Military Memories/ guestbook entries December 1999

Name: Jeffrey Saltzman From: Garland, TX Time: 1999-12-30 19:29:19
Comments: To all my Brothers and Sisters...WELCOME HOME. To those that would send future generations of our Sons and Daughters in to battle...define the mission...give us our orders....don't micromanage...and get the hell out of the way. To those who don't serve when the Nation calls....if you are not supporting our own, you are supporting our enemies to the detriment of our own. You don't have to agree politically but you owe it to those that DO serve to protest the politics and NOT those who serve honorably. 

Name: Guinn Cooper From: Abilene, Texas Time: 1999-12-30 15:49:56
Comments: Stationed at 610th Trans Co at Red Beach, DaNang, Apr 68 to Apr 69 as a helicopter powertrain mechanic. 

Name: Donn Nemchick From: McKeesport Pa Time: 1999-12-30 14:52:24
Comments: As a Vietnam Vet (USN) my self I would enjoy contact from vets who served with my cousin PFC Michael J. Nemchick, USArmy. Mike was killed in BonSong Provience in Feb/66. He was memorialized locally by having the Military Order of the Purple Heart named after him. Does anyone remember Marine Myron Bartko, in country 68-69 or Mickey Yambor, US Army, AirCav, 68-69. 

Name: Lynn Sparrow From: Kinston,N.C. Time: 1999-12-30 00:09:07
Comments: As I was surfing your page I found myself wandering back to when I served at Da-Nang.(1970-1971).Your pictures are almost the same as mine. The plane crashed into the side of monkey mountain is the exact picture I have.The radar station and the island in the ocean all bring back memories.It also makes me thankful that I was picked to return.God bless our MIA'S and we should never forget them. Thank you for your wonderful web page. 

Name: Richard Massey From: South Carolina Time: 1999-12-24 09:59:51
Comments: I was in the Air Force assigned to a radar evaluation unit in Okinawa. We were sent TDY to the Monkey Mountain radar site in 1963 when it had just been built. Seeing the great pictures of this site brought back a lot of memories for me. Thanks for sharing them with us. 

Name: David A. Wright Time: 1999-12-23 22:31:24
Comments: Hello. I am not a veteran of the Vietnam War, but I read everything about Vietnam that I can get my hands on. I just wanted to let you veterans know that what went on over there will never be forgotten. It was all not in vane, only the government that you were serving at the time let the country fail. Just wanted to let you know. God Bless. 

Name: Karla Dembik From: New York Time: 1999-12-23 17:09:06
Comments: I would like to say I appreciate your web page very much. To all the veterns that fought our war thank you. One day I hope to serve my country as a United States Marine. 

Name: FRANK GARRETT From: LOS ANGELES, CA Time: 1999-12-23 04:13:18

Name: Joseph E. King From: Waxhaw, NC (Charlotte area) Time: 1999-12-23 03:40:40
Comments: Great Site! 'Was in 70th Eng Bn (Co A) Cold War Europe '54-'57. Spending much time with unit history upgrade and search of 70th's four years in Vietnam (Central Highlands) from Aug '65 to Nov '69. 'Nam vet's help has been outstanding! Check out Dan Mouer's 70th Engrs in Vietnam: 

Name: Chip Edwards From: Kemp,Texas Time: 1999-12-22 17:37:58
Comments: Iam a veteran of the vietnam war and korean war. I have been shot three times and damn near died more than once but Iam proud of my defending my country. 

Name: MKCM PWEVANS USCG From: Md. Time: 1999-12-20 00:53:01 Comments: . I was in Nam 68 69 on the Pt Dume USCG 

Name: Rob Homan From: Port Charlotte, FL Time: 1999-12-19 17:29:52
Comments: Just wanted to say "Welcome Home" to all my Brothers in Arms, and say that I am happy you made it home and hope that life has been good to you.
May God and His Angels watch over our falen Brothers and Sisters. 

Name: Wayne A. Day From: Hughesville PA Time: 1999-12-19 11:24:01
Comments: Thanks for being here. Cpl. USMC 1st Marine Div - DaNang - 67-68 Transeient Facility Camp Books - Red Beach Graves Registration - 1st Med Btn "Often wish I didn't come home" If not for Parents Brothers and Sister My Children Lisa and Arron--------I would have looked for another war someplace in the world. Too Die In.----- But GOD's there someplace. 

Name: charles f.gray From: brockport,new york Time: 1999-12-19 03:15:35

Name: KunstForum - Hamburg Website: KunstForum - Hamburg Referred by: Just Surfed On In From: Germany Time: 1999-12-17 22:07:53
Comments: Very nice Site! I will soon visit you again... Tina 

Name: RENAE JOHNSON From: Missouri Time: 1999-12-17 02:16:00
Comments: I am currently a Military Working Dog Handler & have been to combat. I could not emagine what the handlers went through having to leave their partners behind. I never knew anything about this until I went to the MWDH school, thank you for making the film. 

Name: TNB Software Website: TNB Software- Arcade Games-Screen Savers-Wallpapers From: Seattle, WA Time: 1999-12-16 20:20:41
Comments: What a emotional home page! Full of memories! I am Vietnam native. 

Name: lawrence (bummer) bumstead gmgsn us navy camp carter danang From: upper peninsula of michigan sault ste marie Time: 1999-12-16 01:08:48
Comments: looking for members of navsupact danang vietnam camp carter welcome home guys! camp security members. 

Name: Robert Schuster From: polk ohio Time: 1999-12-12 04:10:27
Comments: anyone who served in vn 68 with golf 2/7 usmc or1st engineer batt around da nang hai van pass to hill 55

Name: Rick Schmidt From: Eaton, Ohio Time: 1999-12-12 00:39:22 Comments: Small Craft Repair Faclity, 1967-68.

Name: justin peterson From: south carolina Time: 1999-12-11 21:53:50
Comments: interesting web page. helped a bunch on a school report. saw a picture of you in the seabees. my grandfather was in the seabees during Korea and is one of the heads of the "searching crowd" of the MCB-6 association. just wondering if you or anyone you knew was in that unit. If so, please e-mail me at the address above. thanks

Name: Krystle Suvieri Website: AzWest From: Arizona Time: 1999-12-11 20:52:04
Comments: I think this website is one of the most greatest ones made. I have a high respect for men and women who serve for our counrty and those who gave their lives so we can have our freedom. What the men and women go through is truely grueling, tough, and has a lot of mental and physical exercise. To me it's touching, because I am in awe whenever I see a service member. To whomever read this...I'd like to say thank you for fighting on what you believe what's right and giving what we have today. Keep up the good work everyone! Thank you! Sincerely, Krystle Suvieri

Name: LeRoy C. Dahms Jr. Website: Da-Family From: Chicago Time: 1999-12-11 17:39:48
Comments: Realy like your site. Was in Nam at Marble Mt. In Vmo-2 Nov67/Dec68..Hope you come and visit mine.. 

Name: Larry Ortman From: Rochester, Illinois Time: 1999-12-11 03:48:03
Comments: Was looking for info on DaNang. I was in DaNang in 66 - 67. I was in the Navy. Based at Camp Tien Sha, worked at Covered Storage Naval Supply base. I remember Wayne Murphy,Frank,McMillan,Whale,Chief Strain,and Bill Kolarsky.Let me know if anyone else is out there who was there when I was. Appreciate hearing from anyone. Great web site, keep up the good work. The pictures bring back many memories. Thanks

Name: cliff stanley From: alabama/kentucky Time: 1999-12-10 15:06:17
Comments: Served in nam 1968-1969 on yfu60 hauling supplies north to dong-ha and south to chu-lai. stationed in danang. nickname was stan, looking for all my brother's I served with. leedy-gunners-mate, sam -snipe, moe - chief, etc, let me hear from any U-boat personnell, haven't saw any messages from anyone who served on these death traps.

Name: kalifornia phoenix From: UK Time: 1999-12-10 09:38:25
Comments: If there is anyone who was involved with the vietnam war in any way (ie; they were in it, they had family members in it, or they have strong views on it either way) please contact me at my email address, as I would like to interview you for my History essay.

Name: jack king From: lima,ohio Time: 1999-12-09 17:09:48
Comments: 101st abn. 42ipsd 69-70 argo/k062

Name: Paul Cameron From: Sainte Genevieve, Missouri Time: 1999-12-06 20:29:45
Comments: I'm looking for someone interested in publishing Vietnam era sketches I did about Vietnam. I served with 1st Inf Div at Di An HQ and with USARV out of Saigon. Also have poems I've written which go with the sketches. Thank you

Name: Craig Sheehan From: Cedar Hill Mo. Time: 1999-12-06 19:18:00
Comments: First off, thanks for this forum. Next, what I am looking for is anyone who might have been in Bien Hau during 1967 (my spelling might not be correct, bear with me). Any info. would be greatly appreciated. A Steve Spitzer comes to mind,someone fill in the

Name: Greg Munich From: Joliet, Illinois Time: 1999-12-06 15:50:26
Comments: I was with 1st Battalion, 7th Marines Regiment of August 1966 through August 1968. "Marine Memories" Thanks for your website, nice work! Greg

Name: R.P Website: Welcome to Time: 1999-12-06 08:36:05

Name: Richard D. Hoyt From: Ocean City, Wa. Time: 1999-12-06 06:46:09
Comments: USMC: Danang, 1/7, 1967-8, 0331

Name: Robert Gabers From: Napoleon,Ohio Time: 1999-12-05 01:24:32
Comments: Marble Mountain Air Facility 519 Medical Det

Name: Lou Buell From: Kohler, WI Time: 1999-12-02 19:17:50
Comments: USMC Kilo 3/1 - Hill 37, Hill 55, Hill 65, An Hoa, XMAS Island, Liberty Bridge,Dodge City, Arizona Territory, Antenae Valley, from August 1968 - September 1969. Operations Meade River, Mamaluke Thrust, Taylor Common, Oklahoma Hills, Hastings Prairie. Father was a USMC WWII veteran (Saipan-Tinian-Tarawa-Okinowa), Son is currently a USMC aviator at Marine Corps Air Station, New River (Jacksonville, NC).
Name: ALLAN HART (BIG AL) From: originally SOUTH GATE, CALIF Time: 1999-12-02 16:16:59
Comments: Served in Nam Oct. 1966 to Nov 1967 with the 33rd Ord. Co. - Ammo part of the 191st Ord Battalion. Good site I've been going thru. Looking for any of the old gang. Also been looking for Bob Agnst from the Transportation Co. at Cam Ranh Bay that were the stevedores, he still owes me that Christmas/New Years visit from 1966. When you've known a guy since you were both 4 1/2 years old, you'd think I'd know where he disappeared to.