Id Time: 1999-02-09 21:28:23
Comments: served in the red beach area from 68-69, some of the photos bring back some old memories. sgt ron landon usmc disabald

Name: Yvonne Castillo From: El Paso, Texas Time: 1999-02-08 20:45:20
Comments: This was a very nice dedication to those who served in the Vietnam War.

Name: Gil Rasmussen From: Wildomar CA Time: 1999-02-08 08:39:29
Comments: Served at Camp Tiensha, China Beach and Marble Mountain Hospital from Sept, 1968-69. Look forward to working my way through the photos. Thanks.

Name: Don Bach Website: Lost and Found, 366th TFW From: Connecticut
Time: 1999-02-07 12:38:00
Comments: Great site Great photos of Danang etc. All you ex "Gunfighters" visit my hompage Lost and Found, 366th TFW "GUNFIGHTERS"

Name: Charles L. Carlson From: Allendale, SC Time: 1999-02-07 02:09:01
Comments: Thanks for the memories! I was in Danang from November '67 to November "68. All my photos were lost and about this time of year, I begin to think back to those days. I can't wait to pass this along to Mop Tu Lu, one of fellow Seabees who I last saw in Danang in "68. Thanks a million from an old retired EOCS.

Name: David Farragut Rohde Time: 1999-02-05 11:07:57
Comments: Landed at DaNang in March of 65 with the BLSG. Enjoyed the pictures - brought back many memories Thanks for taking the time to share yours,. Semper Fi David F. Rohde (SGT 1902685/0441/3041/2111, USMC

Name: Bill Donaldson From: New York Time: 1999-02-05 02:27:26
Comments: I served on monkey mountain in 1970-1971,MACS-4.

Name: JOHN WILLIAM HURD From: Va., now, Ky. org. Time: 1999-02-04 19:46:06
Comments: I was with the 2/18th. 1 inf. divison, base was DIAN south Vietnam in 1-1-68 power to the vet.......

Name: Josh Mathis From: tulsa,ok Time: 1999-02-03 17:03:33
Comments: This is an excellent page that everyone can appreciate. Thanks for giving the well deserved honor.

Name: mike young & judy green From: pennsylvania Time: 1999-02-03 13:18:00
Comments: we are looking fore anyone who served with our brother, pfc william l young jr ( the old man ) served in danang from 3/67 to 2/6/68 died in quang nam province from head wound. was usmc & we think it was c company 1st battalion & was a chaplains helper. was released from hospital & died next day. if you have any info please e mail at