Military Memories/ guestbook entries May, June 1999

Name: rick rendon From: lamar co. Time: 1999-06-30 17:21:10
Comments: I was in viet nam with the marines 68-70. I like to look up buddies on the net if I can remember their names.

Name: Sandy From: Ponte Vedra, Florida Time: 1999-06-30 08:05:25
Comments: Thank you for your web page. During the Vietnam war (1967) I was just starting college and raising a baby. Nights after work I would sit at his highchair serving his first taste of babyfood, while the local channel brought the daily war film into the living room. I still remember the scenes--horrible even in black and white. I know I can't understand how it's possible to endure such hardship and suffering; however, I can tell you that then, as now, I am one of many, many Americans who is sincerely grateful for your bravery and honor. We prayed for you to survive and come home safely. I am sorry there are so many ways our country has failed to show you our pride in you and gratitude for your willingness to accept the call to fight for freedom. I pray that God who knows the true depth of your sacrifice will bless and keep you...and heal you...and forgive our nation for all the times you couldn't feel the support you deserve. And may He help us move "political mountains" to learn the truth regarding our POW/MIA's--that they should be found and return.

Name: kimberly anderson From: Birmingham, Al Time: 1999-06-29 02:18:55
Comments: Am 33 years old, so my memories of Vietnam are hazy at best. However, this part of our history has drawn me for years. I have a brother who is career army, husband is former naval aviator. Somehow through them, I am compelled to research this era. God bless.

Name: Margie Rexroth From: Geneseo, Illinois Time: 1999-06-22 18:14:53
Comments: I just recently became interested in the happenings of the Vietnam War. I suppose is is partly due to age. I realized that the stuff taught in the classrooms are nothing compared to what really happened. Why is it that the truth is never taught and the reason that we, as products of our education, are never taught how it must have felt to live such an event. I would like to commend you for what you are doing. You are not only helping those who fought by your side but you are educating the minds of the young who will never understand what it was like. I could not imagine what it must have been like for you family to deal with where you were on a daily basis. I could only begin to understand the fright and anticipation you must have felt with every dawning day. I would like to thank you for sharing your experiences with me. Take care of yourself and Keep faith with God, He was the only one who stood by your side 100% with what you went through... Margie Rexroth

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: Clayton L. Jeter From: Houston,Texas Time: 1999-06-17 02:58:12
Comments: Really a very nice page! I was stationed in ChuLai with Americal but made it to DaNang once by convoy to see the Bob Hope USO. show at Freedom Hill on Dec. 24, 1970. I can still see The "Shing-a-Lings" dancing on the heat! Mercy...those were the good ol' days. Any of you guys feel free to write me at any time...see ya, Clayton

Name: Angela Bennett From: Texas Time: 1999-06-14 03:59:29
Comments: My father was killed in Vietnam while stationed at DaNang AFB and I am always looking for people who knew him. His name was Steven L. Bennett, he was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor after he died. His call sign was Covey 87. Does anybody know the best way to find people in his unit? He flew OV-10's while he was there. Thank you!

Name: Sgt Bruce L. Tann From: Philadelphia, Pa. 19151 Time: 1999-06-14 02:43:32
Comments: This is one of the best sites going for Veteran of Viet Nam, I look forward to seeing more sites like this. I'am also intrested in gaining information on how to find buddies who I was in Nam with. Served from 1969 to 1970, First Infantry Division,2nd of the 28th Infantry, Black Lions of Cantigny. Dau Tiang, Lai Khe, Michelan Rubber Plantation, Song Bey Bridge, ect. Please respond?

Name: STEWART COOKE From: ENGLAND Time: 1999-06-13 20:02:15

Name: ron schindler Time: 1999-06-13 13:31:24
Comments: I'am a viet nam vet 1968-1969 and retired mgysgt. from usmc of 30 years

Name: Mike Helm From: Louisville, Ky. Time: 1999-06-12 15:34:51
Comments: I was with the 366th Tac fighter wing at gunfighter village west side. I was in fuels maintenance where the bombs bursted in air and the rockets were always red glare. I can never forget those loud blaring sirens, I hated the sound of them then and don't care for them now. April of 1972 was a bad time at that yard. I was glad to go home in June. God bless all veterans.

Name: Donald O. Helm, Jr. From: Louisville, Kentucky Time: 1999-06-12 15:20:09
Comments: Stationed at Quan Tri 1970 with A troop, 4th squad,12th armored cav, 5th infantry division mechanize. Lot's of memories that will never go away. I would like to know what ever happened to Sidney Asher , he was my gunner and a real American Hero.

Name: Jack Cleary From: Summerville,SC Time: 1999-06-09 16:09:41
Comments: I served in the Army from 1 July 1965 to 24 April 1972. I was in Vietnam from 27 Aug 68 to 15 Jan 69 at An Kke. I took advance party to Red Beach in DaNang with the 610th A/C Maint Co (GS) I left Vietnam in March 1969. I wonder if there are any of my buddies out there ?.

Name: Jerry Belle From: Livingston, Alabama Time: 1999-06-09 04:53:16
Comments: Stationed at Danang July 1970-71. Lost the best 3 friends I ever had July 5, 1971. They die in a barracks that was hit by an NVA Rocket. One hit 10ft in front of me. I survived and they didn't. I now suffer from PTSD from an explosion in a power plant where I was working. This brought back memories of that event July 5, 1971. Now, close friends are hard to find. Take care.

Name: Teresa Gaskins From: Florida Dept. of Veterans' Affairs--- hometown : Lake Butler, FL Time: 1999-06-08 14:44:33
Comments: I have not had the honor to be a VETERAN. My father is a Veteran of the Korean War and I serve Florida's Veterans through my job. I feel that our Veterans' deserve our respect and our protection.

Name: Thomas Allen From: Fullerton, California Time: 1999-06-08 05:09:08
Comments: Served as radioman on USS Cohoes (ANL-78) from 1967-1969. Looking for crew members...(there weren't many, it was a small ship!)

Name: Dennis Kreish Website: Kingsmen From: Detroit Michigan Time: 1999-06-07 21:04:15
Comments: Spent some time in DaNang at Red Beach. Picked up parts for our company, and had my first hamburger, fries in over 7 months and listened to the juke box while there. Spent a day after the Bob Hope X-mas Special in January 69 at MAG 11 at a marine barracks. Thanks for letting this Army guy use a rack for the night. "B" Company 101st Assault Helicopter, Camp Eagle. Kingsmen.

Name: Tom Foggy From: Australia Time: 1999-06-07 12:47:01
Comments: This site is really informative, thanks! TOM FOGGY

Name: JOHN J RIVERA From: TUCSON , ARIZONA Time: 1999-06-05 04:56:37
Comments: My tour of duty was with the Navy Seabee's form July 66 to Jan. 70. Naval Support Activity, MACV-Advisory Team # 4 and MCB-10. Location of tours was Da Nang , Quang Tri, A Shau valley and Phu Bai. Have lot's of interesting photo's and slide's concerning Vietnam.

Name: wendy johnson From: cape coral, fl Time: 1999-06-03 17:49:41
Comments: Glad to see a site that children can see and learn about the Vietnam War. Also to honor those who went there.

Name: Robert Schorr (RJ) From: Stillwater , Minnesota Time: 1999-06-03 17:07:08
Comments: I served in Danang at camp tien sha SCRF unit from 2/8 to 3/69 worked at the engine repair over hauling engines for mike boats.

Name: Lisa Marie Forster From: The Cleveland Area, Ohio Time: 1999-06-02 22:26:49
Comments: I hope the horror and devastation that took place in Vietnam, to our fighters, to our country, never occurs again. I could not imagine such a horrible experiance. May God watch over us to see that this doesn't happen again.

Name: Jim Scott From: Martinez, California Time: 1999-06-02 16:51:27
Comments: Spent time from 1968-1969 with NSA Danang, Was a RM2 (Navy) stationed at the "White Elephant" and "Triangle Communications Center

Name: Rafael Rivera From: Honduras Time: 1999-06-01 15:04:16
Comments: I have seen all my life Vietnam movies and documentaries,and it makes me sad to Know there are a lot of families who lost their loved ones.To those who lost their lives my deepest admiration and to their families my condolenses.

Name: Lonnie Roberts From: Houston Texas Time: 1999-06-01 06:55:53
Comments: I am currently in the US Air Force and am deeply ashamed at the way that our country has continued to turn thier backs to the needs of our veterans, both those that have deceased and those that are still in need of help. Not just those that are still missing but also those that have given such selfless dedication to our country and the people, some of these people are now serving in our "elected offices", I do not for the life of me understand how they can send our children off to some place to fight a "conflict" and then when they are in need turn their backs and expect everything to go on as "normal". If only we could get the people to understand that our veterans or as much a part of our history as the landmarks that we cherish so deeply.

Name: John R. Cline From: Oklahoma/California Time: 1999-06-01 03:25:46
Comments: Assigned to 10th Transportation, Long Binh 1971/72. Looking for other persons who were assigned here.

Name: Ray Heminover From: Henryetta,OK Time: 1999-05-28 19:12:24 Comments: My dogs name was "colonel" x893 First Scout Dog Platoon USMC Vietnam 1970-71

Name: PHILLIP E. RASNAKE From: FORT GAY, W. VA. Time: 1999-05-28 01:39:18
Comments: MAY GOD BLESS ALL VETS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU ! 1965 - 1969 BRING THEM ALL HOME!!!!!!!!!!!! I NOW LIVE IN HIALEAH, FLA. MY ADDRESS:::: 326 E. 18 ST. HIALEAH, FLA. 33010 MY PHONE # 1-305-885-0063

Name: Ron From: Columbus, GA Time: 1999-05-27 21:01:43
Comments: USMC Elephant Valley, Hill 55, etc. late '67, '68 and ealey '69.

Name: Ed Brannigan From: Old Bridge, N.J. Time: 1999-05-27 00:24:09
Comments: I was in Danang, April 1969 to April 1970. Station at Camp Tien Sha and SCRF. Did you know that there is a NSA Danang reunion this year. July 8-11, 1999 in Louisville, Kentucky. If your interested call Jerry Hubbs, reunion coordinator at 502-491-8794.

Name: Harley Henry From: Tallahassee, Florida Time: 1999-05-26 01:29:18
Comments: I am a Vietnam veteran. Danang, Fleet Air Support Unit, 71'-72', USN. Based on the USAF 15th Aeroport base in support of Navy carrier based aircraft. My brother Melvin was in the army air calvery in-country the same time as me, and our older brother, Dewey, was on support ships off shore. All of us came back ok. harley.

Name: herk randall From: brandon, florida Time: 1999-05-25 16:40:45
Comments: was at monkey mt may 69 - may 70

Name: Michael Gibbs Website: vfw post 844 From: Williamsport, Pa. 17701 Time: 1999-05-25 05:43:22
Comments: I'm a vet, who cares. I'm commander of the vfw post 844. and sr. vice commander of the district 15. and i would like to see all our boys accounted for?

Name: Jerry McDermid From: Angola, Indiana Time: 1999-05-24 21:01:58
Comments: As a U.S. History teacher, I'm always looking for new sites to make the past interesting to an ever increasing uninterested audience. Sad as it may be the youth of America seem too interested in the now rather than the recent past. Your site helps bridge the gap I look for in this profession. Thank you and keep updating as needed.

Name: Dave Williams From: Conroy, Iowa 52220 Time: 1999-05-24 05:19:26
Comments: I happened to think about my tour of duty in Nam from about mid '68 until Feb '70 and the time I spent working at the Camp Tien Sha post office. Also drove mail truck to the DMZ and back on a regular basis. I surfed on in and could not beleive that someone had a site on Tien Sha. Anybody else out there that served in the USNAVSUPPACT at Tien Sha? Your web site is great......

Name: scott raines From: Alabama Time: 1999-05-24 03:25:41
Comments: I am looking for the of my fathers paticipation in the vietnam war.He recieved the purple heart and two other metals for his actions.I would like to find out what they were for.His names is Greg Raines and I think he was Army inlisted.

Name: Mike Check From: Johnstown New York Time: 1999-05-23 02:27:14
Comments: Great sight I toured Nam 67 68 Qui Nhon area Depot rebuild mechanic 160th HEM Co. 86th Maint Batt The days were long the nights on guard were longer somehow we did it That was 30 years ago but I will never forget the people and places.

Name: Chuck Sanders From: Las Vegas, NV Time: 1999-05-23 00:13:48
Comments: To all that served as Infantryman and Scout Dog Handlers in combat. I wish you all the best and our greatest gratitude to those who never came back to know the true meaning of what their sacrifice was about. 24 years as an Infantryman(11B) has shown that we are capable of upholding what our nation stands for and sorry to say that it cost many lives to do so. Chuck Sanders, U.S.Army(Ret) 101st Abn. Div.

Name: Ed Oliver From: Gallup, NM Time: 1999-05-21 05:10:10
Comments: Met your crew in Window Rock, AZ this afternoon at the ceremony at the Navajo Veterans Memorial Park. Run For The Wall riders there also. Hope to see the baloon launch tomorrow a.m.

Name: charles faverty Website: MY Salute To All Veterans From: searcy, arkansas Time: 1999-05-20 23:04:56
Comments: I served in the army from May 1982 to May 1986. you have a real nice page to all of the veterans . I was just wondering where did you get the soilder at that kneeling over the water? I like it. And i would like to put one on my page .That is if it is ok with you ? keep up the good work .WE SHALL BRING HOME ALL OF THE POW/MIA THANK YOU

Name: Richard D. Tate From: Walla Walla, Washington Time: 1999-05-20 02:32:52
Comments: I served in the US Army, DaNang '68-'69. I was with the 156th HEM, 80th GP, 1st Log Com. Our company was situated at the base of Marble Mt. Are there any of you "Shade Trees" left out there?

Name: Harlan M. Singer From: South Florida Time: 1999-05-20 02:30:15
Comments: I served with the 620th Tac Control Sq. as a controller with the USAF on Monkey Mtn. from Sept. 70-71. I also served TDY as a "Life Guard" at China Beach for 90 days and then on my days off. Thanks for setting up this page.

Name: Charlie Gill From: Southern Indiana: Washington & Bloomington. Time: 1999-05-19 16:58:49
Comments: I am looking for the daughter of SGT. Cecil Smith, Washington, D.C. "Smitty" was killed in April 1970 on OP Legionnaire, just outside of LZ Hawk Hill. We were members of 2nd Squad, B Company, 2nd Battalion, 1st Infantry, 196 Light Infantry Brigade, Americal Division. Or Americal, 196th LIB, 2/1, B Company.

Name: John Carrow From: Wilmington,De Time: 1999-05-17 23:33:30
Comments: I served with CompanyA,1st Batt.,5th Marines,1st Marine Division.I am looking for an old friend called Blaze Bannik, also anyone else from my outfit.I can be reached at the above email.address or called at 302-998-9926.I was in Vietnam from 1/68 to 2/69

Name: Stephanie Stone From: Los Angeles Time: 1999-05-17 22:15:17
Comments: Dear Sirs/Madams, I have come across your web site and was excited by the photos. As a veteran I am presently serving on the L.A. Mayor's Advisory Committee on Military and Veterans Affairs. Our committee is developing a brochure and would be greatly appreciative if you would allow the use of some of your photos, specifically the picture of the young man sitting alone holding a long rifle. You can contact me at or (310) 832-6765. Thank you for your consideration. S. A. Stone

Name: GySgt. Dave Beckman(Ret.) From: Johnson City, TN Time: 1999-05-16 02:39:58
Comments: Found your site hunting Glad I found it anyway. Join the campaign "DUMP McCAIN IN 2000" Was with 1st. Mar.Div./1st Tank Bn. in the "Nam" 69/70.

Name: Robert W. King, SFC, USA Ret. From: Indiana Time: 1999-05-13 23:59:20
Comments: I was in I Corps from Dec 68 thru Jan 70 with our HQ in DaNang. (44th Med Bde). I was actually in PhuBai at the 27th Surgical Hospital and then detached duty with NSAD Phu Bai Detachment as their "DOC" for about 3 months. I returned a second time to DaNang but only stayed a short time. Keep up the good work. I retired on disability in Feb '80 with 22 years service with 31 months of combat time (not all of it in Vietnam).

Name: Monika Kelley From: Austin, TX. Time: 1999-05-13 17:04:05

Name: Judy Boroughs From: Ramona, CA Time: 1999-05-11 18:06:51
Comments: My ex-husband, Ray Everette Swan, was stationed in Vietnam for 13-months (10/1966 to 11/1967). He was in the USN. He sent me some slides of battles on the river. Dont think war dogs were involved. I read the story in the Union Tribune about the war dogs and really feel they should be honored. I'm going to send for the video as I missed the documentary on TV.

Name: Tom Harper From: Corpus Christi, TX Time: 1999-05-09 18:02:30
Comments: Enjoyed the photos as I was in DaNang from Jan 68 to Dec 68 with the US Army Support Command.Your site brought back a flood of memories.

Name: Robert Williams ( Camp Tien Sha ) From: Tucson , Arizona Time: 1999-05-09 01:08:49
Comments: Was in fire department at Camp Tien Sha in 67-68 I was a PO 3 U.S. Navy Seabees. I was a crew chief on a fire truck. My driver was from El Paso , Texas and was killed in a bar the night after getting back from Nam. Any other Tien Sha people out there.

Name: SFC E7 Bryan F. Stewart From: Bradenton Florida Time: 1999-05-07 05:14:36
Comments: I am the son of SFC Stewart and in tribute to his devotion to honor and duty I want the world to know that Nam killed my father long after his 3 year tour (he signed up twice) I am still angry that he was never given the respect due to all The nam vets, he is with god now along with his legion of merit medal that meant the world to him, may god forgive the ignorance of so many...Do your duty you can never do more and should never do less!!!!!!!!

Name: Flight Lt Pete Levick From: uk Time: 1999-05-05 21:46:48
Comments: Well done Nam through to Bosnia. A lot of people in the U K support USA. Keep up the fight for freedom

Name: Charles Newcomb Website: Charles Newcomb, Freelance Writer From: Colorado Time: 1999-05-03 19:07:42
Comments: I found your site quite by accident... but I'm glad I did! I served with NSA Danang from Oct. '67 to Nov. '68 in the lighterage division ( was on LCU and YFUs on the Perfume and Cua Viet Rivers... Hue, Dong Ha, Cua Viet, etc). I'm a journalist and write often for the American Legion Magazine. Some of my stuff is archived on their site ( -- click on communications and publications, then on the magazine). There's an interview I did with General Westmoreland two years ago in the June '97 issue, and a piece I did about Bob Hope in the Dec. '97 issue. Nice site you've got. Enjoyed it.