Military Memories/ guestbook entries July, August 1999

Name: RICHARD KING From: BASTROP,LA. Time: 1999-08-29 05:52:23

Name: Bill McHughs From: Thebes Illinois Time: 1999-08-27 15:02:23
Comments: I am a United States Marine Corps Vietnam Veteran and served in Viet Nam in `1968-1968. I was wounded on 22 Feb 1968 in the Ashau Valley on Operation Dewey Canyon.

1999-08-27 Name: James D Virgil From: Richmond, Virginia
Comments: Would like to locate a navy buddy from Detriot.Mich. His name is William Griffin.We both worked at Deep Water Piers Danang,Vietnam and lived at Camp Tien Sha. I can be reach at this number: 804-329-7335

Name: Willis Spotts From: Pottsville, Pennsylvania Time: 1999-08-26 18:42:40
Comments: Hi, I looking for anyone who knew my father in Vietnam. His name is Willis Spotts. 1st Marine Division 1st Shore Party Bn B Co. Aug 68 to Sept 69 He was wounded twice but it wasn't put in his medical records. I am trying to obtain the purple heart for him If you knew him please contact me. Thanks

Name: BERNIE From: Pennsylvania Time: 1999-08-26 02:35:34
Comments: Would like to communicate with anyone who served in the Danang area (White Elephant,Camp Tien Sha,Monkey Mountain) with the NSA Security Division from October 1965 - October 1966.

Name: Ralph O Rodriguez From: Denver CO Time: 1999-08-25 05:26:58
Comments: Yeah! my dad served in vietnam from 68-70 U.S MARINES in 9th marines he calls them, " THE WALKING DEAD" I am his son now 17 and hope that when i join the Core and if I ever go to war that I will have the courage and the bravery of all the Patriots that served in Vietnam and that I have the biggest respect for you all since you all made the altimate sacrifice by giving your lives over there, keep your heads held very high because " ONE BY ONE YOU ARE COMING HOME" dont mean noth'n not a thing, love ya!!

Name: Ray Norton From: Plano, TX Time: 1999-08-23 03:39:50
Comments: Based at Tien Sha, Aug. 69 thru July 70. attached to Security/Intelligence

Name: Joshua Zimmerman From: Portland, MI Time: 1999-08-22 18:24:36
Comments: I'm very interested in learning more about Vietnam. I'm 11 years old. I saw a television show about Vietnam and found it very interesting. My mom wears a POW bracelet that was given to her by a friend of hers that is a Vietnam veteran.

Name: Amanda Lamascus From: Fayetteville, Ar Time: 1999-08-19 22:42:49
Comments: I enjoyed this page very much. I am in a group called TFR(Task Force Remembrance) who is dedicated to honoring veterans and we emphasize on POW/MIA's. I have learned a great deal from the chairman of TFR who was himself in Vietnam. I have a deep respect and gratitude to all the soldiers who have served this country in the past and those who will be doing so in the future. I say to all the Vietnam Veterans out there "Welcome Home" and to all the soldiers who have bravely served there country "Thank You and may God be with you" Thank you for the oppurtunity to view a page as special as this one.

NameFrom: Midwest Time: 1999-08-19 01:07:39
Comments: Served in Viet Nam Oct '67 - Nov '68 with 3rd Plt. India 3/26. Arrived in DaNang and assigned to 3/26 at Camp Evans. We moved to Dong Ha and quickly took our position at Khe Sanh in Dec. '67. Was on Hill 881S for the entire siege under the command of Capt. Dabney (Chesty Puller's son-in-law). Later ran patrols along south side of Hue's Perfume River and later off Hill 55, SW of DaNang in Leech Valley. Semper Fi to all those that fought along side of me, now living or dead. We did our very BEST! "DOC"

Name: James W. Sheldon cpl usmc From: florida Time: 1999-08-17 16:31:39
Comments: looking for any information on danang airbase 1st mp bn, 1968/69. This is Jim sheldon remembering Gene Gonzalas, out of alamagordo NM, or any other budies, would like to hear from you please email 8/17/99, email address changes in october, mail jim sheldon 6655 hwy G, egg harbor, wis 54209 after october 99.

Name: stephen caldwell From: Port richey fla. Time: 1999-08-17 00:33:30
Comments: I am wondering if the recovery of fJolly Green lost June 14 1973 in Laos has been recovered?

Name: Jim From: Dallas TX Time: 1999-08-15 12:50:50
Comments: What a wonderful tribute to fallen comrads in a time that stands still for many of us, a reminder of the horrors of war, the tragedy of life for suce brave men. Semper Fi Jim Wodecki FLSG-A KheSanh 1966-67 USMC

Name: L. A. Fox From: Phoenix, A Time: 1999-08-15 01:10:31
Comments: Please write to me if you know anything about the life, service or death of Jerome (Jerry) A. Olson. I believe he was a red cross helicopter pilot and died of injuries related to being shot down in Vietnam around 1968. Please contact me with any information on Jerry that you might have. Thank you.

Name: Bruce Jones From: Hoover, Alabama Time: 1999-08-14 02:57:54
Comments: I am very impressed with your website as it certainly has brought back memories from Camp Tien Sha and the surrounding area. I was stationed there from Sept. 68 to Sept. 69 and attached to Security Police. Thanks again for an excellent pictoral journey to the past.

Name: Tommy L.Echols From: Lubbock,Texas Time: 1999-08-13 03:06:36
Comments: you have a great page going,keep up the good work.i am desperate need of finding out about the unit i served with.ihave searched everywhere i know to search and been able to find out a single thing. i served with "A" btry 5/27 arty from april 67 to may 68. if anyone knows anything about it or any of the men who proudly served with her please let me hear something,its like we never existed. thanks again and welcome brothers and sisters,god bless you all.

Name: rick rendon From: lamar, colorado Time: 1999-08-10 22:50:33
Comments: I was in the marines and in Viet Nam (68-70); so I am very interested in anything that happened during that war!

Name: Nolan L. Vicars (EO 2 USN-SEABEES) From: Kingsville, Texas Time: 1999-08-09 19:45:04
Comments: Am trying to visit Sites of Vets for locators of Seabee Viet-Nam Vets. Found yours. It is GREAT!!! Thank You. Nolan L. Vicars ex. EO2 US NAVY SEABEES, (MCB 5 and MCB 3, and Viet- Nam Mar. 1967 thru Dec. 1969 ,3 tours )

Name: Don Rast Website: Don's Nam---Peacocks and Hawks Referred by: Just Surfed On In From: Baton Rouge, La., USA Time: 1999-08-08 03:56:40
Comments: Well constructed site with a purpose that all of who served can relate too. Looking for any guys who served in the 48th Trans Group 69-70, in particular, the "Orient Express." Book has been published about you guys, and you might be in it, as it was research from unit opns. reports, etc. See "Don's Nam" title at Barnes and Noble or if interested, or contact me via email. Sincerely, Don Rast

Name: Francis P Callahan Jr (Reds, Cal, Reddog) From: Philadelphia, PA Time: 1999-08-06 06:50:13
Comments: Was involved in special operations from Guam into Southeast Asia. Helspooron 5 (HC-5) moved enemy equipment into unknown regions (to me as a PFC) during late 1970 and early 1971. I am trying to establish existance of any person(s) with ANY knowledge of this unit. Services to Marines in the 1st Recon bt., Army 101st Airborne, Seal Team 6 and 1st Special Forces Army. Anyone with any information about HC-5 particapation or existance please contact my office 215-551-0909 or E-mail me or or Also, please contact Peter J . Wymes phone 1-215-627-3899 (legal aid for Veterans in possible SOG units). WELCOME HOME TO ALL VETERANS ! God bless you all !

Name: Bruce Shorts From: Cary, NC Time: 1999-08-04 04:34:19
Comments: Outstanding web site. The pictures of Monkey Mountain and Camp Tien Sha really brought back memories. I served with NAVSUPPACT from February 66 thru February 67. Most of the construction materials and supplies that help build China Beach were sent there by the seabees and storekeepers from the Tien Sha Beach loading ramp. Twelve hour days, 7 days a week and c-rations that contained cigarettes. Great memories. Keep up the good works!!!!

Name: Kerry From: Ohio Time: 1999-08-03 16:10:03
Comments: I am looking for anyone who might have known my father, airbourne sgt. Charles Anderson. He served in the Army from the late 40s untill his passing in 1977. I never got the honor to know him. Ft.Rucker,daleville,Al a station in El Paso, Tx

Name: George U.S.N. From: North Carolina Time: 1999-07-28 03:15:43
Comments: Served In Country 1965 - 1966 NSA DaNang/Camp Tien Sha Just wanted to say Hi to all my buddies out there that I served with. Also a big thanks to my wife for standing by me all these years. (War is hell on the home front too.) A Big THANKS to all who have fallen in the name of freedom. We'll meet again "GOD" bless all of you.

Name: leaf From: australia Time: 1999-07-27 05:29:31
Comments: this has just blown me away sometimes i wish i was there, I don't know what to say i can't even imagine being there i would love to know what it was like

Name: Daniel Hughes From: Calironia by way of Texas Time: 1999-07-25 06:48:14
Comments: Disabled vet surfing the net for sites of personal interest. Thanks for the efforts.

Name: Felix John Antonini From: Pennsylvania Time: 1999-07-25 03:51:37
Comments: Served 1965-66, 87th eng. Cam Rhan Bay, Haven't spoken to anyone since then. Give a call.

Name: Al Leonard From: Northern California living in Miss. now Time: 1999-07-24 18:04:45
Comments: I served in the U.S.Army,Co A 716th M.P. Bn in Saigon from July 1969-Sept. 1970.

Name: Jerry Bradley From: Bonney Lake, WA Time: 1999-07-22 02:33:15
Comments: Thank you very much for your beautiful website. You have honored all who served. If you will allow a personal request, I am looking for anyone who might have served with my father, Major Robert G. Lapham, USAF, who was lost while serving with the 1st Air Commando Sqdn at Pleiku in early 1968. If you can help it would be greatly appreciated. Jerry Bradley

Name: Alan Tadd From: UK Time: 1999-07-21 07:48:19
Comments: Keep the Faith with deep respect Former Soldier British Army 1971-1980

Name: Bob Williams From: Tucson , Arizona Time: 1999-07-19 05:56:38
Comments: Was with the Camp Tien Sha Fire department 67-68 Had a great time and would like to do it again. Anyone out there I woke up with my siren at 2am ?

Name: Coleman HancockIII From: Arlington, Texas Time: 1999-07-17 03:45:21
Comments: Military Police (Army) China Beach 70-71

Name: Richard Schmidt From: Eaton, Ohio Time: 1999-07-17 02:38:19
Comments: I served from 21 Oct. 1967 to 14 Oct. 1968 in Da Nang and am interested in talking to others who have served also.

Name: Kathy From: Hill City,Minnesota Time: 1999-07-16 20:24:06
Comments: I was born in 1967 and I have to Thank All of the Great Men and Women who served in a war that has brought many tears and nightmares to all you guys you fought for your freedom along with mine and the rest of our country's.Iam sorry the way you were and are still treated.I have great-uncles and uncles who served with you. May God Bless You, Kathy

Name: Alfred Lynch From: Emporia, Virginia Time: 1999-07-15 23:54:37
Comments: I did my time and am very proud of it. I WAS WITH A SPECTRA UNIT IN THAILAND.

Name: Charles Luhan Jr. From: Chicago Time: 1999-07-15 15:07:11
Comments: 11th Engineer Bn Locator Charles Luhan Jr 8451 So Kilbourn Ave, Chicago Illinois, 60652-3045 Reunions every two years, 2000 is the next one Write or call me At 773-585-9629 after 7pm chicago time. E-Mail address is 11th Engineer Bn, 3rd Marine Division, RVN 1966 To 1970

Name: Al Bard From: Southern New Jersey Time: 1999-07-14 23:42:33
Comments: Really great site. I was taken aback by the familiar pictures. I was based at Camp Tien Sha between October 1967-1969. Worked for US Naval Support Activity in the White Elephant - downtown DaNang. WELCOME HOME ALL!!

Name: Barbara Cox Website: SALUTE TO OUR ARMED FORCES Referred by: Just Surfed On In From: AZ USA Time: 1999-07-13 07:09:03
Comments: Thank You for sharing a very personal and important part of your life. The hard work and years of dedication reach out from your site. The veterans that you represent would be very proud. God Bless!

Name: JOHN D LEPORE From: Mechanicsburg,PA Time: 1999-07-13 01:15:26
Comments: Would like to thank Jerry Hubb for hosting the First NSA DANANG Reunion this past weekend in Louisville, Ky. A wonderful time was had by all, including their spouses. We are all looking foward to next year and hope many more of you will attend!

Name: Frank Garrett From: Los Angeles, CA Time: 1999-07-09 07:34:54
Comments: THANK YOU VETS FOR ALL YOU HAVE DONE FOR OUR COUNTRY. YOU ALL ARE MY HEROES. I am interested in anyone who may know or have served with my father, JIM GARRETT, 1st Cav, Fort Ringold, Texas 1937-1939 or with him in the 7-11 MP's at Fort Lawton, Washington, 1942-1944. Also want to correspond with anyone who may have known my uncle JOHNNY LARKIN GARRETT, PFC, USMC, 9/41 to 6/45, killed in action on Okinawa, last outfit: Co. K, 3rd Battalian, 22nd Marines, 6th Marine Division, FMF. I have another uncle WAYNE FLOYD CALDWELL, Tech Sgt, US Army, who served with my dad in the 1st Cav in Texas and later was killed in the Normandy invasion. His last attachment was Company C, 9th Inf. Rgt, 2nd Inf. Div. If anyone has any info on any of the above poeple, I would greatly appreciate hearing from you. Thank you. Frank Garrett

Name: Joe Harris From: South Attleboro, MA - Ottumwa/Iowa Time: 1999-07-07 21:44:24
Comments: Great Site - I was with the NSA DaNang Law Center from 02/20/70 - 02/12/71. I also worked at the Acey-Duecy Club at Tien Sha. I am the Founder of Joe's Sock Fund for Homeless Veterans. I want to provide my brother Veterans who are homeless with a simple Christmas Present each year of three pair of socks to keep their feet warms on the streets of Boston and Providence - have been at it for ten years and still growing - looking to set up my own homepage. Welcome Home.

Name: bigphil From: hammond in Time: 1999-07-05 04:54:01
Comments: Was in country 1966-1967 with 1/4 Alpha Co. 1st. Plt. would like to here from anyone who was their.

Name: Gerald E Sandvik From: Toledo, Ohio Time: 1999-07-04 23:22:36
Comments: Looking for anyone from 35th, Phan Rang, 68-69. Have already had contact with Lord, Dragich, Travis,and Russo. I had Laddie, Rini and Chinook. Look forward to the memorial in Washington, DC.

Name: don hart From: middletown,pa Time: 1999-07-03 01:26:19
Comments: army, 68-69, long thanh north,2nd plt avel,56th trans co..a.k.a. old blue...

Name: r.g.noble From: MISSOURI Time: 1999-07-03 01:09:52 Comments: USARMY 1970-1980 RVN 1971-1972.