Military Memories/ guestbook entries Oct., Nov., Dec. 1998

Name: john w rutherford From: st cloud mn. Time: 1998-12-30 11:08:36
Comments: sure is a well thought out site. sure like the songs, pictures, and items. America, America you are beautiful. I loved you before nam, I loved you durning nam, I love you after nam. I only love God more than you. I would have died for you.

Name: Frank Merritt/Sue Rodgers Website: COMBAT TRACKER TEAMS OF THE VIET NAM WAR From: New Orleans, LA Time: 1998-12-28 01:15:31
Comments: Thank you for your great website. We are trying to locate all Combat Trackers of the Viet Nam War, and we are sure that some will see this excellent site. We are going to "bring them home". Sometimes, it seems as if we only touch one person, the resulting chain goes on forever-just as you are doing! Carry on!

Name: Van der Plas Werner From: Belgium Time: 1998-12-27 20:50:40
Comments: Happy New year to all vietnam vets ! I'm from Belgium and read a lot of the vietnam war ! I think the US soldiers did a great job over there and i find it terrible that they didn't get support from the home front, any soldier who risk his life for his country or world freedom must be respected. Hope this little message will help a little ! Bye

Name: Sam Tabalno From: Original From Hawaii;now in WA ST Time: 1998-12-22 01:28:29
Comments: USMC 1968-1990, Vietnam 1969-1970 around Da Nang, Charlie Ridge, Hill 55 and 37 area, spent 3 days In-Country RR at China Beach for being one of The Few, The Proud USMC Tunnel Rat. Kilo Company, 3rd Bn, 1st Marines. Looking for former Marines involved during the same time and place.

Name: Tommy Dorris From: Washington,St. Time: 1998-12-19 23:40:33
Comments: Tommy Dorris,SGT.A-Co.1/61 Inf.5th Div.Recon.C2.It's never to late to say WELCOME HOME

Name: scott e (burke) Eguires Time: 1998-12-17 06:57:29
Comments: Looking For Dad Bruce Cleavland Burke? aprox 50 birthday Sept?1947-48 in the navy in 68 Hawaii?

Name: Glenn V. Howell, Jr. From: Originally from Texas but now reside in Colorado Time: 1998-12-14 20:52:43
Comments: I flew Navy radar Ec-121's as enlisted flight engineer out of Japan to Da Nang from June 67 to Nov 70. Brought back old memories. Thanks for the site.

Name: Chico Caldera From: Missouri Time: 1998-12-14 13:25:52
Comments: Great site, I was with 120AHC 1972.

Name: George Cox Website: U.S.S. Bon Homme Richard CV/CVA-31 From: Yucca Valley, CA Time: 1998-12-11 06:25:24
Comments: Great site..Keep up the good work. Anyone interested in Aircraft Carrier life please log on to my web site listed above.

Name: Ryan Gannon Time: 1998-12-05 02:24:40
Comments: just on for research. You have a really great site. By the way, I'm 14, and interested in WWII and the titanic. I was involved in it many years before this capitalization occured.I saw the movie only for the graphics of the sinking. I'd really appreciate it if I got a response. My grampa, who I love dearly, was a member of the seventh army air core in the pacific. If you have any WWII members in your group who was in the 7th air core or by some extremely remote possibility knows a George Endress, I'd love to hear there experiances. The address is jgliv at Got to go now, bye! :)

Name: Ken Boehnlein From: Ravenna, Ohio Time: 1998-12-03 02:42:48
Comments: Enjoyed checking out your site. Was with the Naval Support patrol boats in DaNang, 1968/69. Have many pictures of area if interested. Keep up the good work !!!!!

Name: Frank P. From: Oklahoma Time: 1998-12-01 02:28:53
Comments: Spent time in DaNang in 65,66,67. Wondering what had come of it. Thanks for the memories.

Name: MARK From: NORH CAROLINA Time: 1998-11-30 02:16:26

Name: NICK SUDDARTH From: OLATHE KS. Time: 1998-11-25 01:33:19

Name: Gerald Brindell From: St Louis, MO Time: 1998-11-24 21:53:45
Comments: Served in VN from 1/69 - 3/71. First year in Phu Bai followed by a year in Danang.

Name: Si Simmons Website: DUSTOFF From: Pell City, AL Time: 1998-11-21 05:17:51
Comments: Spent the evening at your site -- great -

Name: Cliff Loos From: NY, VT, SC Time: 1998-11-20 19:52:20
Comments: Great pic's. Was in T S 66/67 security white elephant. Excellent site keep up the good work!!!

Name: Stephen O. Flann From: Roseburg, OR Time: 1998-11-20 05:52:21
Comments: I especially liked the photos of 1st Marine Division Headquarters. Got any More? If I'm not mistaken,isn't that the 1st Recon LZ in the distance? There should be sickbay,the mail room,a whole bunch of hooches,and a vollyball court between it and the camera.If the camera was tilted a little lower you could see where I was .The 1st Marine Division Band.To those who might be interested,we spent a lot of time flying in and out of that LZ either playing a change of command ceremony or doing our best to entertain the troops.Went a lot of places.I think about those days often.Like daily. Nickname was STICK.That was about 50 pounds ago! Like to hear from any old band members or new ones as far as that goes!

Name: Marshall Brown From: Ohio,Lorain Time: 1998-11-18 19:09:26
Comments: I'll Like this sight and I thank all vet's for serving our country and soon I'll be a Vet myself.

Name: DAVID R. HASKELL From: STANDISH,MAINE Time: 1998-11-18 17:49:51

Name: William E. (Bill) Crawford From: Torrance, CA Time: 1998-11-18 16:54:47
Comments: Great site for vets. Retired from U.S.M.C. 1May74. Served in Nam 66-68 in Wing G4 at Danang and HMM-262 in 70-71.

Name: Bob Borak BM3 From: Elmira, N.Y. Current Cyn. Ctn. Ca. Time: 1998-11-18 03:33:34
Comments: Ha All I Lived in Camp Tien Sha from like Apr-May 69-70. Worked at DWP. Went over with 2 good home town friends. Bill Lepkowski & Rick Moor. Worked 12 hr days but made some scivies runs to. Good to see all the pics and thanks to all who remember. Later Bob Borak

Name: John W. Winter From: San Diego, CA Time: 1998-11-16 23:42:09
Comments: This is an important News Flash for all disabled vetrans. I just found this news article in the current Stars and Stripes and wanted to get the word out to as many disabled vetrans as possible and as fast as I can.This news article is from Dick Maggrett; a Stars and Stripes staff writer. "The fiscal 1999 defense appropriations bill will become law with provisions allowing all vetrans who currently receive "ANY LEVEL" of VA disablity compension and disabled dependents access to military installations for ourdoor recreation such as hunting, fishing, boating, camping and swimming. For anyone who is interested, this news article is located on page 18 of the most current issue of the Stars and Stripes as of November 16, 1998. Its labled as "Disabled Vietnam Vet Helps Widen Access To Campgrounds. Operated By The Pentagon"

Name: Sheila From: Kentucky Time: 1998-11-15 07:55:32
Comments: I never even knew a Vietnam Veteran until I married my husband of 6 years now. My father in law is a Veteran of the Vietnam War... His stories and outlook on life have greatly touched my heart. I now have a great respect for veterans of any war and I think the rest of the world should have too. Thank You and Thanks to All Veterans. Sheila

Name: Harold Smith From: Salins, Ca Time: 1998-11-15 04:00:24
Comments: Served on LCU 1493 in Literage Division, Camp Tien Sha 1067-1968. Spent most time on Qua Viet and Hue rivers. Just looking for memories I guess

Name: Eldon Chrestman From: Lubbock,Texas/ Now live in Houston Time: 1998-11-15 00:07:55
Comments: I was stationed at Utapio Air Base, Thailand in 1970. I was a jet Engine mechainc on the B-52's. I'm proud of you men and women who were in Viet Nam. I volunteered for Nam five times, but only made it as far as Thailand. Thank you.

Name: Dan Website: Operation Recovery From: Hawaii Time: 1998-11-14 23:50:44
Comments: Great site for veterans.

Name: Beverly Haire Website: SPIRIT OF THE AMERICAN SOLDIER From: Punta Gorda Florida Time: 1998-11-14 20:53:07
Comments: Bob- Really nice site! I love your graphics! and the content is perfect. Blessings to you brother and Welcome Home Vet!

Name: Sue Drazkowski From: Fountain City, WI Time: 1998-11-13 20:05:38
Comments: I have been looking on the web for information in regards to a friend who is still missing in Laos, Lavern G. Reilly from St. Paul, MN.

Name: Carol Hellbach Schlottmann From: Baton Rouge, LA Time: 1998-11-13 03:53:29
Comments: I am the sister of Captain Harold J. Hellbach, Marine who was killed in Vietnam on May 19, 1967. His remains were recently found in 1997 and he was buried in Arlington in July of this year with full honors. He was a pilot that was shot down on the very last day of his time served there. He voluntered for two extra missions and was killed on the second one. I know this information was on the internet, but I have not found it yet.

Name: ken murray From: mesa, arizona Time: 1998-11-12 22:33:46
Comments: i was in nam 70-71. been thinking about it over the vet holiday. thanx

Name: Mick Hayes From: San Rafael-then/Rohnert Park-now, California Time: 1998-11-11 23:16:20
Comments: Was in-country sept. '66 - sept. '67. An sk in a cargo handling unit at Tien Sha Ramp, Da Nang (NSA and CHB-1(or 2?)) and a little while at the mouth of the Cua Viet at Dong Ha. Slept on USS Baxer (anchored in bay) for the first couple of months (dumping too many people in country with nowhere to put them). Then lived in old french barracks near center of camp Tien Sha (always heard they painted the tree trunks with regular white paint, never questioned the whether it was true or not, somehow it made sense). Later until got out of there, lived in the first of the "Phillipine" style barracks (out in the open near the back perimeter, (remember the above ground sand bag shelters, never trusted them). The barrack was immediately east of the sand chopper pad (don't know if it was at same location as concrete one in pic). As someone else in this guest book mentioned... i can see the faces, remember their behaviors, but can't remember their names. Its weird. So many single events as clear as yesterday, but these guys i lived closer to than almost anyone else... and no names. I take it back. I remember one name... Ensign Kennedy. Our officer for a while. Nice guy. Mick

Name: M. & J. BICKERS From: Originally Western NY now NW Florida Time: 1998-11-11 20:43:23
Comments: Remeber not only are there POWs in Nam yet, but many POWs in WWII, got "taken to Russia" never to return! The most we can do for them now is PRAY!

Name: Phil Danese From: Lincoln, Rhode Island Time: 1998-11-11 04:35:13
Comments: Vietnam Sept '68 - Nov '69 11th Armored Cavalary Regiment 37th Medical Company

Name: Bruce Calhoun From: Longview, WA Time: 1998-11-11 03:30:03
Comments: I was with NSA Danang 1965-196, LCU 1498

Name: JOSEPH P. SILVEIRA From: TURLOCK,CALIF. Time: 1998-11-10 04:04:58
Comments: HMM 161 AND 165 AUG.1966 THRU FEB.1968 CREW CHIEF. 1ST MAW. SEMPER FI!!

Name: Richard Powell From: CA Time: 1998-11-10 01:50:05
Comments: Air Force weapons load crew chief on F-100's with the 612th Tac Ftr Sgdn Phu Cat AB and Phan Rang AB July 1968 thru Oct 1969. This is a great site. Keep the faith.

Name: Sgt. Roy Fish, USMC From: Virginia, now California Time: 1998-11-08 07:22:34
Comments: Served with 3 Eng. Ba. 1965 Support Co. Looking for Gary Brown, same unit. Saved my butt. Didn't think you could carry me on your shoulders all the way to the battalion med. Back in country 66. Sent my butt up to FLSG 2 at Phu Bai Way. Forgot to duck again! Went to the Rock and got patched up. Guess what. Back again in 68, this tour with FLC Red Beach. Attached to R&R center Danang. Worked for W. W. Wessel doing security. Was assigned to NSA and got the privilige of being the only Marine to handle Navy sentry dog, Russian, AKA Baby Ducks. Looking for anyone who got to watch the biggest fireworks display at Danang ammo dump. What a show. Want to hear from anyone knowing the whereabouts of Sonny and Fritz who came into country with me. Was attached to 26th or 27th Marines? Played with mortars. Just want to say that we didn't lose the war. We were not allowed to win it. Semper Fi Do or Die!!

Name: DAVE MURPHY From: originally missouri, now Dallas, Tx Time: 1998-11-07 14:41:19
Comments: First Bat. 5th Marines. 1968-1970 yeah 26 months.

Name: Clive Clewley From: Petrie Australia Time: 1998-11-04 04:06:14
Comments: You have done a great job with this site. I served with 4RAR in SVN 68/69 & 71

Name: Wayne Montgomery From: San Luis Obispo, California Time: 1998-10-28 21:41:37
Comments: Great site! Served with C-1-1, 1stMarDiv, Oct. 68 to Sept. 69. We operated mostly in "Dodge City" south of Da Nang. I went back in June 1998 and visited the old stomping grounds. When I get my flicks digitized, I'll send 68/69 photos together with 1998 photos. I have a nice series of China Beach, 1969 and 1998. Visiting Vietnam is a very healing experience. Then and now are two different universes.

Name: Al Carlisle From: Florida Time: 1998-10-25 23:17:29
Comments: Great site I'm looking for ole pals and rekindling ashen memories.RVN 68-69 HHC 589th Engr. Bn. QuinHon, Phan Rang

Name: Grant Isom From: Rainier, WA Time: 1998-10-24 15:45:10
Comments: Visiting the site, I was a Slick Crewchief with the 116th Hornets at Chu lai and Marble Mountain and the 48th Bluestars in 71/72.

Name: Stephen Johnson From: Opelousas, LA Time: 1998-10-24 04:57:48
Comments: Co. C, 75th Spt BN 1969-1970 RVN Quaing Tri

Name: Larry Brewer From: Indianapolis, Indiana Time: 1998-10-22 17:04:48
Comments: I was with Zulu Co 1St mar div at Marble Moutain from 1968 through Nov 69. I enjoyed looking at yor pics and wondered if you were familiar with Marble Mt? Perhaps you could direct me to some sites where I could get more information on that area and perhaps try to locate some old friends I served with there. Again thanks for the pics as they brought back many pleasant memories. Thank You Larry Brewer. USMC Ret.

Name: Terry Siggins From: West Reading Pa Time: 1998-10-22 06:14:51
Comments: Good site - Served on TDY Monkey Mtn. 1967 with 620 TCS (PCS/Udorn Thailand with 621ST TCS) USAF. Would like to make contact with anyone with 620th or 621st. Anyone familiar with John Odom, Joe Timko or Lt. Smallwood? Having spent a very limited time with the kids at China Beach Orphanage, (Stella Mann Orphanage I believe), can anyone tell me how they fared after TET and beyond? Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Name: John C. Bumbul Website: John's Vietnam Tour of Duty From: Chicago Time: 1998-10-21 15:00:59
Comments: I was in Danang for awhile. Your pictures are great. Makes the place look good. Unlucky for me I only got to see the the devistation of war. It was nice seeing the other side.

Name: RICHARD R. BROWN Website: STILL A FIGHT From: WASHINGTON STATE,BREMERTON Time: 1998-10-21 06:57:38

Name: SSgt Dennis Sorensen From: Wisconsin Time: 1998-10-21 00:58:28
Comments: I'm Glad To See So Many Sites Like Yours Dedicated To Those Who Fought And Who Fight For America's Freedom. The Men And Women In The Armed Forces Volunteer To Defend Freedom At There Own Personal Sacrifice And Risk. I Leave This Mark In Honor Of All Who Have Died For This Cause No Matter Who They Where They Were All Hero's Never Forget That.

Name: Larry Ivy From: Chandler, AZ Time: 1998-10-20 20:11:12
Comments: Encouraged by the many sites honoring men who served in "my generation's" war, I am searching to find information on my friend KIA in 68. I also have read virtually every historical account of what exactly happened in RVN. I guess like everyone I am trying to figure out why his life was cut short by a war no one seems to want to remember. thanks

Name: Karl Kristiansen Website: Karl's Korner POW/MIA/Veterans/USS Mansfield DD-728 From: Acushnet, MA Time: 1998-10-20 08:11:55
Comments: Real nice job on your webpage. We must keep reminding people of our Heroes who were left behind. 

Name: helmut picerkona From: fullerton,ca. Time: 1998-10-20 07:10:39
Comments: i was proud to serve alongside the vets of nam. B troop 7/1 air cav dian 57th ahc kontum B troop 7/17 air cav phan thiet 68-69 H.Picerkona

Name: Dave Syster From: Florida Time: 1998-10-19 01:11:54
Comments: I spent 13 months on top Monkey Mountain with the Air Force back in 70-71. I have some of those same pictures of the area. I really enjoyed seeing pictures of that area again. Dave

Name: bill owens From: new smyrna beach, florida Time: 1998-10-18 06:08:31
Comments: just surfin around looking for familiar names of buddies wondering how many made it back. i went over with d-1-26 was wounded ,recovered after 13 months and went back to nam and linked up with c-1-9 joined c-1-9 anyone else around?? please e-mail me.

Name: Tom Witherow From: Pleasant Hall, Pa Time: 1998-10-18 01:02:22
Comments: I was in Da Nang Sept.68-Sept.69 DM2 U.S.N. attached to U.S.Navy Security Group (for the most part) I was initally attached to Da Nang East (covered storage) then I transferred to Tien Sha as a MAA then I went back to Da Nang West security Group, and finally finished my tour with security at China Beach R & R center.

Name: James Gibbs From: The Colony, Texas Time: 1998-10-17 16:46:21
Comments: I was with NMCB-3,Alpha Co. Stationed in Phu Bai,(67-68)DaNang (68-69)Would like to hear from anyone with Seabees at that time. Your web site is enjoyable

Name: Vernon Swaim From: Jacksonville, North Carolina Time: 1998-10-17 08:35:11
Comments: Great site! I went to Vietnam with the 27thMarines from Hawaii in Feb68. Then attached to the 1stBattalion 1st Marines in DaNang. Stayed there until Dec68, before coming back to the World! Your pics of the 1st Marine Division CP really brought back memories. I was one of the fortunate ones whom did not ground pound the bush each day! My MOS was Disbursing, however we did spend our time on patrols and perimeter watches. I am currently a retired MGySgt. settled in Jacksonville, NC. I work for MWR at MCB Camp Lejeune. If anyone out there wants to contact anyone around here or wants info of this area feel free to contact me at my email address. You guys keep up the GREAT work....If there is anything I can be of assistance of just let me know. Take Care and SEMPER FI MARINES!

Name: Bruce Jones From: oklahoma Time: 1998-10-17 07:50:03
Comments: HHC 1 of the 35th with 4th infantry division. all the way through 1968 including tet at pleiku. spent time at kontum, Bong Son dak to. great place to be from -far from. hey BLUE in ohio, I'm in calif now. let's build that round house

Name: michael rutledge From: crewe, va Time: 1998-10-16 23:38:27
Comments: To a Vietnam vet from a Gulf War vet. I commend you for your service.

Name: John R. Baumann From: Edwardsville, IL Time: 1998-10-16 05:29:21
Comments: I served with Marines in Viet Nam from 1968 to 1969 and was in Chu Lai and Da Nang.

Name: Reg Truman Time: 1998-10-16 00:39:53
Comments: I served on board the USS SUMNER COUNTY LST 1148 from 8/65 to 6/67. During that time we did two tours The first was in Da Nang moored to a pier supporting USCG WPB's assigned to Operation Market Time. We also operated up and down the coast taking airborne troops from Phan Rang to Tuy Hoa. We broached in heavy surf and had to be towed to Japan for repairs. The second tour included was uneventful and at this point I don't remember much about it. Life after the Navy and Vietnam has been good. I've been very fortunate and blessed.

Name: William G. Wurtz Time: 1998-10-15 18:15:13
Comments: I was stationed at NSA Da Nang Vietnam from March 1966 to Oct 1967. I was part of Ship Company that provide support to Swift Boats and Cargo Handling Units. I am looking for either one that was their during that time. HM3 Franklin Parks, EA3 Moore, and either one frm the Johnstown, PA area. My Work Phone is 760-380-3766

Name: Sofia Fjällström From: Sweden Time: 1998-10-15 11:09:01
Comments: I am from Sweden and you can say that I didn't have anything to do with this war. But that's wrong. Many of my friends have been in and died in the war. The vietnam veterans have my greatest respect and gratitude. They did something good. This place is like an oasis on the net, well done!

Name: grubby slack From: new jersey Time: 1998-10-14 23:10:55
Comments: 1st air cav 1969 glad to see this on the net good job my wifes brother was kia in 68 billy huff

Name: Glenn Musial From: Atlanta, Ga Time: 1998-10-14 11:50:03
Comments: In DaNang in 65 and 66 USAF

Name: GARY L. ADAMS From: HUNTSVILLE, TEXAS Time: 1998-10-14 01:43:40

Name: GARY L. ADAMS From: HUNTSVILLE, TEXAS Time: 1998-10-14 01:35:45

Name: Kristina Conrad From: SD Time: 1998-10-13 19:35:34
Comments: I never fought in the war, I wasn't even around during the time of the war. But I respect the war and everyone who fought and was killed, and those who are still alive. I want to know more about it, since I have no memories of the war, 'cuz I wasn't born until '81. If you would be so kind as to send me something and tell me what it was like, and tell me your memories of Vietnam, I would appreciate it very much. And is there any way to get a POW/MIA shirt?

Name: Pat Bird From: Calif. Time: 1998-10-10 23:52:42
Comments: 95th Evac. Hospital 1969.......Great Page!

Name: Justin Daws From: Ontario, Canada Time: 1998-10-10 23:53:20
Comments: I hope this page can give me some insite on the veitnam war

Name: Kathleen M. Hewit From: california Time: 1998-10-10 13:19:49
Comments: My twin brother, Bill Hewit, was a doorgunner in the ARMY, on a Huey(UH-1E) in Nam during the Viet Nam War,from 1967to1971. He would like some information: How many Uh-1E's were in Viet Nam? How many were shot down? How many crewmen were killed? How many UH-1E's were manufactured...and are they still being built today? Thank you...and God Bless you all! Kathleen Hewit(

Name: Keith Krejci From: Cleveland, Ohio Time: 1998-10-08 13:23:15
Comments: A member of the DaNang class of 69'-70', USAF. Really enjoyed the photos, lost all of mine in burglary a few years ago. I'd enjoy hearing from anyone who has any photos of the control tower at DaNang.

Name: Bill Bowen From: Houston,Texas Time: 1998-10-08 00:08:29
Comments: I was looking for a detailed map of the Da Nang area,because I was with 3rd Amtrac Battalion 1st Marine Div. at the base of Marble Mountain all of 1968 and half of 1969. If anyone knows where to find one please contact me. Thanks, An old ex Jarhead

Name: Harry E. Maxwell From: Frankfort, IN Time: 1998-10-07 23:14:06
Comments: Wasn't at Danang but was at Bien Hoa, Nha Trang and Long Bien.

Name: jared lucas / U.S.M.C. From: AURORA , IL. Time: 1998-10-07 04:28:16

Name: Larry Snyder From: Huntsville, Texas Time: 1998-10-07 03:21:56
Comments: Cam Ranh Bay December 1967-Sept. 1968 391st/558th TFS Phu Cat Sept.-Dec. 1968 416th TFS/Misty FAC Looking for buddies. Especially for Bill Weatherall, 366th TFW DaNang & Floyd Hackmann

Name: Peter Voelker From: Martinez, CA 94553 Time: 1998-10-03 15:15:06
Comments: I found your page while just surfing around "veterans" pages. Your photos brought back a flood of memories. I clicked on your 1st Mar Div HQ photos expecting to see the HQ building etc...the nostalgia I felt when viewing your pictures of Camp Reasoner, home of 1st Recon was overwhelming. I could even pick out the hooch I lived in. I soon realized the slight out of focus area in the center of the photos was from the usual morning ritual of "burning the shit." Your photos of Da Nang Bay really gave me a jolt. As I looked at them I realized that what initially looks like low clouds and fog across the Bay are actually clouds of smoke and I knew not only where the pictures were but when they were taken. There was a young 2nd Lt. whose platoon from 1/1 had bridge security at Nam-O Bridge who set out to single-handedly burn the country down and deny the enemy cover. The fires seen in the photos were started by fire missions using WP. Every time the fires would start to die down he would call in another fire mission and get them going again. If my failing memory does not fail me this young 2nd Lt. was James Webb who later became Sec. of the Navy.

Name: Roger Treece From: Cleveland, WI Time: 1998-10-02 23:17:26
Comments: Danang NAS July, 1967- May,1969 VQ-1 Flew EC121-M engaged in ECM. To John Marlin, Hay brother Spook!

Name: Mick Gifford Website: Darrington Outback From: Washington state & Maui Time: 1998-10-01 18:46:33
Comments: Hi and thanks again. Enjoyed the update. As I have already singed your guestbook I don't want to bogart a lot of space here. We must have been in the same barracks at Tien Sha. Check out the web page and E-mail me if you find the time.