Military Memories/ guestbook entries November 1999

name: william underwood From: california Time: 1999-11-30 19:02:38
Comments: I served with the 3rd Bat 26 Marines "L"Co. and 2nd Bat 9th Marines "E"CO. as a infantry sq leader, Viet Nam 1966-67, I have many pictures some very graphic, the pictures were taken in areas around Con Thien and the DMZ, "I" corps area. I would to find someone to reproduce them either photo or painting. Also anyone who remembers the operations durning those times, drop me a line.

Name: Carroll G. Everist S/Sgt Ret USA Website: 5th Cavalry Regt Assn. From: Mulvane Kansas Time: 1999-11-30 16:02:57
Comments: Real good Web page passing it on to others including my Marine Daughter has 22 1/2 years so far. check Crazy as a Fox then click on Col Edgar Treacy Jr. died in POW camp May 31 1951

Name: Joe Vogel From: Upstate New York Time: 1999-11-30 06:37:45
Comments: Great site, I have a buddy who was a dog handler in Nam, in a Walk of Honor at our new Memorial, he has placed a Brick for himself, and Wolf, the dog he worked with. Keep up the good work, Joe Vogel

Name: Herk Randall From: Brandon, FL Time: 1999-11-29 20:09:34
Comments: Great pictures..Was stationed at monkey mt. 1969-1970. worked on the AC&W radars. Also drove the shuttle bus (duece and a half) to china beach and Danang. Really like Boom Boom rock. It used to change weekly.

Name: John Stevenson From: Los Angeles Time: 1999-11-29 16:52:59
Comments: I was with Tien Sha Security 5-69 through 4-70. Mostly maintained the field phones. Looking for those I might know. J D Coursen, J Lefrevre, JW Pell, C Cunnigham, BG Cudd, B Swinson, D McCoy, L Voges, T Frakes etc.

Name: dave viger From: sterling heights mi Time: 1999-11-29 06:58:52
Comments: i was stationed in the danang a/o from 1969/1970 base camp was camp books red beach before that our unit was next to the air field dog patch was just outside the wire. we were a marine engineer blt.moved around alot building and repairing equipment in the field.we spent some wet,cold,scary,nights out at fire bases,landing zones,bridges.spent alot of time with the grunts not having to endure the same hardships they did after our job was done it was back to base camp hot showers hot chow a dry bed.i guess what im saying god bless ya 0/3s it was an honor to work with you all.semfer fi P.S if there are any active service men/woman that read this wed site try to have a happy holliday this is one old marine that will be thinking about all of you.!!!

Name: Frank M. Smart From: Shreveport, LA, originally, now Sonora, CA. Time: 1999-11-28 21:29:12
Comments: Served as Combat Reporter/Photographer (CR/P) for "The Cavalier", the newspaper of the famed First Cavalry Division (Airmobile) THE FIRST TEAM from April, 1968 to April, 1969. Would like to contact other Cav CR/P or other PIO types from any unit. We did a great job of getting the stories of the guys who did the dirty work. We got their photos and all is now preserved for posterity. Great job, be proud. Look forward to hearing from you. Welcome home, Brother. Frank M. Smart, Sonora, CA.

Name: DAVE From: SOUTHWEST , VA Time: 1999-11-28 16:03:05


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: Mac From: Gainesville Time: 1999-11-26 18:01:38
Comments: USAF Air Traffic Controller assigned to Monkey Mountaion (Panama Control) from 2/68 - 2/69. Also worked part-time as Master At Arms at Monkey Mountain NCO Club. Met a bunch of great guys while there, seabees from Tien Sha, marines from our own sesurity detactment and others that were just passing thru on the way to Dong Ha,Hue and other points north. Most memorable event of that year was the evacuation of Kham Duc the day it was overrun, it was the most rewarding days work of my 20 year military career.

Name: Harry Scandalito Website: Harry's Working at Home Job Opportunities From: Kimball, Mich. Time: 1999-11-23 17:58:01
Comments: I am a Viet Nam Vet. myself and I would like to place a link on my site so that my visters can visted your Great site. I was in the First Marine airwing in viet nam 1967 to 1969. Yep! to long. Please let me know about posting a link thank you

Name: Doc McCue From: Middletown, OHIO Time: 1999-11-23 00:29:42
Comments: VietNam vetern 67,68, 69 Attatched to River boats at DaNang supplying Marines at DangHa and Hue City and various other areas. Second and third tour with Mobile Riverine Force in the MeKong Delta.

Name: Cyndie From: California Time: 1999-11-22 05:12:43
Comments: I just want to let all the POW's know that they are greatly thought of and appreciated by me. My Father was a vietnam vet and I hold him in great honor. If anyone who has been a POW in Vietnam or who fought there, PLEASE feel free to contact me! And to all the MIA's, YOU ARE NOT FORGOTTEN!!!!

Name: Jennifer Allen From: North Bend, Washington Time: 1999-11-22 00:25:08
Comments: I am trying to locate anyone who served between 10/26/70 and 10/27/71. 101st Airborne, Delta Company, stationed in Phu Bai. My husband's DD214 lists the following: HHC 1st BN 50th Inf 2nd Div Fort Hood, Texas FIFTH US ARMY. His name is Alan D. Allen, he was Battalion RTO. He has spent the last 28 years trying to forget.... now fighting PTSD, he is trying to remember. I am trying to help him fill in the missing blanks. Any help will be greatly appriciated. Thank you. Sincerely, Jennifer Allen

Name: David W. Asche From: Alaska (originally from Oregon) Time: 1999-11-20 19:34:26
Comments: Served on board USS Hector (AR-7) in Vung tau and Da Nang '72-'75. R-2 div foundry. Looking for other sand rats.

Name: Ken Bixler Website: Bixler Family Home Page  From: Newark, Ohio Time: 1999-11-19 02:39:24
Comments: SCRF, Service Craft Repair Facility, Tien Sha, Electrician, 8/69-10/71, at the base of Monkey Mountain. Lots of good memories, lots of friends that I would like to say hi to. One of them, Bob Smith of Maude, OK., saved my butt on China Beach in the surf. I sure hate it that I missed the reunion in July, 99. Any other news from that base would be appreciated.

Name: George Longway From: Newport, NY Time: 1999-11-16 21:10:28
Comments: I was in Vietnam in Feb.'68- Feb.'69 with charlie company c 1/5 1st. cav. div. Looking for anyone who was in our co.

Name: Danette Roberts Time: 1999-11-16 18:42:42
Comments: My heart goes out and belongs to all those who have fought and died for my freedom. I pray for the peace of your souls and that God is with each and everyone of you. From the bottom of my heart - thank you.

Name: Dave Laurin From: Massachusetts Time: 1999-11-16 17:17:52
Comments: Doug Anderson ("Andy"), USAF, A1C-Thor-73X6, Sgt.-Fred- 6S31, 42nd SPS K-9-Same "Andy" from "Boring Loring", 1973? Hung with "Mouse" and Steve Neal? Rob Jenkins, Steve Newby, "Zero"? Black/chrome Triumph Trident? Read your comments on the "War Dogs" page. Tried to e-mail you, but there was an error in your e-mail address. From A1C/Sgt. Dave Laurin, Slugger 70X0, 42nd SPS K-9 (SAC), LAFB, Me.,1973. E-mail me!

Name: Mark Riehle From: Bakersfield, CA Time: 1999-11-16 02:39:37
Comments: Thanks for maintaining this page. It is very important for people to realize the sacrifices others have made for our freedoms.

Name: Peta Irwin, 15 years old From: Kingston,South Australia Time: 1999-11-16 00:48:13
Comments: This is a great idea, to show everyone what really happened in Vietnam and what it was like. Good job!!

Name: Mike Barnes From: Vancleave, MS Time: 1999-11-15 19:14:46
Comments: Served with Boat Support Unit, Danang 1968-1969.

Name: Courtney Leahy From: California Time: 1999-11-15 18:36:38
Comments: I just wanted you to know that I stopped by and am very interested in the Vietnam War.Thank you for being on the internet.

Name: Jim Wattles From: Colorado Time: 1999-11-14 20:12:23
Comments: Enjoyed you page very much. I served with NAVSUPPACT, Danang from May69-Jan70. Assigned to Medical Supply at NSA Station Hospital. Started out at Camp Tien Sha like we all did. Thanks for the memories and thank you vets!

Name: hoang From: danang - now living in england Time: 1999-11-14 15:31:44
Comments: I am very interesting in the images in your danang pages. Please can I contact the person who submitted the photos? thank you.

Name: STEVE D. RADER From: BEATTVILLE, KY / DAYTON, OHIO Time: 1999-11-14 03:52:29

Name: John beaulieu From: lewiston maine Time: 1999-11-14 00:28:57
Comments: I am just correcting my e-mail address I left in previousmessage. not .com. thanksIf anyone new my uncle Skip Beaulieu from lewiston maine during world war II let me know .4th armored under patton.

Name: John R. Beaulieu Website: megatrends in brutality the radio show From: Lewiston Maine Time: 1999-11-14 00:23:57
Comments: I just wanted to say hello to all , AND I MEAN ALL ,of the veterans. My uncle was there on D-DAY in world war two and made it through the whole war without a scratch and felt guilt about that for a long time because alot of his buddies were killed.He served in the fourth armored under patton and was very proud of that.His nickname was SKIPBeaulieu.He died long before I was born.Iwas born in 1968.My dad says he drank himself to death because of what he went through with the guilt or something like that.I just want o say thank you for all any veteran of any war has done to preserve my freedom and for setting democracy straight so I will not know the horror of war.So thank you and god bless you all.

Name: Tab Klesko From: Michigan Time: 1999-11-13 21:25:01
Comments: Surfing available information on Vietnam Vet sites. My husband is a Vet, 168th Combat Engineers, 20th Brigade. He was stationed in LaKahi(?), South Vietnam in 1968. He's had many problems relating to the war and am checking into any available support groups for spouses of Veterans. The memories never go away............ If anyone out there remembers a John Klesko from that time, would like to hear from you. I will relay any messages to him. Thanks to all, Tab Klesko

Name: Rick Ruane From: brawley calif Time: 1999-11-12 17:53:35
Comments: I was in tien sha from apr70 to apr71 I was in nsa security later to become nsf security. Stood watches in towers,gates,jeep patrol and roving patrol behind monkey mountain.Also on top of monkey mountain at radar station.Looking for anyone was was there when I was,like Gregory Black from calif,Bob Johnson from Illinois,Mike gardner from Solsbery,Indiana, Mike griffith from Colorado anf Terry Six from I don't remember where. Also Dan Dansby who was from Texas.

Name: Dave DeMaw From: Connecticut Time: 1999-11-12 17:49:31
Comments: Although I have visited your site before, today I viewed the photos of Bridge Ramp and Danang Harbor. Thirty years have passed since I last passed through Danang Harbor on YFU 73, but the memories of those experiences and friendships will never fade.

Name: JKougl From: USA/England Time: 1999-11-12 17:34:35
Comments: I'm 15 and spent most my life on US airbases as my Dad was in the USAF. It's just been memorial day in England and everyone has been remembering the British dead from all our wars. As I'm half American I have been taking time to remember all those US troops that did so mutch, not just for America but for all the world especially all of the Vietnam vets, MIA and KIA .I am forever in dept for what all of you did and it makes me feel physically sick when I here about how you guys where treated when y'all returned from active duty in Nam. Thanx

Name: rick ruane From: brawley,calif Time: 1999-11-12 07:36:58
Comments: was in country at camp tein sha apr 70-apr 71 in security 1st nsa then nsf--buddies: dan dansby from texas,gregory black from calif., mike gardner from indiana mike griffith from colorado,terry six from i can't remember, bob johnson fron illinois. anyone who remembers me i would love to hear from you guys. GOD BLESS YOU ALL !!!

Name: Laura Slayton Website: Veterans for a Change From: Lincoln, Illinois Time: 1999-11-12 03:12:13
Comments: Hello my friend Bob!
On this Veterans Day...November 11th, 1999
Dear Veterans,  Thanks for your military service to our country. I am not a veteran. I grew up during the Vietnam period. As a senior in high school in 1969 and class president, our student government sent "shoeboxes" of goodies to soldiers fighting in Vietnam. I recall thinking that on the TV the Vietnam would never end.
It made me sick to my stomach to see the list of casualties that were scrolled on the news screen each evening.
I just couldn't comprehend how so many young people, close to my age, were being killed and why it continued. 
I never thought it would end.  I was on the other side of the world watching like it was a "BAD DREAM."
I was acutely aware of the protesting and horrible way some people were showing disgust
with the American soldiers when they came home from Vietnam. I knew of people who opted for Canada.
I prayed for loved ones serving at that time in Vietnam. I was just a teenage girl who was affected vicariously by this Vietnam.  I was so ashamed and embarrassed by the treatment I saw of Vietnam veterans.
I think this unwarranted ill treatment of veterans was so wrong. It hurt my heart. 
As I grew older and became a teacher, I found out that children did not know the meaning of the word "Veteran" 
or why we have holidays to honor all veterans. That made me cry I was so ashamed and embarrassed again. 
This time, I felt like I could do something to rectify that ignorance. 
Thus was born the Veterans for a Change - teaching children the meaning of the word "Veteran".
I strongly believe that children must be taught the sacrifices of great men and women who served this nation.
No better way than to have the veterans come to class and teach the children.
I also believe that children should learn "service to others" and that is done by collecting "change" during each month of October (for past 7 years) and then donating all that change to local veterans
to help brighten the days of veterans in Illinois V. A. Hospitals...specifically Danville and Quincy.
In 7 years, this "CHANGE" has added up to over $12,500.00 and all of it 
has been donated to veterans. It pales in comparison to the wonderful rapport and lessons that the veterans have taught us all. This money is used by our local veterans to buy the veterans in V.A. Hospitals, "self care items"…this includes socks, shaving materials and various other personal items not provided by the hospital.
I felt helpless watching Vietnam as a young girl. I lost friends there  I also lost an uncle in WWII.
Life is so precious. Freedom is not free. Never in my life did I ever think that Vietnam veterans were properly thanked. This little Veterans for a Change project at the K-8 school just makes the children aware of what veterans and their families endured All veterans. All conflicts. We have been so blessed to get to know these veterans.
We have been talking about and honoring fallen soldiers that we will never get the honor to meet here on Earth.
I am hopeful that these lessons will give our young people an eye into the making of our precious freedoms. 
To all veterans, I say thank-you. Even in my ignorance, I have always appreciated you. I receive hundreds of emails from veterans via my Veterans for a Change website.  Military men and women, we are proud of you.
May angels always sleep on your pillows! Thank-you Veterans, Laura Lincoln, Illinois  

Name: stephanie weekley From: coshocton Time: 1999-11-11 14:10:32
Comments: I knew a great guy who was in world war 1 and 2 and hes dead now but i just wanted to say thank you for standing up for our country. love stephanie weekley

Name: Larry LeCam From: Lowell,Ma. Time: 1999-11-11 11:15:16
Comments: Novemner 11,1999 I would just like to say to all veterans no matter what conflict or theatre you were in THANK YOU.Although today is offically Veterans Day I never let a day passs without thinking about all you guys and gals whose sacrifices are all too often ignored and/or forgotten. Well you can be sure your sacrifices are not forgotten and are passed on to my children and I will never let your deeds seem like some ordinary everyday action.they weren't and you should be proud of your service. I bow down to all of you and once again THANK YOU. Your courage is just the tip of the iceberrg and I'm in awe of all of you. I hope veerybody dosen't forget all those who gave the last measure of their devotion and never came home. God Bless you all.

Name: RAUL & SYLVIA NARVAEZ Website: REMEMBERING HERO'SFrom: HOUSTON, TEXAS Time: 1999-11-11 03:54:39

Name: rick rendon From: lamar,colorado Time: 1999-11-10 23:26:49
Comments: Thanks to everyone who acknowledges all war veterans. I served in vietnam from sept.68 to march70. I am grateful to those who lost their lives for me. I can only pray that it wasn't for nothing. Happy Birtday to all you Marines. I was in Danang,Quang Tri,Dong Ha,Hue City, and other areas around this time.

Name: Chuck Blodgett From: Livin' in Wa State Time: 1999-11-10 18:43:40
Comments: Greetings, Served with Fuel&Water, Public Works, NSA Da Nang from 2/69 thru 2/70. Our duty shack was on the back side of China Beach, and our "home" was Camp Tien Sha - right across the street from the Fire Dept. Spent most of my time with my dad's old unit, 7th. Engineers (Marines}, or out at FLC: anyone remember the doughnut shop at FLC? In case any old F&Ws wander into this sight, I was "Uncle", and Robin Thompson was "Nephew". " :) " was T Hilgeman. The rest of the gang included Stinnett, Barkasy, Webb, Brashear, Peterson, H.D.Clifton, Jim Lundy, "Shorty", and ... ??? Take care Vets and Loved Ones of Vets. Chuck

Name: Captain Carlisle, Grayson D., 2nd Rangers, Ashau Valley From: Kinmundy, Il Time: 1999-11-09 20:07:39
Comments: I'm proud to see more vets are opening up. Your website is another helpful point for people who still think Vietnam was a waste of time, those who, when I returned on that B-52, stood there spittin' and callin' me and everybody else :-) like baby-killer. Keep up the good work!! AS YOU WERE, TROOP! (Just kidding!) Gray Carlisle

Name: Kimberly From: Ohio Time: 1999-11-09 01:25:30
Comments: I found your page remarkable. I am only 16 and I obviously could never understand the horrors of the war. My father fought in the war and lost a lot of close friends. This page is very meaningful to me. I am doing an painting about the Vietnam war in rememberence because of the milenieum coming soon. Kim DAUGHTER OF A VIETNAM SOLDIER

Name: LARRY W. THOMAS From: ANDERSON INDIANA Time: 1999-11-07 21:55:01

Name: Patrick Gerrard Harper From: Vidor, Texas (USA) Time: 1999-11-07 18:59:30
Comments: I was station there in Da Nang at the airfore base. I in the army station with the 361st Signal Bat. Spent time on bout monkey mountain and china beach. I 1049 down to Quang Nia. I was in country from Jan 1968 to Jan 1970. I guess Vietnam will stay in my heart till i die.

Name: Robert R. From: seattle Time: 1999-11-06 04:20:15
Comments: I am a 30 year old male that has never been in the armed forces, voluntary or involuntary. Yesterday at work a co-worker of mine stated that he did not believe in celebrating the 4th of July. After hearing this I became instantly angry. I often think of what people have went through and questioned how horrible it would be to have been in hell-like situations. I guess I am just typing this so that someone can know that I don't feel the same as at least one person that I work with.

Name: Alan Case From: Milliken, CO; now Wellford, SC Time: 1999-11-05 03:37:15
Comments: Great Site! Those who don't understand say we are to "Put it behind us", or "Forget about it, it's over. It's been 30 years". BS!!! What they don't understand is that no matter where we came from, what our background was, what color our skin is; the experiences from that "year" or "years" in country have changed us forever, have made us what we are today; for the better or the worse! For myself, I never want to forget. I want always to remember the names and faces of those that I lay face down with during a mortar attack, hoping it will quit soon. Those that I shared a poncho liner with during the monsoons to keep from freezing our asses off. Those that I got so fu_____ drunk with that we couldn't walk or crawl back to the hooch. Those that shared stories of family, hometown, girlfriends and wives. I never want to forget. Those of you who know, know exactly what I mean. Those men; although most of us were no more that boys; were closer than any brother could ever be (my opinion). I will always remember those who came home and those who were brought home. SSG 11/B; B 1/11; 1/5 Inf Div (Mech) Quang Tri 68-69; 70-71

Name: Mike Zielinski From: Aurora, Colorado Time: 1999-11-03 05:52:53
Comments: I would just like to say that the Vietnam War, just like any war, is unnecessary. The Vietnam War had to do with a lot of prejudice and inequality. The 60's were a wonderful year, many interesting things happened, what a shame they were wasted becasue of that ridiculous war. I am 14 years old, and I am doing a research project on the 60's and the Vietnam War, and I am proud to say that my teacher, Douglas O'brien, is a Vietnam War veteran.

Name: Dave Laurin From: Massachusetts Time: 1999-11-02 19:10:44
Comments: I was with the 405th SPS, K-9 (Lux-#2B47), Clark AB, RP 1971-73. Though I never went "THERE", I did have the HONOR of being posted on the perimeter behind the base hospital when the 1st POW Returnees came in. I will remember & pray for them always. Welcome home!!!

Name: Thomas Mccann From: Santa Ana Time: 1999-11-01 00:17:13
Comments: I seved in My tho and in the Naval Support activity at Tein Sha peninsula as base security