Military Memories/ guestbook entries August, Sept., 1998.

Name: LOBO7 Website: LOBO7 THE KING INFORMATION CENTER From: ARUBA....LIVE IN USA Time: 1998-09-30 23:06:55
Comments: Very nice web Page!!1..Really enjoyed my visit!!..LOBO7

Name: Jim Britton From: Pennsylvania Time: 1998-09-28 17:58:21
Comments: Welcome Home To ALL Vets That Served. I want to say that your Web Page was well put together. I was with Echo CO "B" 2/1 in 1969. I was only incountry for 6 months when I became disabled due to firefight while up in Quangtri in Sept. It was an experience I hope none of our children of today will have to face. For those of you who made it back home I salute all of you and for those MIA/KIA, They will alway's be within me forever. Thanks for letting me be part of your family. For anyone who might have been in that area or anyone wanting to chat please e-mail me at

Name: John Ira Smith From: Oak Ridge, TN Time: 1998-09-28 08:08:46
Comments: For what you did there, all of you - thank you.

Name: Tony Rizzutto From: Tigard, OR Time: 1998-09-24 05:35:08
Comments: Vietnam 11-67 to 11-68. USMC D-1-4, 3dMarDiv Dong Ha/Quang Tri. Like to hear from anyone of that unit at that time. Did rear office work.

Name: JERRY W. LEWIS From: OWENS CROSS ROADS, AL 35763 Time: 1998-09-23 19:51:38

Name: H. BRADEN Website: HJB'S NAVY PAGE From: HOUSTON TX. Time: 1998-09-23 08:35:33
Comments: You have done a fine job on your site. Keep in touch.

Name: Allison Davenport From: New York Time: 1998-09-23 04:36:33
Comments: My father is a Vietnam Veteran. Marine Corp. Served two tours of duty. He was a Seargent and an engineer. He has told me many times the dates of his time ther but I know for sure he was there 67-68. The reason I write this...I want to find a buddy of his that he lost contact with. I only know his name to be Jacobs from North Carolina(I believe) a colored man..half Cuban. My father's name is Allan Davenport. This is the first time I tried this and I want to see what kind of response I get. He doesn't know I'm doing this, that is why the details are sketchy. TO Jacobs; My father thinks and speaks of you often, I've seen photographs of the mural he had painted of you.


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: Dinh Vo From: Originally from VietNam, moved to US in 1982. Time: 1998-09-22 20:09:45
Comments: Oh God, It reminded me right away once I looked at the pictures, especially the "China Beach". I was about 10 or 11 year-old in 1968 and went to MY KHE Beach almost every weekend. The picture "DANANG" , that Jeep was belong to my brother, was park in front of his house at 53 Phan Dinh Phung District I . My brother was a MP officer (Military Police) for South VN, and worked for District I MP Station.

Name: Allen Moore Time: 1998-09-22 19:31:38
Comments: Was stationed at AFVN DaNang on Monkey Mountain in 1969.. The pictures brought back some memories.. Regards, SSgt. Moore, USMC

ame: Dale DeBord, Sgt, USMC 1968-72; Gunner, HMM-262 1970-71 Website: Dale and Mary's Dedication to the American Veteran
From: Carmichael, California, USofA Time: 1998-09-21 20:39:38
Comments: I enjoyed my visit and will be back. I hope your guests visit our website and sign our guestbook... soon!

Name: Mick Gifford From: washington state,& Maui Time: 1998-09-16 16:11:31
Comments: Brought back some serious memories,thanks. I was at camp Tien Sha from Nov.66 to May 68. Sea bees E.O.. I was either in the same barracks as you or the one right next to it as there were only two that I recall right next to the 'hiway'I drove N.S.A. taxis for 15 months in both east and west DaNang. 90% of your pictures are familiar as my own back yard. Please E-mail me. Am looking forward to your C.D.Most of my pictures were destroyed by humidity on Maui but I do have some good black & white prints of the Hai Van pass you may be interested in. Mick G.

Name: EARL JAMES MOLINA From: Phillipines Time: 1998-09-16 11:00:57

Name: Philip J Ronzo From: Brooklyn ny Time: 1998-09-15 01:45:10
Comments: Wow wonderful site brought back lots of memories.I served with Golf Co 2/7 marines July 67-Aug-68.In places like Hills10,55,65,190,the esso plant,Nam-o bridge,hai van pass,phu bai,an-hoa,lanco,phu-loc an-loc,thua-thien and the list goes on forever,im sure they will bring back memories of some area or another and our beloved fellow americans who are in our hearts and prayers always.Hey I just realized why i never run into any grunts from the 7th marines,we were all over the place like you know "horse-raddish".anybody out there from my old outfit?contact me at fillybo@aol Semper Fi and GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

Name: C L Griffith From: Sanger, Texas Time: 1998-09-13 11:50:52
Comments: I was stationed at the Air Force Radar Site on Mokey Mtn. from Mar 68 to Aug 68.

Name: Steve Emerson From: Denver, Colorado Time: 1998-09-10 21:35:32

Name: George Bumgardner From: California Time: 1998-09-10 21:14:29
Comments: I appreciate your web site and the fact that there are still people who care and are willing to work toward not letting the POW/MIAs issues, that still are with us, just simply fade away like so many others would like to have happen. I served 69-70, Army !st Cav Division. Keep up the good work.

Name: MSgt. R. D. Caulkins USMC (Ret) From: Massachusetts/ Georgia Time: 1998-09-08 05:48:07
Comments: The best Vietnam site I've seen. I found it on Yahoo by typing in "Danang." I served with the 1st Marine Division Dec 66 - Feb 68, as a combat correspondent, home based at 1st Div CP. Excellent work, keep it up.

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: Paul Lekawski From: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Time: 1998-09-08 00:13:59
Comments: With Naval Support Activity DaNang East Security @ Camp Carter 2/69 - 8/69. Transferred to NSA Armory @ Camp Tien Sha from 8/69 - 6/70. Still looking for old shipmates. Found your site by searching on AltaVista with keywords of Camp Tien Sha. Great Site! Loved the pictures of China Beach and Tien Sha. Used to teach range classes on Monkey Mountain near the entrance to the harbor.

Name: Dale Buchanan  From: Conway,SC(near Myrtle Beach) Time: 1998-09-07 16:41:17
Comments: Enjoyed the pictures of DaNang.I served there with the US Marines,III MAF in '70-'71.

Name: James C. Petruso  From: fla. Time: 1998-09-07 15:57:31
Comments: VietNam 1966-1967 1st.Mar.Div. Navy Corpsman. It was an honor to serve my contry and with the USMC. We could of ended that WAR,in 6 months.

Name: Mark krumrey From: New Richmond WI Time: 1998-09-07 03:39:51
Comments: My son stumbled on your web page and had me look at it. I like the idea and look forward to your updates. I was with 2/3 and HQ 4th Marines up in Quang tri and Dong Ha. I arrived in country 3/69 and left via USS Westchester county LST 1167 11/69. I will retire a Master Gunnery Sergeant with 30 years active and reserve service. Where has the time gone. Keep up the good work.

Name: Cecilio Mendez Romero From: Moca, Puerto Rico Time: 1998-09-04 02:16:42
Comments: I served in Vietnam from May 1968 to September 1968. I was stationed in Chu Lai and then in Cam Rhan Bay LZ Raider, 26th Engineer Btn. 123th Infantry Division. I was assistant demolition man. Medevac to Japan in Sept. 1968. Went in as a boy and came out as an old man. Good experience, but I do not recomend it to anyone. I like your site.

Name: Pete MattioliFrom: Edgewater, NJ Time: 1998-09-03 14:37:30
Comments: I was stationed at Camp Tien Sha from May 1970 to April 1971.

Name: Ron Meglino  From: Phila. P.A. Time: 1998-09-03 05:11:10
Comments: Looking for info on fort carson Colo. I was sent to Vietnam from there in 66. I was with the 4th infantry and was in the calvaryin vietnam. After 30 years I am finaly thinking about it and my memory of it all is vague. Where do I look for my records. I was in the Highlandsand the only two places I can remember is a place we would gaurd, that had a small bridge, was called Jackson Hole, and place where we would get are water, called The Oais's I was drafted NOV.10 1966, and got out NOV. 9 1968 Please help if you can for this is realy starting to bother me, not knowing, remembering.......Thankyou

Name: Michael Macek From: Chicago,Il. Time: 1998-09-02 22:02:18
Comments: I served with the 366 TFW in 1970 at DaNang. I worked in the avionics shop.

Name: JOHN MARLIN From: LONG BEACH CAL. Time: 1998-09-02 19:01:44

Name: Jim Leach From: Originally, Washington, DC Time: 1998-09-02 14:23:48
Comments: My cousin Greg Leach served in Vietnam. I was a little kid, and no one in my family knows anything about what he did, where he served - just a blank. I don't even know where he lives now. I hope he's OK. I got interested in Vietnam after seeing the movie "Who'll Stop The Rain". At that time, no one I talked to wanted to talk about Vietnam. The vets I worked with (at a bank in DC) were reluctant to talk to a kid like me. Now I under stand why. I shake the hand of every vet I meet, and I will listen to anyone's story. Anyone who served through something like that has my respect. In some ways, I'm sorry I missed it. Every Viet vet I've ever met has told me that I am lucky I was too young.

Name: Lynette Waites Time: 1998-09-01 01:52:44
Comments: My father was a Marine Corp Veteran during the Vietnam Era where he participated in the support operations with the task forces in territorial waters off the coast of vietnam his name is Marcus Smith formerly known as Champ.

Name: Delmar Snyder From: Oroville,Calif Time: 1998-08-30 08:59:19
Comments: Nice photoes, brought back memories. I was stationed at 282'ed AHC (Black Cats) and had been up monkey mountain many times. China beach was a great place but I remember mostly the drive to the PX and along the way all the aluminum caskets stacked in the docking yards. I hope most of them came back empty or were just left there. Anyway great job glad I came across your page. Thanks Del Snyder

Name: bobby shawn davis From: ft.wainwright ak via Ft Worth Tx Time: 1998-08-30 00:44:56
Comments: just thought i would say hello to all the veterans from unit HHC 172 SIB in Ft. Wainwright Alaska. My father served in veitnam. He was a SSgt as a LRRP in the rangers. God bless you all PFC Bobby Davis

Name: J.A.Lambert From: Hillsboro,TN Time: 1998-08-29 03:25:10
Comments: Just a big HOORAH to all you VETS. From a believer for a full accounting for all our POWs/MIAs. As a son of U.S.M.C. Sgt J.E.Lambert Corps 64-68, in country 66-67, I know what the goverment did. Fight on boys, the wars not over yet!

Name: JEFF ORBAUGH From: WESTFIELD INDIANA Time: 1998-08-27 01:35:37

Name: HENRY BRADEN Website: HJB'S NAVY PAGE Referred by: Just Surfed On In From: HOUSTON, TEX Time: 1998-08-26 12:05:26
Comments: Your site is great, I would like to make a link to it from my site if you think it would ok? I will wait for a reply.

Name: Bill Lepkowski From: Elmira, NY Time: 1998-08-26 02:43:32
Comments: I was an SK3 At NSA Danang Covered Storage in the Tech Library and lived at Camp Tien Sha from June 1969 to June 1970. My most lasting memories are of the great guys I served with, the parties at china beach and of course meeting my wife in Hawaii for R&R. But I will also never forget the red alerts and the rocket attack at covered storage in December 1969. This sight brought back many images for me. I took some of those same camera shots myself but when you and your kids see it on the web it makes it all the more real. Thanks.

Name: MICHAEL RUTLEDGE From: MARION,OHIO Time: 1998-08-25 21:42:20
Comments: VIETNAM 1967.VMO 3 1st maw.

Name: Jack Pinckney Website: WaistDeep Home Page From: Costa Mesa, CA Time: 1998-08-25 19:12:28
Comments: Nice web site! I'm 35 years old and my Dad is a retired Lt. Col in the Marine Corps. In 1968 I spent the summer in Quantico, VA while he was a Major preparing to go to Nam. He never went, but I have always been intrigued and have the deepest respect for those who served for our country for the freedoms we enjoy from those who laid their necks on the line for us today! I feel like I was left out of the deal! Maybe someday I'll have the chance to defend my country. I salute you!

Name: Allan Budvitis From: Newport Beach, California Time: 1998-08-25 18:48:59
Comments: Served in the 5th Marines, C 1/5, from Feb.68 to Mar.69, then in CAP Platoons (1-4-2, 1-4-6) until October 1969. I have spent many dyas and nights remembering and thinking about those 19 months. I appreciate all of you who take the time to develope and maintain these web pages. My thoughts and prayers are with all of us.

Name: Tran Huong Que From: Vietnam Time: 1998-08-25 10:10:17
Comments: I was crying looking at your photos. I would like to say thank-you to all; the American solders, the Australian and others who had helped the South Vietnamese army fighting agaisn the invasion and expansion of the Communists from the north. I don't know what else to say but praying to God. I am now living in Australia, I miss and love Vietnam so much. I hope Vietnam soon will have freedom.

1998-08-25  Name: Harlan A. Hanna Website: Vietnam Memorial Photography: Vietnam Veteran From: Knoxville, TN Comments: Bob Heurung! Welcome home! Thanks brother for visiting my E-Mail! You guys are always welcome!! Sorry you could not visit my websites--they are still under construction. Working w/veterans to set them up. Want to make one about 4-6 gybtes. Very large. Will link you on it. Be patient. I am a Professional Photographer and also in medical school. Quite a load!!!! But I "will not" forget our POW/MIA boys!! You brothers or sisters can write or call anytime. Harlan A. Hanna, 8905 Kingston Parkway, Suite 12377, Knoxville, TN 37923, (423) 531-8024, FX (423) 531-9424 24 hrs. E-Mail: 1st Mil. Pol. Div., 1st Spec. Forc. Gp. (Green Berets) Keep in touch----. Always. God bless. 8-24-98

Name: James Dickey From: westville ok Time: 1998-08-25 01:30:46
Comments: I was NSA DaNang from Feb 69- April 70. I worked at covered storage with General Stores Material division. Your pictures really brought back memories, especially Camp Tien Sha I lived in the second barracks from the left of picture, just up from the helo pad. watched the mail chopper land many times, could also find the EM club ha. glad to see another NSA perrson out there. WELCOME HOME BROTHER. keep up the good work

Name: Pablo Gracia Ortiz From: Puerto Rico Time: 1998-08-24 03:48:54
Comments: I served in Vietnam from August 1965 to February 1966 with the 4th Cav Division in the Phouc Vinh and Bien Hoa area. Id like to hear from anyone who served with the same unit, also, from puertoricans who served in Vietnam at that time. Good job.

Name: Simon Gasca III From: Fort Worth, Texas Time: 1998-08-23 23:59:42
Comments: I was at Camp Tien Sha from 1970-71 with security. Patrolled Tien Sha, SCRF, ammo depot, and Deep Water piers. Would like to hear from anyone there and from anyone that remembers me. Thanks for the great site!

Name: Tracie Kuchark Owens From: Broadalbin, NY Time: 1998-08-23 16:10:04
Comments: I am looking for anyone who was on the USS Keppler during 1966-1968 with my father Myron G. Kuchark Jr.

Name: Gerald M. Mueller From: Moorhead, Minnesota/Fairfield, Ca Time: 1998-08-23 01:58:38
Comments: Very impressive page.....You have done a wonderful tribute to we veterans of the Vietnam War... Thanks

Name: mike marceau From: Attica, Michigan Time: 1998-08-21 15:17:58
Comments: I've been viewing your site for some time now and appreciate the updates. I lost a lot of pic's I had when I was with NSA Danang. It's nice to see that there are some pic's available to view and they bring back a lot of memory. Today most of the memories are fond. It takes years to get to this point but it's worth the wait. Thanks again and welcome home. mike

Name: sandra k. boozer From: smithville ms. Time: 1998-08-19 05:21:27
Comments: I am a supporter of the Vietnam Veterans of America. I would like to say WELCOME HOME AND THANKS TO ALL: May God bless each and everyone. A friend who cares, Sandra nice web site.

Name: JERRY BURLEY From: ILLINOIS Time: 1998-08-19 00:47:03

Name: T.McLaren From: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada Time: 1998-08-17 18:36:12
Comments: I have been studying the Vietnam war for many years and am overjoyed to find that many Nam vets are building sites and are telling their stories. I have been in the Canadian army for more than 12 years now, and have been to such wonderful locales as Namibia, Somalia, Haiti and the Golan Heights. I would be more than thrilled to hear from any of the vets out there who would like to tell me their living history. Please email me at

Name: Randy Wiggins Website: Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 443 Referred by: From a Friend From: Macon, Georgia Time: 1998-08-16 19:35:47
Comments: While helping to host the Vietnam Veterans of America National Leadership Conference in Savannah Georgia this year, I volunteered to help Luke and Pam with Freedom Flight III. On 01 Aug. 98 in the early AM we were inflated and ready for flight in Savannah's historic park. The weather conditions were not good and looking worse all the time, Luke said, "hop in Randy, let's go!" Up until this time everything we had done was business and safety. Then as I heard Wayne Johnson, (a true brother to me) say, "This ones for you..." and then named a brother he had to leave behind, it hit me...The emotions start to take over...That familiar lump in the throat...the attempt to control a public display of sorrow...All of our Brothers and Sisters who we had to leave in Vietnam...What a wondurful dedication to all our POW/MIA. I consider it a honor and priviledge to have flown with Freedom Flight III, third flight. Due to weather conditions we had to pack up. During all this I had made a new very special friend, who I only know in name as Doc. He is one of the behind the scene volunteers, A Nam Vet...Healing and helping others to heal, volunteering time and personel property to assist in ensuring that our MIA/POW WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTON. Before we said farewell that morning Doc. began pulling out the familiar stuff from his wallet that a lot of us still carry. Then Doc. gave me his Spiritual Security Card. What a brotherhood we are, Doc. is at the top of a great list, carry on my brother. God Bless All Freedom Flights and their crew and volunteers such as Doc. Respectfully, Randy Wiggins Secretary, VVA Georgia State Council

Name: Laura Jones From: Thomson, Georgia Time: 1998-08-16 19:22:08
Comments: I'm researching the Vietnam War for a bio that I'm writing on a Vietnam Vet for an english class. Thanks for the pictures. They gave me a glimpse of what Vietnam actually looked like. Thanks!!!!

Name: Allison Website: Closing Time Referred by: Just Surfed On In From: Indiana Time: 1998-08-16 01:15:13
Comments: My dad, Keith, and his brother, Ken, were in Vietnam. My dad talks about it alot. I'm going to have to show him this website, the next time I have a chance. My dad has been looking for the book, "Sympathy For the Devil" for a couple of years. Its been banned by the government. I believe it's about Special Forces during the war. I just wanted to tell you about my interest in your site. Thanks, Allison

Name: charles de shazo From: abilene,tx Time: 1998-08-14 21:08:12

Name: Bernie Sims From: Bristol, Conn. Time: 1998-08-14 06:44:11
Comments: Beautiful web page! I served in DaNang, 1965-1966, U.S.Marine Corps. I'm from Bristol, Conn and as of this moment, we have in town, the Moving Wall. 58,209 names and wish they were all back like we are! Iwill book mark your web page and visit it often! Great job done!

Name: Armand Gutierrez From: San Jose, CA Time: 1998-08-13 15:52:58
Comments: Most excellent web site dedicated to the memories of Vietnam Veterans. I served in Vietnam from Nov '68 to Dec '69 in the An Khe area with the 4th Battalion/60th Artillery. Our unit was known for "quad 50s" and "Dusters". As an electronic technician I had the privilege to travel (by truck, jeep, and helo) to numerous LZs to repair commo equipment. I'm thankful that I was able to return alive and well, unlike many of our other fellow veterans. I would love to hear from anyone that was in the An Khe area or served with the 4th/60th.

Name: Noel M. Angeles From: Philippines Time: 1998-08-13 13:50:29
Comments: Thanks for the journey in time. I was at Camp Tien Sha Annex at the foot of Monkey Mountain across from the cemetery in 67-68. Early on I was on YFU-55 with the Lighterage Division plying the river between Danang, Cua Viet, Hue and DongHa. Later, I was at SCRF at the Deep Water Piers until transferred back to the states. Great job on your homepage! Love those pictures!

Name: linda lefler gorshe From: scottsdale arizona Time: 1998-08-13 01:43:32
Comments: My late husband Terry Lefler was in Vietnam for three tours. Seven years ago he shot him self thotured with demonds he would not let me understand. If anyone reads this that may have known my husband please contact me. There are questions I have that may never be answered. He told me he was a file clerk his Army records indicate something else. God bless all of the brave Vietnam Vets. Thank you for giving up your innocents and youth to protect our great country.

Name: Colin P. Hendry Time: 1998-08-12 22:55:47
Comments: Seeing the pictures of Camp Tien Sha brought back memories, I was stationed there from March of 69 to march of 70.

Name: Glenn Dedmondt  From: Johnston SC Time: 1998-08-12 00:05:49
Comments: I found some old pics yesterday cleaning out my stepfather's house and it brought back old memories. I kind of wanted to touch base with someone with similar experiences so I did a Yahoo search for "Danang Vietnam." I landed in ChuLai in May 1965 as a member of the Naval Gunfire spot team in support of 2nd Bn., 4th Marines. Landed with the first combat troops in ChuLai. Supported 1/4,2/4, & 3/3 operation Starlite. Later in '65 went to Danang. Served with 1/12. Extended twice. Finished tour of duty at Artillery Plateau (Camp Carroll) near Dong Ha. Sometimes I think, who is that fellow looking at me from those pictures? Really liked your site. Glenn Dedmondt

Name: BOB RADER From: dalton ga. Time: 1998-08-06 22:18:45
Comments: great job keep up the good work I was with 5th. div. infantry 1968-69 wounded sent hone in 69 . would like to hear from outhers that were there.

Name: STEVE BAZZINI From: GRESHAM, OREGON Time: 1998-08-06 21:34:49

Name: Bruce Hanthorne From: Wasingto dc Time: 1998-08-06 16:45:18
Comments: was in danang --monkey mountain in 69

Name: Jim Stone From: MALTA NY Time: 1998-08-06 07:10:03
Comments: I served 67-68 on lz baldy( hill 65 ) in a cup unit as a marine. your sight makes it injoyable to look back . good job.

Name: theresa kelly From: neosho,mo Time: 1998-08-06 05:10:41
Comments: Thank you for your work. my husband was in ubon .1972-1973 withthe 8th field maintenance sqd. ubon royal airbase. welcome home

Name: Sekou Shepard From: New York City Time: 1998-08-06 02:06:18
Comments: I was in the US Marines during 1964-1968, i also was in the 3rd Marine Division in 1965 in South Vietnam and with the 1st Marine Division in 1967. I saw and still remember being there, but I glad to be home and able to share my experience with others, mainly other combat vets.

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: Charles R. Colman From: San Jose, California Time: 1998-08-04 15:13:39
Comments: My brother and I both served as Machinist Repairmen in the small craft repair division in Danang from mid 1968 to 1969. If there is anyone out there that served with that unit we would like to hear from you. Charlie.

Name: Gary(angora cat)Puro Website: DUSTER, QUAD, SEARCHLIGHT, VULCAN, HAWK From: Decatur, MI Time: 1998-08-03 21:03:35
Comments: Reunions: 8-11 July 1999 Baton Rouge, LA 9-12 Nov. 2000 Washington, DC

Name: Joe Moore From: Austin, Texas Time: 1998-08-03 20:12:41
Comments: Served in the Navy for 20 yrs from Jan 63 to Jan 83 and lost many many friends in Nam. God bless all our warriors, men and women alike. Your site is wonderful and no one should forget the sacrifices our fellow Military AMERICANS gave. I'm proud to be a Veteran, and proud of as my uncle Percy Ritter Friendswood, Texas who was Airforce. He flew 961 sorties in Nam, lost his best friend. Thanks!!! Be Well!!!

Name: Russ Wiesley From: Waukee, Ia Time: 1998-08-03 05:58:44
Comments: served with G 2/1 March 1969 until wounded May 5th 1969. Great Pictures. Would like info on your picture CD when available. Thank you. Russ

Name: Noel Toro From: Puerto Rico Time: 1998-08-02 05:14:20
Comments: I spent 18 months in Viet Nam between 1970-72, served with the 25th Infantry Division in Cu Chi and Long Binh. We all have good and bad memories. Thanks to God and the internet we can share them today. Id like to hear from my old buddies. You are doing a great job.

Name: SaM, I am From: Southern Gulf Coast Florida Time: 1998-08-01 22:27:48
Comments: Am seeking print of art/picture seen at the WALL a few years ago. Very emotion provoking. Similar to "Reflections" by Lee Teter, but not the same. Yours are excellent and will mark this page for future use. Thanx and Good Luck.